Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Livin' the Dream!

So guess what I've been doing!  
Dawn, did you get my call?  Since you wanted Believe on your canvas, and that other one really had a whole lot of negative space down the right side, I ended up painting the words down it for Brian, and redoing one for you with cross up top and leaving space across the bottom for the word, "Believe".  I LOVE this background! 
So much that I took a couple of close ups.  All of these pics tonight were taken with the ol' iPhone! 
I splattered paint in the canvas then let it run.  It looks cool.  Note your bronze and terra cotta and even green in there!  Should be finished tomorrow! 
This is Emma Lou's... almost done!  I tried to steer clear of the more popular lime green.  Rather I used a minty green to match her bedding.  I want to highlight the Believe tomorrow.  PauPau, you like?  I really like the glittery wings! 
This is for Shannon.  She is giving this as a baby shower gift.  I really hope the recipient doesnt' read MoJoy.  It was nice to meet you, Shannon! 
I liked that Shannon sent me a picture of the baby's bedding and told me about the wall color.  That really helps!  I don't want to do a pink backdrop that is going to be hung on a pink wall and it all clash and such.  Not cool!  
This is for Rebecca.  
Check out the little daisy.  That is for coordinating with your daughter's bedding/ decor.  Hope you like it.  It is hitting UPS tomorrow! 
And finally, Zenzile... Here is your little pretty. 
I think the dragonfly looks a lot like your bedding.  I used some swirlies on all the corners and even gave the dragonfly "denim" blue eyes like you described in your email. 
I hope it is perfect for what you were thinking!  
Well that is all for canvases tonight!  These are all g0ing out tomorrow.  I will be working on Dawn's ,Blanche's, Kathryn's (by the way, is L or M more purple/ pink?  vs. teal/ blue? ), Kerrie's, Mischnick's, Candy's, and Sandy's tomorrow.  Oh, you too, Kristi!  Hopefully, another shipment will be heading out by the weekend!  

I get a lot of questions about how to order... well, just email me at and tell me what it is you have in mind.  I like a challenge.  Except a horse!! huh, Nena B?!  That was pretty bad!  

Oh, and forgot to tell you... new stuff in my etsy store.  Go check er out!  mo

And read about my fairy below.  I kinda got premature with posting another one.  Antsy since I missed last night, I guess!  Mel


Heather said...

Hey Mel- I am new to blogging, but I am having major troubles uploading pictures to blogger. they are always in the reverse order!!! Can you give me any hints to make it easier? Also how do you upload pics from the iPhone to your blog? Thanks for the help!! Love you guys!

Amy said...

Love the artwork!! A while back I bought a couple cheap canvas' and let my son paint one and it ended up turning out real cool. We have it hanging in our living room on out art wall. We also have a painting done by a local artist and a really cool picture that my younger son made at school that we framed. They are all hanging next to each other. I'm looking foward to Savannah adding some artwork too. Of course our frig is cover with art too!
Have a great day!

Kathryn said...

L & M are all about every possible color in the rainbow. Their favorite color can change by the hour.

We are ready for their visit. New sidewalk chalk, new paint, new brushes, new crayolas, new HUGE pads of paper, and we are going to town on this stuff. We need to go school clothes shopping, fall in the creek at least four times a day, find good stuff in the woods to use in collage, swim, giggle, cook, and visit!

SamC said...

Love your paintings! The heart ones make me think of Faith Hill's song "If My Heart Had Wings."

I still don't know how you do it all!

connie said...

oh mel ilove the artwork i wish i could afford one right now but i cant maybe after i find a car and find out my payments are i can get one oh have u got the beads up for me and how much are they so i can send you the money for them?? i cant wait to get them and start working on some new jewerly wahoo anyway let me know when u can about the beads and stuff ok.. i love all the pics on your blog very good work mo very good i wish i was a good artist like you are... but iam learning how to make necklaces and such.. and scrapbooking too. i cant wait to do some of your kits when you get them ready.. i cant wait to see more pics of your art work.. and pics of your precious girls.. they are growing up so fast..


Ally said...

Hey Mo. Hows my Canvas's coming along. I can't wait to see them.