Sunday, August 2, 2009


Welcome to our slab!
See that little raised place in the back?  That is our dining room.   And see that pond in the background and the sun going down?  That will be our awesome view!  

The girls like going out there... then again, they like anytime they get to be pulled in a wagon!

Mary Allison was along for the ride, and Emma Lou, being our soon to be next door neighbor, always comes running when she sees us drive up! 
Ellie needed a diaper change, so I asked MA to take her to her "room" to change her.  I like kinda already knowing where the rooms are and such.  It is a crapshoot, but I try to step it off so I can tell where is where. In this next picture, they are either in the entrance foyer or Gabbi Girl's room?! 
Would you look at these two?  What did I do without them?
So anyway, this is our new homesite.  Oh, and now you can see the pasture way back there too!  And Todd and I spent last weekend out there trimming up limbs on those trees, so now our view is a little nicer too!  
Well, this week is framing, so I may have new pics to share!  
Have a good one.  And, Blanche, Holly, Kathryn, Sandy, Meredith, and Wendy.... you should have a prize coming in the mail this week!  :)


SaraG said...

Look at all those plumbing pipes!!
We own a plumbing business so I recognize them!!
Your new home is really coming along. Can't wait to see if finished and DECORATED!!
It will be beautiful I am sure.

KKGrimmer said...

Awww...the slab to the BAH looks GOOD! And that Ellie giving sugar to sister Gabbi is SO sweet!!

Kathryn said...

Ooh! Perfect timing! We have a house full of Grandgirlies, and they will be so excited!

Kathryn said...

Rats. I forgot to say how much I love your slab and view! Ah. Peaceful.

Carrie said...

Wow, you are going to have a beautiful view! So jealous that you are already to the slab stage. We are working on buying some land (10 acres) and if the deal goes through, we are hopeful to build a big shed this fall, work on selling our house next spring and then building in the summer. Sound easy, but I have a feeling we have a long road ahead of us! Hope the whole building process goes well for you :)

Beth E. said...

I love the view! I'm excited about your SLAB. The next part of the building should go pretty quickly, shouldn't it? Seems like getting it under roof happens much sooner than it takes to finish everything inside.

What sweet "sister pics" of the girls...I love the one of Ellie smoochin' on her baby sis.

Have a great week!

breanna said...

oh so fun!! i guess you survived your week alone. we went to the beach for the wedding yesterday. i brought back some sand for the COOLEST project!! i'll bring it home with me in a couple of weeks!

Ally said...

Yall are coming along. Can't wait to see the pics as the house is being built.

randdmom said...

This stage is so exciting! The brand new stage!!! Have fun choosing all the fixtures and fun stuff to make it a home!!! Ellie kissing Gabbi just tickles your heart!!!!

Melissa said...

The view is beautiful!!!

Sandy said...

love the pictures of your soon to be new home. I love the way you know which rooms are which. I will be seeing you on wednesday when I come to the meeting. Don has recruited me to do the Farmerville motors location on saturday and I have made a few calls to my folks in union parish to be on stand by incase I need additional help. I am soo excited to be a part. Yeahhh.

Kenzie Holley said...

Wow! the view is beautiful! I know you guys are gonna love it there! =)