Sunday, September 6, 2009

I love Sarah!

By now, I am quite certain that you all know that Sarah is my little next door neighbor.  I am also her best friend in the neighborhood.  Just ask her!  Have I mentioned that she named her fish after me?  She named it "Beauty"!  Ha!  I LOVE Sarah.  She is good for my ego!  

And she also is the ONLY person who showed up the day after we got back with a "Welcome Home" sign and a plate of "welcome home" cupcakes!  
and for that she was rewarded!!  

This is Ellie doing absolutely everything her hero does!
While in New York, I found a store that I thought was puredee ol' precious! 
It was called Little Miss Matched.  I have heard of them as they are "famous" for their socks, but I didn't know they actually had stores.  
Is is just me or is Sarah going to be the coolest kid in the 2nd grade come tomorrow?
We have mismatched leg warmers with ubercool pompoms hanging from the side.  (oh and don't miss Miss Lady's mismatched tights too!)
and a very cool set of hand warmers (??) that only the brave will wear! And Sarah is the brave!

The hat is for Mary Allison.  Have I mentioned that Sarah and Mary Allison are first cousins?!  we are quite intertwined with their family!!  Sarah's mom, Nicole, and Mary Allison's mom, Pam , are sisters.  Crazy, huh?!  

Anyhoo... tell your next door neighbors that if they will have "welcome home" cupcakes when you get home, they just may get a super cool treat!  



Kelly said...

I'm really the first one to leave a comment? That NEVER happens! I love the leg warmers and tights. Absolutely adorable!!

MLP said...

ADORABLE stuff! I would go crazy in a store like that!!!

Such cute girls!

snekcip said...

I'm so loving those leg warmers! I like the FUNKY look of them! Go Sarah!!

tricia said...

Cool socks! Sarah is going to miss you all soooooooo much!

Beth E. said...

Welcome home cupcakes sound like a great idea to me! Unfortunately, I'm surrounded by neighbors who don't do sugar...sad, huh?

Love the mismatched tights!