Friday, September 11, 2009

Mom, PLEASE pick me up!

This is the view from my lap.
I chose these pics to prove that YES, Gabbi does, from time to time, FUSS!
Like when she is beggggging me to pick her up.
And after a brief inspection of my crotch, the fussing seems to be over!  Niiiiice!
Is your little fit over, Miss Lady?  
(and might I add that is a very clean shirt you have there.)
"Mom, PLeeeeease.  Why won't you pick me up?"
"Because Gabbi Girl.  If I sit here long enough with my trusty camera, I will catch that picture I have been trying to get." 

"and what's that, mom?"
"THAT would be a picture of that single solitary tooth in your head, little girl." 


MLP said...

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH...that little girl of yours just makes me SMILE!!! I bet you picked her up after you got that pic! I sure would have!

Michele said...

She is just precious!!

Kathryn said...

Baby girl, your bad self needs some work! Have somebody teach you to frown and wuzzle. I am pretty sure you got picked up and loved on. Thank your Momma for the new tooth shot!

Amy K said...

She is such a sweetheart! Love the tooth. My "baby" just lost his first two teeth this week, and he's almost 7 yrs. old.
Enjoy those girlies this wonderful weekend!

Kenzie Holley said...

Oh Gabbi! You're the cutest thing! =)

Belinda said...

toooooo cute love it

Audra said...

She is so cute, and did you know the longer it takes for baby teeth to come out, the Better their teeth are?! Gabbi Gurl will have some good teeth :)
Love your blog!
Audra Deffenbaugh

Beth E. said...

I see it, I see it! I see that little tooth!

What a doll she on her extra good, and give her and Ellie some hugs and kisses from me, okay? :-)

snekcip said...

Gabby could not disappoint her fans! She knows how much we LOVE that smile!!