Saturday, September 12, 2009

If I'm lying, I'm dying!

Now didn't I mention that DeeDee and Granddad were in town visiting last week?!  

Wellllll... They got them a large dose of the DRAMA that is Ellie Sue! 
DeeDee would ask," Does she ALWAYS tote that purse around like that?"
(What you mean the one she emptied and repacked, ohhhh, like, 44 times a day?  that one?!)  
Ummm... that would be a YES! 
as for playing.... well she has only one real fascination.  Dress up! 

Mary Allison, Pam, Nicole and Sarah got her this box FULL of dress up things for her birthday. 
As you can imagine our house is a perpetual cycle of pull it all out, put it all up.  Pull it all out, put it all up.  Pull it all out..... 
And if I'm lying, I 'm dying.  She can wear 25 pieces of adornment comfortably! 
and still...ask for help to get that lassssst little watch on. 
It is quite comical.  I don't know what this means for me later.  Does it mean she will always want to play dress up?  Always want to wear accessories?  Will she have a flair for the dramatic?! 
Is she going to be a girly girl?!   I mean, the kid JUST turned two!  
I don't know.  But one thing is for sure. She keeps us in stitches around here.  

Most recent funny.  "Mom".  
"yes Ellie".
"I'm so proud of you."  
"thank you Ellie." 



nita womack said...

"pull it all out" also involves put it all up-mine didn't grasp the 2-part concept. if ellie is proud of you at 2 yrs old- she will probably think mommy is a goddess when she is 12-13 (YEAH __ RIGHT) you are doing it all right-keep on. no word on THE BOD-- please tell me you didn't lose him in ny- i will head the search party

Crystal said...

I love your paintings. Can you email me the cost to have you do one?

Also, I love reading your blog. I'm a long time reader and Jake believer.


Renee said...

I'd say Ellie is one lucky girl that her momma makes jewelry. She's gonna be your biggest customer I think. Too cute as always.

Beth E. said...

She's such a cutie! I love her facial expression in the first pic. I bet DeeDee and Granddad were worn out by the time they left! lol Still, I know they loved every minute of being with those precious girls of yours!

You've done good, Mo...I'm proud of you, too! ;-)

~Mrs.Hodge~ said...

I think you have a lifetime of accessories and drama and girly girly times ahead! You have GOT to take Drama Queen to the Mardi Gras parade this year...can you imagine her excitement when people are actually throwing the accessories at her?!?!? :) Oh, and I am very interested in a Christmas painting.....prices and sizes please!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah! That sounds soooo familiar! Bowen's favorite is, "good job, mommy!". And she says it like she's THE mom! Ok, there has to be some sort of regulation on all that garb!:) I mean, if any of that stuff was made in CHINA she's sure to have lead poisoning! :)))))) What's so funny is that she LOVES it and is not the least bit bothered by being confined in rubber, metal and plastic! Love time with DeeDee and Granddad, I am sure the girls ate it up!

MLP said...

I am proud of you, too!!!

Lovin' the accessorizing!!! I think it is fabulous!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

She is so cute....

Carrie said...

More than the accessories, I love the little belly-booper sticking out from under her t-shirt. She is just so stinkin' cute. I bet it is super cute to hear her tell you she is proud of you in her sweet little southern accent. Lovin' your sweet little girlies :)

tricia said...

Why of course she's proud of her mamma!

Liloia Family said...

OMG...too cute!! Yes, I think it means Ellie will be all the things you mentioned. She'll probably always love wearing accessories and playing dress up. She will probably always be a girly girl too. She is just so adorable!! So is Gabbi!! You are so blessed.

snekcip said...

BANGLES of bracelets, TANGLES of curls, that what's Ellie is made of!!! TOO TOO CUTE!!