Monday, August 3, 2009

Crazy cousins!

This is how my Sunday went down. Maddi came over to visit and she and Ellie spent a large amount of the time running in circles around and around the kitchen and den.
Gabbi Girl just sat back and enjoyed the show.
Annndddd, they're off!~
round and round....
and round go  the monkeys!
Gabbi still just watching the crazy show.
No, you do not see a heaping pile of dirty clothes in the background!
Wheeeeee. Who knew that running in circles could be so much fun?

Wait...did they pick up some accessories on this last lap!?
Indeed, I believe they did!
Don't you just KNOW that these two have some extraordinary adventures to get into in the days to come?!  
And probably add Gabbi to that mix!!  Soon!


nita womack said...

i can foresee the plans in those adorable eyes ---you and stacy should be afraid-----VERY afraid. would give anything to relive those moments with mine-at the time i also said- CALGON - TAKE - ME AWAY!!!!!

Beth E. said...

Oh, the FUN...and the TROUBLE those two will get into together! Many busy years ahead for you and Stacy. You think the "terrible twos" are a challenge...picture the "trying teen" years!!! LOL

Seriously??? They'll all (Gabbi included) have a blast together!

P.S. Tell Ms. Stacy that we really miss her!

Christy said...

oh, the trouble those girls are going to give you. :) also, I notice Gabbi was playing with some accessories too, guess she's learning that from big sis, huh? Have a great week!

tricia said...

precious bundles of joy! too!!!!!!!!!

MLP said...

This is only the beginning! I love it all!!! SO fun and they are so precious!

Cori said...

Priceless pictures!! You captured such fun expressions and moments!!

Carrie said...

That sure looks like some trouble...and some serious fun! Those girls are going to have a blast growing up together :)

Rhonda said...

Ellie is rockin' the sun shades! And, YES, I guarantee all THREE of them will grow up together making all kinds of nutty and crazy memories together!

snekcip said...

Where do kids get their energy!! I wish I could bottle it up and take a DRINK of it every now and then. They go from ZERO to HUNDRED the minute their feet hit the floor! Fun...Fun....Fun!!!

Pat said...

Thanks for the instant smile with that first picture! All of them really...but the first one just had me grinning the moment I saw it. I love how you share your girls, your lives and your joy...and even your laundry pile. I seem to have one of those today too! Just wanted to let you know that I'm really enjoying your blog.
Pat in MN

Kenzie Holley said...

AWWWW! Sweet cousins! Oh we just got back from the beach club. We had a great time!


c.holley said...

I'll say it again- You have the most precious two little tots in Louisiana ( probably in the whole world.) Are Maddi and Ellie's long necklaces an original Mo? I am getting caught up on the posts I missed while I was at the beach.