Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I have a new obsession.

Guess what I am doing now.
Opening a WHOLE new can of worms!! New hobby!

Is this the cutest or what!? I don't think they come in black and red, Lindsay! Not sure about that Baylor green either, Mindy! Just kidding!
I love this one. And guess what. No home yet. If you are interested in this one, email me. mgroves11@comcast. net
I was making it to use those purple and gold stones, because I just loved them and wanted to see how they would turn out!
I have to say, I think it was successful.

And do you want to know what started this whole new trend around here? Welllllll.... THIS!
KK pledged Alpha Chi Omega this week. And to celebrate, I made her this little necklace.
I should have her model all of my necklaces, because her dark skin makes them all look so pretty!
I made her a couple of pair of earrings. They are pretty simple so she can wear them with all the gazillion new sorority tees she will be getting soon!

And one of my friends called and needed a couple of gifts for nieces.
This one was made for her niece who is OU and is a KKG. I used the colors of the sorority. I thought it would, again, be cute with her tees.

Her other niece, on the other hand, is at LSU. Instead of using the sorority's colors, I decided to use LSU's colors, because, having been down there myself back in the early 90's, I know that football games are a really, really big deal! Girls very often wear purple dresses/ clothes.
By making this one in school colors, she can sport her school colors AND her sorority!

And finally, let's hear it for Michele! She was the winner of the great SHOE COUNT contest!
I emailed her, and she said she preferred a necklace. I just surprised her with her young un's name on the pendant. I also added a little pearl on the front and a silver bead on the back.
The silver bead is to hang down her back if she decides to hook the chain further down to make it shorter. Clear as mud?
Well, that is my newest hobby! I hope to make some for my etsy account in time for Christmas shopping. Any special requests?!


Anonymous said...

Ewwwwee Weee! You're gonna be busy with orders for those! What a great idea to do greek! Only you, Mo would think to incorporate a LITTLE COLOR into such an idea. LOVE it and love that these things are simple. You know me, I'm not so much simple when it comes to earrings, BUT I love them on other people and those are cute! Especially with the fratastic shirts they are gonna be gettin' soon! Umm, yeah they'd better come in black and red!

MLP said...

Those girls are going to FREAK over their sorority necklaces! Don't you remember how you wanted anything and everything with your letters on it?!? Plus that will be such a keepsake, too! YOU GO!!!

Too bad I don't support the green and gold too much although I love Baylor and my memories from it!

You are just super talented...amazes me! I almost bought a canvas at Micheal's the other day. I thought I would try painting. I chickened out though!

The necklaces are fabulous!!! Better get 'em on your Etsy account. They'll be HOT!

Christy said...

I ordered some necklaces similiar to those last year at Christmas time...on Etsy of course. Everyone I bought them for loved them....I think your's are awesome...are you trying to make us all go broke with your creativity? just kidding...... all of your stuff is great, I want it all! hope you have a great week!

jneman said...
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jneman said...

Love the stamped jewelry! I have been trying to find a class in MN that teaches how to do it. I bought a stamped dog tag for my puppy and the cutest bracelet for my mom with a link for each of her grandchildren at a craft fair last year. If you would like to see it let me know and I will take a picture of it for you.

Tammy said...

Mo, Can you do a blog on how you stamp the jewelry? I think it is a neat hobby and would like to see how it is done.

Tammy from Pensacola,FL

and if ya ever have orange and blue beads that no one wants to have any part of..pass em this way.."It's GREAT to be a FL, Gator!"

Kelly said...

LOVE THEM! Any way to either put two names on one tag...or better yet....maybe have two tags together on one necklace? I'm more than interested!!! These would make great gifts!!

Legacy Photography said...

Ok Mo - I need rto know how to get a LSU one - soon!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Love them...too cute...

Kris said...

Awesome again. Good luck with keeping up with all the orders.

Michele said...


Juli said...

Of course you are going to have to do some BELIEVE ones.....HOPE....FAITH.....wow....great job!

c.holley said...

You're so creative!! The sorority is going to LOVE them!! I see the new trend!


Shannon said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!! Teach us how!!!!

snekcip said...

WELL IT'S ABOUT TIME!!! LOL!! I emailed you about the "hammered-stamped necklaces" after reading Lindsay's blog. I was going to order one from the site she mentioned until I read your comment and you said you "did those and the price was cheaper"! SOUNDED LIKE MY KINDA DEAL!! I'm gonna email you AGAIN and tell you the specifics for my special necklace! Check your email!

Sarah said...

Those are awesome !!!! Ive seen lots of the necklaces with just the round part and no color but as soon as they hit etsy I will be buying !
You are beyond creative !

Martha from NC said...

Love, love, love the new necklaces. Wouldn't it be fun to do a kit so we ALL could make one? We could buy our own charm to put on the necklace. What do you think? Possibility? Maybe?

snekcip said...

I'm waving the SURRENDER FLAG!!! I saw the email where u responded Sunday! I guess I need to DELETE some old emails and maybe I can see the NEW emails!! Okay, now that I'm bowing my head in shame, I'm getting ready to REPLY to your email!! LOL!!

Suzy said...

Go Gators for me too...if you can muster the strength for rivalary teams :) and/or Jacksonville Jaguar teal and black. All of your creations are fabulous!!

Ness said...

OMG--too cute! Give me a price on one with the word Believe and stones the color of pink, teal and purple which are thyroid cancer colors which I have. And I have a fat neck. My email is dachsielvr@aol.com Jake showed me how to deal with the cancer monster and he is still helping me out from Above. Believe is my word when I was diagnosed and I'm hanging in there. I want to wear it to my oncology apt. in November when I get my scan to check for mets.

Love, Ness www.dachshundstrong.blogspot.com

Liloia Family said...

OMG...WHEN do you find time to make all this stuff?? When my kids were little, I had NO TIME and I didn't even work!! Everything is beautiful as always, you are so talented, I just want to know your secret regarding time to do it all!!

Melissa said...

Love them and mad at myself for already ordering from the place Lindsay linked on etsy!! I love yours with the beads.
I think all of the ladies on Team Jake need one with green beads. :) (flutters eyelashes innocently!)

Unknown said...

OH I'm diggin the LSU necklace! I'm interested in one of those!

Lisa said...

super cute! i actually just bought a steel stamping set, but can't find those little disks to stamp on - where did you find yours? i've done a few washers, and made keychains, but i'm hoping to find those disks and make necklaces for 10 teenage cousins!!

Ally said...

oh my, so cute. I want one with my babies name and birthstone colors, as soon as we get a baby i will be contacting you. how much are they?? i need to start on my christmas shopping.

connie said...

teach us how to make them i would love to learn how to do it? pretty please i love them they are so cute you are so good at everything that you do please teach us that wants to learn how to make them


NurseCare said...

Ok, so you've pulled this long time stalker out of hiding! I love the necklaces! Let us know prices! This college girl would LOVE a ULM maroon and gold one!


Susan said...

Those necklaces are ADORABLE!! I would love to learn how to make them...in fact...I have been googling my heart out trying to figure it out for myself!!... Mo...you really are gifted in so many ways....thank you for sharing your precious family, your life and your art...you are such a blessing!
Susan Lumpkin
Calera, AL