Friday, October 16, 2009


Guesssssss what is in the works!!
All of this Halloweeny deliciousness came from Canton!!
OH, and have I introduced you to my chicken nugget-eatin' assistant?!
This is my laying it all out and studying the perfection of the colors. Dude. I LOVE ribbon!!
and just for kicks... I started getting these ready for Christmas too!
Organza, sheer, wonderfulness! And a polka dotty ribbon to tie it all together.
Mel. Sans make up! (Thanks for that, Mary Allison!)
and wait. Is my shirt on inside out?! Ummmm... yeah, probably!

I love that Canton has all this wonderful ribbon and trim. oh, and Christmas paper!!

When I got home from Canton, I had all this new Christmas paper and all these presents, so what did I do? I just started wrapping! Yes, I know. I am a little on the NUTTY side! (there's a bird!)
But back to the story... be heads up on the upcoming Fall/ Halloween mini book. It will be a 6x6 book. Cute, cute papers! Clear letters. Puffy, glittery letters. Some rub ons with Halloweeny flair. And I am only selling 24 kits. As opposed to 130 last Halloween. Be watching!!


Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Were you able to find out about the ribbon? I am hoping you can get some before its all sold.....

kimybeee said...

I want to know how long it is gonna take you to move all of your crafty stuff to your new house. If you clean out anything, I will be happy to give it a new home. I don't make jewelry, I hardly wear any, but I am right with you in all your other projects. I will even take one of your assistants for a while. I like how you actually get pics of yourself sometimes. You have your own papparazi! Lookin forward to the kit. Crafty People Rule the World!!!!!!

Kathryn said...


But, you knew that. I only have a hundred million projects working right now, so there is room for a few more.

Love the ribbon!

Beth E. said...

I can't believe you're already starting for Christmas! I need to get in'll be here before we know it!

connie said...

i want one so save me one mo i cant wait to get it