Thursday, July 30, 2009

More visitors! Hey, It's Pops and Nana!!

Yesssssssss!  MORE helpers!  
With Todd out of town, I am having different "helpers" recruited to come and help me throughout the week.  I know, I know, Mom and Staci, "I am not the first person to ever have two kids."  But.... I am a titty baby, and I like to have helpers and visitors!  So there you have it!  
My girls love to have them come over to play too!  As you can see, they are not too big or old to sit smack on the floor with my girly girls! 
And have a tea party! 
Pops pretended to eat cookies, and drink tea, and stir tea, and made all the mandatory little sounds as Ellie poured her tea from her kettle to the cups! 
And then, he fed the pretend cookies to Ellie Sue! 
Ellie moved around the circle, feeding each one of us. 
Including Gabbi Girl!
Gabbi had a different agenda!  Check this SWEETNESS out!  
She is all about the baby dolls right now!  
She squeezes them, and loves them, and kisses them!  
Is that not just the sweetest thing you have ever seen?! 
Ok, or maybe this is?!  
This is another "Ellie Happy Birthday Present" from Ella Kate.  It is size 2T.  Tonight, I had to take a size 2T dress off her because it was too big.  And then, there is this set of pjs, which seem to be too small?!  I am just confused on this whole size thing!  
The good news is that there is always Gabbi Girl coming up! 
Ellie thought trying to touch Pops's sucker stick with hers was the most hilarious thing she has ever done! 
And buddy roe, Gabbi LOVES a dumdum sucker!!  

I have already mentioned it, but it is worth mentioning again.  Those babies are like having a babysitter!  I mean, my girls don't budge when they are getting a sucker!  
Ellie finds her Pops so amusing.  Wonder why? 
Could be things like this!  
She tried to be just like him! 
and Gabbi just sat back, taking it all in, and of course, GRINNED! 
Thanks, Nana and Pops for coming to help out!  It was a nice bit of respite! 

It is almost FRIDAY!!  YEsssssss!!!


Katie said...

Your girls are just the cutest!!! Have you ever had Ellie's hair cut? Just curious, Caitlyn's hair is getting crazy but I just don't know if I have the heart to start cutting.

Zhohn said...

Mo, not only do YOU rock but seems like the entire family does! Pops is a character. So glad you have some helpers around.
Love your girls!

And yes, TOMORROW is Friday! Oh, how I love that day!

Nana said...

Well, Larry should know how to entertain little girls...who are close to the same age. He had lots of experience..
The girls are so so precious...Love those pajamas..

tricia said...

Love those helpers!

Kelly said...

Those are adorable pictures. I love Ellie's PJ's. SOO SOO CUTE!! And I think I about died when I saw the pics of Gabbi loving on her little doll. AWWW!! Precious! Enjoy those little girlies Mo! They grow up WAYYY WAYY too fast. (mine's only 4 but it seems like just yesterday she was Gabbi's age!...where does the time go exactly??) And your "Pops" is ADORABLE!


Amy said...
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Amy said...

I removed the first comment because I spelled something wrong, so I'll try again. I was just telling you how clear it is that yours girls were meant to be with you and Todd. Jake sure did a good job picking them out. I still think that Ellie looks like Jake. Miss GG makes my heart melt with lovin her babies. Savannah had a soft doll that she toted around untill she was almost 4, baby Kelly was her name.
Have a great weekend...I'll be working on a special mini-scrapbook for a very special young lady. Last year my grandma (her great-grandma) died on Aubrey's birthday. She is an amazing girl!!

Carrie said...
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Carrie said...

Not sure what the whole misspelling thin is about but I did it too, so I deleted my first comment. Here is the comment, though...
Melanie, you really have been blessed with two utterly adorable little girls. I just watching them grow through pictures. And wow, is Gabbi's hair sure growing lately. I'm sure Ellie's is too, but it is just so curly that it is hard to tell (same as my Tootie). Thanks so much for sharing your life and you loves. Wishing you well!

Sandy said...

Now we know where you get your since of humor--your daddy. He looks like he is having a blast with those grand girls. Ellie must get that from your side of family too. Gabbi is just soo sweet. Sabre' and I would love to come help you out with the girls too. Just email me and let me know if you need anymore help. Sandy

randdmom said...

I just wanted to grab Gabbi up when I saw her cuddled up with the baby doll!!! Ellie's expression in the first jammie pic is soooooo cute!! They are adorable!!! My hubbie has been out of town for the past 3 days. I can totally relate to missing the extra set of hands - and my kids are MUCH older! Have a good weekend. Oh, get Staci back on the blog waggon...

Shannon said...

Those jammies are the cutest!!!! My son loves him some Grandpa too!!!

Melissa said...

How stinkin' sweet!!!
Can they come entertain my kids?? LOL!! I know what you mean about visitors though...they are awesome!

Hope said...

Cutie pies!! Love Gabbie and baby! I always found that with PJ's you need to size up, like with swimsuits. Coming out of lurk-dom to comment. Been reading forever.

MLP said...

Precious times!!!

I love the adorable pj's on Ellie Sue! And I LOVE that dress on Sweet Gabbi. Lovin' her babies...nothin' sweeter!

snekcip said...

Love Ellie's CHINA DRESS/PJ's!! Don't you just LOVE GRANDPARENTS! I know...because I'm ONE!! I JUST LOVE IT!!! So far as the size thing, Bree wears a 3T-4T! Some 2T's fit and some are just TOO TIGHT!! I think the 3T-4T gives her more growing room! She is pretty solid though!

Have a good weekend, heading to Dallas to see my grandsons!!

Hey wh-wh-whats that peeping around the corner, hurry shut the door.....IT'S trying to ruin our WEEKEND..oh no, it's getting closer, RUN!! It can't disguise itself...oh no it's getting closer... watch out it'''s MONDAY coming!

Elaina said...

Those girls are too cute! Miss Melanie, once my roommates and I figure out our room colors, I'm going to want one of your paintings to go in there! Have a great weekend!

Steph said...

Your girlie girls are so cute!! I can't believe how big they are getting.

Oh by the way, I'm in your neck of the woods this weekend. I came to visit my family in New Orleans.


Claudia said...

Oh my goodness, does it get any cuter than your two babies? Love the pictures! How lucky are you to have so many people that are so anxious to come and play with them?!?! Can't say I blame them, I'd be right there too if I could!

Beth E. said...

Hooray for Pops and Nana! Looks like everyone is having such a good time. I know they love seeing their little granddaughters. You are right...Gabbie is precious lovin' on those baby dolls! Ellie is so busy, isn't she?! They both are adorable!