Saturday, August 1, 2009

JinJin on Saturday mornings.

And while we are discussing helpers, let's just complete the circle of love! 
Jin Jin usually makes a point of coming over on Saturday mornings to visit the girls!  
Notice Ellie is a blur in every picture, and that is directly related to the activity level of that young child.  She does NOT stop! 
Jin Jin usually brings over donuts on Saturday mornings, and then gets right into the EDU-macating!
Jin was a teacher for 36 years. Got her bachelor, her masters, her education specialist degree and believe me, it is in her blood!  I think today's lesson was beginning sounds?!  Not sure.  
Next lesson SHOULD be how to sit on that pink potty you see in the background of all these pictures!  She has NO interest whatsoever! 

Have a happy Sunday!  Mo


Anonymous said...

With no internet, I feel like I've been removed from blogland! I love Jin Jin and E! Love that she craves that one on one with the girls! Ellie is growing up and her hair is getting longer! Love those girls! Miss yall!

Beth E. said...

JinJin is totally awesome! I wish I'd had her around when my boys were little!

We used to live six hours away from our hometown when the boys were young. No relatives, and hardly any friends around, back then. Bill worked constantly, from sunup to sundown every day. I was pretty much left to fend for myself with two little ones.

We finally moved closer to our parents, but we still live about an hour and a half from them. You are truly blessed to be surrounded by your family!

Hope you have a great Sunday, too!

Amanda and Mikayla said...

We have that exact pink potty! It took Mikayla a LONG time to even want to sit on it. I put it in the living room at first- to get her used to it. The first day of potty training actually took place in the kitchen. I was told to put it within easy access, so that is in the middle of the house. She just decided one day that she was going to go- and she did it! Whatever works!!!!!

Patricia said...

Forget the pink potty!! Tried all the tricks with the potty chairs! When both of mine were between two and a half and three, they both just went to the big potty on there own! Two and a half was like a magic number! Relax!!

Cheese Lady said...

Ellie is as cute as always!! It's great to have someone come over and play!! hint the potty may be more affective if it were flat on the floor! lol- It may seem like they will never get trained but then all of the sudden it happens!!
I had one do it at 3 1/2, one at 1 1/2 and my son would pee anywhere outside no matter where we were at 2.

Zhohn said...

Is it potty time already? Ellie is growing too fast!
Glad your girls have a wonderful Jin Jin!

tricia said...

Wonderful to have a grandma that can tutor the girls!

snekcip said...

We are at the stage of using POTTY TRAINING as a PLOY to get up from napping! EVERY TIME she goes down for a nap REGARDLESS of going potty prior to lyind down, she yells I GOTTA GO POTTY NAMA! Of course I'm racing to get her there as she has this huge grin on her face as she runs to the bathroom! Once there she sits, ans sits, and sits, with her hands under her chin and then points to a magazine and says! HAND ME A BOOK PLEASE!!! Talk about stalling!! We're getting there slowly but surely, the upside is, we are multi-tasking reading and potty-training all in "one sitting"! Ha!

Amy said...

It took forever to potty train my kids, I was changing diapers for 11 years. I think everyone needs a Jin Jin like yours. When my mom was still alive she couldn't get enough of my kids. She would always try to teach them something too. My 9 year old, Luke loves cars and NASCAR. They would sit for hours just talking about racing.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend Mo!!

Dawn said...

I love me some Jin Jin too. She is awesome. Mason loves her too. She is the

Ellie will potty when she is ready. I have always heard that if you push it on them they will not cooperate. It will come...just hang on.

Enjoy your weekend.

Belinda said...

My babysitter trained my son when I went back to work..he was prolly 2 1/2...Like someone else said...she will when she is ready...I tried to push Cody and I was getting nowhere. He would not sit on the little potty either..he went to the "big boy potty"!

Carrie said...

Potty training is a tough one. We've never had an actual potty chair, just the mini-seat that goes on top of the big toilet seat. I love it cause then I don't have to clean out a nasty pee bucket and the kids like the big potty cause it is what they see Mama and Daddy doing. Plus, there is the whole "flush factor". Gotta love watching it swirl down! Grant was almost 3 by the time he was fully trained (and we had to celebrate with a SpongeBob cake) and Audrey has been sitting on the potty for months now, but only actually goes every once in a while. It all takes time and a commitment by the parents.
I wish I had your Jin Jin. She is so genuinely caring, generous, sweet and kind. Don't think I could ever thank her (or you, Mo) for your wonderful hospitality when Suzi and I were down for the 1st Shake, and you really didn't even know us! Miss you guys a ton!

Melissa said...

That's awesome!! Especially the donuts part. :)

We have that same pink potty. She will sit on it for 10 minutes, then get up and tee tee in her diaper. UUGGHH!!