Wednesday, July 29, 2009

We love Aunt Kimie!

Meet Aunt Kimie!  
The girls love her, but their mom may love her even more!  She offered to come over and sit the young uns the day before Ellie's birthday so ol' mom could get out and do the last minute shopping for the party! And you KNOW she didnt' come without a "Ellie Happy Birthday present".  
Omg.  Is it a purse?  And is it full of accessories?! 
and candy? 
And just to play fair, she made sure to give Gabbi Girl some special love and attention too!   
Both of my girls were in the clinic within the first two weeks of being born, and Kimie is also there with her kiddo three days a week.  She actually gets my girls and takes them around town, showing them off to her friends.  She loves them!  And was really aggravated at me when I took them out of town for a month! 
It was all made good when she brought a sparkly silver purse!  
"NO!  Tell me that is NOT a flashlight!"
Ellie can't hang out without putting on about a thousand bracelets or whatever she feels would make a bracelet! 

Can you say , "Good Sport"?  
Ummhmmm.  Those would be stickers.  Thank, Ellie.  Truly. 
ANd, Katie.  Wow!  LOVE that tutu!  She picked it out again yesterday and wanted to put it on.  
Yep.  This one is for Aunt Kimie.  Thank you for being a surrogate grandmother/ aunt/ special friend!  


Beth E. said...

Hooray for Aunt Kimie! You are blessed to have such wonderful friends and family. Looks like Kim was having just as much fun as the girls!

Claudia said...

Ohhh, I want to be a surrogate grandma/aunt/special friend. I wish I lived closer. I would take care of them whenever you needed me to! Such precious babies!

Jessi said...

I love me some Aunt Kimie, too :)

Kathryn said...

Jealous! I am jealous!

tricia said...

nice to have such special friends!

Anonymous said...

Girl you are sooooo blessed! I don't have any family, let alone peeps like that....WTG Kimmie! Love the new purse Ellie

Kimie said...

Awww!! That makes me miss my girls again! I'll come do it again. I'm about to need some baby girl sugar!

JenTJohn said...

Kimie and I argue about who has the cutest, smartest, and adorable surrogate grandkids!.....She also has their pics in frames all over the refrigerator..