Sunday, October 18, 2009

Ellie learns a trade.

If you can get past the outfit she concocted, check out what Ellie Sue is doing!
It started when I tried to play a toy with Gabbi Girl and just gave the excuse, "The batteries are dead", when I was too lazy to get up and fix the dang thing! Never fear! Handy Manny was at the ready!!
Now, I SWEAR, the kid pulled the barstool across the kitchen to a drawer that I absolutely did NOT know had an electric screwdriver in it. FIRST. How did she know where that was. SECOND. How did she know that is what was needed to complete this task. THIRD. HOW IN THE WORLD did she know how to USE the thing?!?!

I have said it before, and I will say it again.... the kid does not miss a lick! She watches and LEARNS constantly. Let's review... she is 27 months old!
Perhaps she doesn't really watch and LEARN when it comes to how to don a headband! Or maybe it is just her style! After all, she refuses to correct it when I point out the error.
(Anybody watching Survivor? Ellie reminds me of Shambo. Just sayin')

Ok, so she has this screwdriver and I am thinking. No biggie. She will never be able to figure out how to do this anyway.
Ummmm... YES she can!

That kid whipped that little screwdriver right into the slot of the screw in the battery plate and away she went.
Here she is in all her glory!
I mean, the girl EARNED this picture!
As you can see it is a little handheld job that Todd got me for a woman's tool box, so it is light and easy to use. But, still!!

Check out the form!
Living with Ellie is an adventure every day! She keeps us rolling. (At this very moment, she and I are eating chip and jalepeno dip and she is saying, "It's a little bit spicy, mom." Her vocabulary is off the CHAiiiiiN!!
as are her fine motor skills!

I didnt' finish the story, but basically, Ellie got those batteries out, found some new ones and needed a little help getting them back in in their correct direction. She hasn't learned positive and negative, but I imagine that'll come at 28 months!

This kid is a trip.


Kelly said...

That is insane! Way to go Ellie!!

Christina said...

Hehehe just wait for another month untill she master's the fine art of "removing your bedroom door from it's hinges WITHOUT tool" G mastered that fine art at 28 months...first step removed the screw thingy from the hinge thingy then open door and ta da door hanges by the top hinge on an angle!

Bj said...

All I got to say is....HIDE THE CAR KEYS!!, I'm sitting here laughing muh butt off....this kid is amazing...and you my dear, have your job cut out for it!!!! Bj

Dawn said...

Ellie is a hoot. I have a feeling she will be one of those genius children that will be very bored at school unless they give her extra stuff to do, say like build a desk or something. :)

I think the headband is cute, it shows that she's very serious about her task at hand.

And I agree with BJ...HIDE THE CAR KEYS. You may wake up one morning and she will be hauling butt down the drive way headed to pick up Maddie.

Sandy said...

OMG. That Ellie is something else. I just love the captions you get. In 30 years these photos will be priceless to her. Gabbi is such a sweetie pie too. Love the way you share with the world. Ellie doing all this now she may be driving @ 30 months. lol

Liloia Family said...

You have a prodigy in Ellie!!! That is amazing to me that she could figure that out!!

Melissa said...

wow! I have a few DIY projects that she is welcome to come assist with anytime.

Kathryn said...

That is fantastic! She is so on her way!

Kenzie Holley said...

WOW. that's about all I have to say.... !!!!!!!! except for YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!

MAckenzie - WOW

Anonymous said...

She reminds me of my Alex, always busy, figures out everything on their own. When she goes to school get that girl in the gifted program, it will be the best thing for her....she will get so bored, and at least for my son, boredom leads to trouble! Ellie is amazing Mo, what a super duper sweetie.

Martha from NC said...

What can I say, the child is BRILLIANT...but then we already knew that. Good job Ellie.

Christy said...

She is a trip and so darn cute!

MLP said...

Smart and talented like her MAMA!!! I love it...that's a hoot!

Rhonda said...

Well, what a little genius! But seriously, should we be surprised?!? So cute!!!! And by the way, I happen to LIKE the way Miss Ellie rocks the headband!!

Beth E. said...

Wow...I'm totally impressed! She's one smart cookie! Oh, and I agree with Bj...hide the car keys! lol