Thursday, September 10, 2009

Two Little Monkeys!

My kids are so dang much fun! I never know what in the world they will be up to when I round the corner.
Ellie is loving having a new partner in crime.
And Gabbi Girl loves thinking she is playing with the "big kids".
They are so sweet when they play together. I want to remember this time forever and ever. They wake up looking for each other and give each other kisses as soon as they see each other.
Ellie can open the dishwasher, get the dishwashing liquid, put it in the appropriate spot, close the dishwasher, and push start. Can you even get over this kid?!
As for Gabbi. Well, she has found the stairs! She would climb and descend all day long if I let her. She requires close supervision at this time! :)

I don't know if it gets any better than two little girls. Mo

And might I add.... That little LSU necklace (see previous post) could have had about 8 homes!!  Thanks for the big response.  I LOVE that you love them!  I will be getting to work this weekend.  Making jewelry is more feasible for me at this time than painting, logistically, as I can do it at home.  I have to go to dad's shop to spread out to paint, which means getting a sitter, and I try to minimize that on the weekends.  I DO have several paintings heading out this week and will try to post them soon.  Thanks for helping my little art career take off.  MO


Anonymous said...

Ok, so I LOVE that Tuson, beads and Lindsay were all used in the same sentence in your comment on my last post!! I think that's a GRRRREAT idea by the way! As if you needed any affirmation from me :)) Can't wait to see what you create!

These two are the best of buds and I love that now Ellie and Gabbi have someone else to point the finger know, each other like you and Staci did and me and my sister did! That makes it more fun. I wonder if they will fight over clothes as they grow up........I think we MUST come soon! Our girls need to be able to say they were BFFs from toddlerhood :)

jmckemie said...

Love that those two babies have each other to be partners in crime! Your hands are going to get fuller by the day. I got a new granddaughter this spring who just happens to have the same 3 initials as Ellie (just not in the same order - but she is an Ellie, too - Elliette) and I bought her those same pig pj's! Just hoping that she has the same great love for life that your Ellie has. Baby girls straight from heaven - gotta love 'em.

Kenzie Holley said...

AWWW! Those are just the two most sweetest girls! It reminds me of when my big sister and I were tots! =)


Unknown said...

Your girls are adorable! Just a word of warning--my son broke our dishwasher door sitting on it and we had to replcase the whole dishwasher.

MLP said...

They are so cute!!! Can't wait to see what else they get into!

tricia said...

just the beginning.............

Bella's mommy said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pig jammies!!! Where did you find them?