Friday, July 31, 2009

Come home, Snoopy, come home!

Mary Allison is on her way home from church camp.  Yippppppeeeee!!  
A week without a husband OR a babysitter.  Whut?! Have a fun weekend.  I am going to PAINT!  YEsssssssss.


Anonymous said...

Oh I forgot to tell you..Mary Allison is stopping here in MO(Missouri) for a few days to help me with my brood lolol.. Have fun painting!

connie said...

oh i love the pics so cute i know you cant wait til they get home and have fun painting i wish i was as good as you are. have u seen my email about the beads?? i was wondering if they are ready iam ready to pay for them let me know ok hugs have fun this weekend im going to be going to a family reunion on sunday fun fun fun

Beth E. said...

Oh, and didn't you hear??? After visiting Missy, Mary Allison is stopping by SW Virginia to visit me and to see the's gonna take awhile for her to make her way back home! ;-)

Kelly said...

Your girls are beautiful and I love to stop by they always put a smile on my face!! I love Ellie's curls!

Rhonda said...

Yay for Mary Allison - and Todd, too, I guess!!! :) I know you will be happy to see them both!! I have enjoyed getting caught up on your blog - and checking out all of your beautiful pictures!

I went to Canton today - in my crazy pants!! Of course, I couldn't help but think of YOU! But just let me say - it was too hot to wear crazy pants to Canton - it's still short shorts and tank top weather in Texas!! I thought of you several times as we passed through Louisiana coming and going to Destin, Florida on vacation over the last couple of weeks - there was LSU stuff EVERYWHERE!!!

Carrie said...

Could Ellie be more of a ham???? Too funy!
So, is Todd the Bod in Viroqua by chance? I would still love to meet up with you guys when (and IF) you ever come up to these here parts!

I'm a single Mom this whole week and next weej too, with no Grandmas or Grandpas or next door neighbor babysitters to come over to entertain my two, so no more whining, OK!