Saturday, October 17, 2009

Payson's big birthday bash.

We had a little field trip a couple of weeks ago!
I uploaded all of these cute pictures and never got around to posting them. Sooooo... here you go. It was one of Gabbi Girl's first official birthday parties to attend, other than her sister's or her other kinda sister's (Maddi).

No matter that it is about 90 degrees in October around here! That explains the sleeveless clothes! (Please note the "LSU TIGER" necklace that Ellie refused to take off for about three straight days.)
Both of my girls love those Stix. And I love them because they are so portable. Anyone? Anyone? Buelllller? Buelllller?
So, this is Payson, our cousin. Actually, my first cousin, Amber's daughter. How pretty is she?!
And I think you have met Poppa. Poppa has made his run through a yucky year and a half of chemo and is on the other side, thank you very much! Go Poppa!!
That is him and Sheila enjoying my teeninesy.
Gabbi really isn't a fan of the "male" category. Not sure why. I don't think she appreciates her dad's facial hair one little bit. She is doing her best here to keep it all together, and looks to be succeeding.
The party was planned for the park, but was moved to JOHNNY's PIZZa (Hey, Jake) due to the weather.
And this is other cousin, Chloe. This is the one I think looks like Ellie. Ellie, Chloe, and Maddi were all about three months apart. This family exploded with girls!! Now, Chloe has a baby sister too! (about three months old or so).
Gabbi just LOVES it when I let her "go" and play with the big kids.
Oh, who am I kidding? She loved it at this very moment. Normally, she LOVES sitting on that platform of a hip I stick out for her. She is a MAMA's GIRL!
Ellie and Maddi had never seen the little blow out party favors. They were in hog heaven.
Payson had several of her friends from school.
well, helllllo. Who is that lucky boy?!
And she is all about the Pet Shop thingies. I guess we will know all about those soon enough. I try to stay OUT of the know until it is necessary!
Speaking of staying "out" of something..... MADDI!!!
Oh, yeah, Dawg. That's some goooood icing.
Oh, here is Chloe's sister. Sweet, huh? NO. I do NOT miss this phase. Nope!
This is more my speed. Chaotic, but fun and energized. I like the babies on the go!
I wish I had a picture of Ellie Bellie in this same pose to compare them. Just uncanny. No blood relation, of course. Chloe is such a pretty girl.
There. There they are! Do you see it?!
Oh, my. Melt my heart. THis is my sweet baby girl. She makes my heart sing. Pretty pretty Gabbi Girl.

I hope she had a fun time at her first birthday party.
Looks a whole lot like she did. Maddi, is that you? Don't you push her. I can SEE that pink icing on your hands!!!



Beth E. said...

Those kids wore me out just by looking at the pics! lol

You would've loved the Home Craft Days we had here in our town. About 6 booths were nothing but hair bows. Lots and LOTS of hair bows! Sadly, none were the great big ones you are looking for. Still, you would've loved seeing table after table of those bows!

Anonymous said...

I'm with Beth! I am tired for you! Ha....Maddi's indulgence makes me laugh! So excited for G gurls first bday party and hey, it being moved to Johnny's pizza isn't such a bad thing after all! :) G is growing too fast!

Melissa said...

I love Johnny's Pizza!!
Anyway, cute pics! Looks like they had a blast!

Carrie said...

That sure looks like a fun party and both Gabbi and Ellie were living it up! It's nice to see Maddi too, since her MaMa has been MIA for about 4 mos now! Thanks so much for sharing you little girls and their milestones with all of us!

Unknown said...

Poor Maddi can't even sneak some frosting without Aunt Mo with the camera to catch her. Looks like a very fun party for everybody!

Kenzie Holley said...

FUN! Looks like the girls had a good time! Wait to go, Gabbi! Looks like you had a blast at your first b-day party!
I can't believe the resemblance between Ellie and Chloe! That's really neat! Have a good week!