Sunday, September 6, 2009

Gabbi goes to therapy.

I know I have mentioned that Gabbi Girl is doing therapy.  Well, we would like to invite you to a day in OT.  

as told by Gaggi Gull:
First, it may be a good idea to NOT invite your big sister to the big therapy days! You are just going your best to climb up the stairs like you are supposed to be doing...
and she can tend to just aggravate you!  Ellie.  LEAVE ME ALONE!
Free at last.  Free at last.  Thank God, I am free at last!
and did I mention that my mom would like you to all know that my FAB-U-LOUS outfit came entirely from Target.  Can you EVEN believe that?!  My mom really, really digs Target! 
This is Miss Christy.  She is my Speech therapist.  Actually, she just took some time today to see if maybe I needed to start speech too.  And guess what.... I do!  She gave my mom all kinds of fun things to start working on at home to get my language jump started!  
and then, as if I have no dignity at all, they strip me in the middle of the clinic to work on my sensory system.
Oh, I see you, Ellie.  You aren't foolin' anyone!  I KNOW you are schemin' for your next big attack. 
Ellie.  That is for ME!  You go put on some dress up shoes or about 44 bracelets, or give the dogs some treats. 
Aha.  Now it is my turn!  Miss Kristi (the other Chr-kr-cr-isti-y!).  
Miss Kristi brushes me to make my skin get used to all types of sensation with deep pressure to make it all comfortable to me.  It is already paying off.  I can play with toys better now and even tolerate my mom wiping my face with a little more ease now. 
ANd that concludes our tour of therapy for today.  It is fun.  I highly recommend it.  My body is more comfortable to me now and that makes playing with things more fun.  So glad you could come along and be a part of this!  See ya.  Gabbi Lou.


Denise said...

Mo.... I really enjoyed this posting. It has helped me to better understand Gabbi's sensory problem and what can be done to help it. Thanks a bunch.
Hugs, Denise
P.S. I love Target too!!! :)

tricia said...

very interesting read. If you have time can you please explain Gabbi's problems;are they rare,are they easily noticed by the layman's eyes Etc.... thank you

Kathryn said...

That is just flat cool! I thank you for the peek into this.

Michele said...

Ohh...thanks Mo. My son Cannon does OT & PT once a week. I get more questions on what does he do during therapy. I think this will really help folks understand some of the things that go on.

Melissa said...

This is a very interesting post. I've often wondered about therapy and what all goes on. One question though, what was going on with Gabbi that clued you in that therapy was needed? Would a regular old mom have noticed those things??

jlovick said...

Thanks for the OT awareness! I'm an OT student who wants to work in pediatrics and have such a hard time conveying to people what OT can do for kids and why it's necessary. For years even my parents thought that I'd just be helping kids color--and it's way more than that!

I'm so glad that therapy is helping Gabbi!

snekcip said...

Really informative post! I'm just loving this blog more and more! I like the laughter, the love and the informative post you have here! Your like a TARGET go in KNOWING your gonna come out w/something you love!!!!

Gabbi's outfit is JUST TOO CUTE!! Did you purchase the shoes there too! I gotta get ORANGE SHOES for Bree! I can't let her get caught w/o ORANGE SHOES for the fall!! NEVER!!!!

Kelly said...

adorable outfit, adorable pictures, ADORABLE girls! I'd love to hear more about what was going on with Gabbi that led you to PT. How does the "average mom" know that her kid needs a little extra help?

Emily said...

I'm so jealous that Gabbi girl can wear those big ol bows. Stormie still has trouble holding in the little ones!

Christy said...

Gosh, Gabbi is getting so big! Glad therapy is helping her. Your girls really are so blessed to have such a wonderful momma!

Kenzie Holley said...