Sunday, September 13, 2009

Happy Birthday, DeeDee!

Yayyyy!!!  It is a day to celebrate!  (Miss Beasley, circa gotta be the 70's!) It is DeeDee's birthday!!
We had such a fun visit with DeeDee and Granddad.  
They live waaaay down in Orlando, so we only get to see them about 2-3 times a year.  
Needless to say, we LOVE having them come up to visit.  Not only do we just plain miss them, but they have to stay with us.  In our house.  Up in the mornings with us.  Down to bed at night with us.  That means TWO EXTRA adults to help with two little girls! 
And believe me, their mama truly appreciates that! 
Gabbi and Ellie seem to appreciate it too.  Look how much fun Gabbi Girl is having with her DeeDee.  
Ok, even though this is all about DeeDee, when I opened this file of pics, I simply couldn't resist! 
When Nicole comes over from next door, she feels compelled to make Miss Beasley put on her glasses.  And you KNOW Miss Beasley obliges! 
And then starts her own brand of halftime show.  She loves an audience!

Then there is this precious one.  She is not about putting on the show.  She is happy to spectate!  My kids are polar opposites! 
And while on the subject of grandmothers, JinJin got GG this sweet little chair for her first birthday.  I think it was a hit, don't you?! 
Ok, so happy birthday, DeeDee.  We love you and look forward to y'all moving back home!  (I need the help! ha) 


Belinda said...

LOVE IT!! I cant believe how these two are growing... I love the glasses..I bet Ellie is a hoot. A BIG Happy Birthday to Dee Dee from South Arkansas!!!

Beth E. said...

Happy birthday to DeeDee!

Oh, Mo...I know I say this almost every time I post, but...can those baby girls get any cuter?! They are just precious.

Melissa said...

Happy Birthday Dee Dee!! Love the glasses Miss Ellie Beasley.

snekcip said...

I can see DeeDee had a WONDERFUL BDAY!!! I saw this chair on a photographers website and I had to have it!! After googling & figuring the COST of the chair PLUS S&H, I decided to visit our local Salv Army and found the PERFECT chair for 7 bucks! I bought gingham pink fabric w/denim cording and brought it to a seamstress to make a slipcover for the chair and had it monogrammed and VOILA!!! The chair was perfect! Bree took her first baby pics lying down in her chair, IT WAS THAT BIG!!! In fact the chair is adult size and sits very low to the ground!!

The chair is still fondly used and Bree can use it clean up to her teens and beyond!! The good thing is the fabric can be changed up for different occasions and photo shoots!!I have gotten so many compliments on it!!! All for a total of less than 60 bucks (incl.cost of chair/fabric/fee to seamstress)!!!

Dee Dee said...

Thanks Mel..we have finally recovered from our trip...those two precious girls can wear you slap out!!!

The Moore's said...


Those are some beautiful girls you have there. That Ellie girl sure does crack me up with all of her accessories....

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She has a fb group page..."I am praying for Lydia Byrd" that has some photos of this sweet girl.