Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A trip to the "Garbage"

Here she is....

and don't you even think for a second that I have anything to do with her dressing herself up like this!
I don't think you would find many who would call me "girly girly". I have always been the tomboy! I like to make jewelry, but have never really been guilty of wearing a lot of it! So, let me just say here... I think girls either come to us with that gene or don't. Ellie GOT IT! She also got the COMPLETE and TOTAL INDEPENDENCE gene! She will go in, slap on a pair of heels, and head right up to the "garbage" (Cottage!!) all by her little self!
Since she has been doing that, I have been a little sad about leaving this house! I look forward to new paths and adventures in our new house!
And adventures will be a'plenty with this one next door! Miss Maddi came over on this day, chose her heels, and headed right up to the "garbage" too. These two, together, are so cute! They have a lot of mischief up their sleeves. And they always seem to have an agenda!
Cute, close cousins!
OK, as for Staci. She came over to help me organize the beads in my cottage.
It had nothing to do with the massive amounts of string, cording, beads, stones, sterling, ...... that needed to be sorted !

But had a lot more to do with this...The big fat brace on her ankle! Remember our limo night?! Well, Miss I Am Hot and Will Now Be Taking Off My Shirt, also fell right down the stairs at dinner! Resulting in a trip to the ER on Saturday! It wasn't broken, but it was badly sprained. She was on crutches and hobbled up with this splint on.

I was thrilled, because I had a LOT to do, and she couldnt' do anything but sit there with me and help! WOo HOOO!

There was LOTS to do!
These two little monkeys LOVE to hang out in the cottage! Look at Ellie. She can hardly even believe that she is so lucky to have a little free reign in this usual "no touching" environment!
The fact that the first thing she grabbed was a butane torch might explain why!
And a few minutes later, she had pretty much wiped out a bowl of turquoise!! And, naturally, threw it over her shoulder as if it was a purse!
Look at Ellie's new "shoulder bag".
Miss Maddi also has a thing for accessories!
Have I mentioned how GLAD I am to have GIRLS?! Girly girls, at that?!


P.S. Hey, Miss Jerry. Glad to see you reading the blog. How in the world did you find me?! And hey, Miss Jane. You hadn't signed in a while,and I was wondering where you were! And if you are someone else who would surprise me by my not knowing you read MoJoy, INTRODUCE yoself, right on, right on. Introduce yoself ,right on!


Linzay said...

Hey first to post. I guess Ellie was wearing long stocking/pants (whatever they are called) because the sharpie has not come completely off yet? I am a tomboy too and have no clue what kind of pants Ellie Sue is wearing. GOD gave me a son for a reason.

Big Linzay
(Randy and Lindsey's aunt, Mrs. Donna's daughter-in-law)

connie said...

oh my gosh i love all the beads and stuff you have how in the world do you keep up with it all and are you planning any kits ?? i sure would love to have some to do, i have beads and stuff but not like you i wish i did i would be in heaven if i had that many beads to work with i would be making necklaces braclets and ear rings and such all the time. if you have any extra beads and stuff that your not going to use could i buy some from you iam going crazy sitting here at home being bored todeath i will email you about it ok i love to do beading stuff just dont have many beads and supplies to use. well i loved your pics and tell staci im sorry she hurt her ankle sat night im glad she came over to help you out.

jessie said...

love your blog and became a "follower" a month or so ago... was a kd at tech - late 90's early 2000's...

my husband is running the st jude half marathon this year - his first one!

anyway, just wanted to say hey!

Amanda said...

Hi Mo!

I commented months and months ago way back when I first started following, but then slipped away into the world of "lurker" (I found you through Mindy, I believe). I do stop by everyday because a dose of Ellie and GG is always enough to make me smile.. and smile big! You are so blessed to have those 2 girls. I am a mom to THREE boys and I love getting my girl fix through your blog. My heart always ached for a girl, but I am just as thrilled with my boys. God certainly has a sense of humor! Anyway, keep on with what you are doing. You are making the blog world a brighter place one blog post at a time. :)

Kelly said...

What does Madi's shirt say?? LOVING the heart shaped glasses! Little girls are THE BEST!!


Unknown said...

Hey Mo- I have been ready your blog forever but never post! Just saying hello and that your girls are precious! Gifts from God!!!! Enjoy your day!
Tammy in San Antonio

Melissa said...

How cute!!!
I love the sunglasses. It's so sweet that the girls seem to get along so well. I know that even now as an adult, some of my bestest friends are cousins. I have a feeling that's exactly what they will feel like in about 30 years.

Stacey said...

Hey Mel,

I check on you everyday. I used to check on Jake everyday. I live in Fargo,ND. I am the Director of Purchasing for North Dakota State Universiy. I am married (26) and I have 2 sons. Ryan (22) and Arron (11) We are having a wonderful summer in Fargo. 80 degrees and sunny most days. We too have the mosquitos!! Have a great day! Stacey....
p.s. do you think Stacey will update her blog now that she has extra time :}

adrogan said...

I absolutely love reading your blog! I have 2 boys (18 and 14) so I don't have near the fun you get to have.....We used to play in the mud with john deere tractors! And go fishing and hunting (still do that) Guess boys don't ever grow up they just get more expensive toys!

Beth E. said...

I wish I had been there to help...I love to organize things! I don't blame Ellie and Maddi for wanting to go to the cottage. It's such a neat place...I'd want to spend all my time in there, too. :-)

Sorry to hear about Stacy's accident. This doesn't have anything to do with the fruity drinks, does it? LOL Get better soon, Stacy! Now that you have to rest your foot, maybe you can write a post for your blog! (hint, hint)

Beth E. said...

P.S. Did you get the marker off of Ellie's legs?

Georgia said...

Hey Mo,

I have been a follower since I don't remember when. Followed your family through Jake's caringbridge site. Now through your blog, and Stacey's.

Keeping Loving and sharing your girls.



Melissa said...

Hi Melanie!

I am a longtime follower of Jake's site and got hooked on your blog when you first started. I love hearing about the adventures of your family and watching your girls grow. I am a mom to 3 (Emma, age 15, Zander, age 5 and Avalena, 19 months). I am an accountant and my husband is in law enforcement. We live in the wonderful state of Montana! Ellie's personality is very similar to my youngest's so it is fun to hear about all the "mischief". Thanks for letting us all in our your daily adventures!

Unknown said...

Hey-- I read your blog, pretty much every day, I have posted before, but I am mostly a silent reader..I am always in awe when I read, you are a wonderful family, I have 3 children of my own and live right outside Philadelphia!!

Unknown said...

It's Cindy again--I don't know why my name comes up Craig--hmmm I'll have to figure out how to change that, he is my husband--but I would like it to say Cindy!!

Unknown said...

Mo! For some reason I can't ever leave a comment. I'm typing this now in hopes it will finally go through! I absolutely love your blog and look forward to it daily. It is the first thing I do after I get ready. Will you be having some sort of cottage at your new place?

Unknown said...

Mo....I have no idea if the other comment went through or not now. I was saying that I can never leave a comment so I created a new google name to try again. Will you be having a cottage at your new house?

Olympia, WA

jessie said...

i did know you were a kd - my sister and i are in charge of the alumnae assoc now so if you ever want to get back involved just holla!

speaking of - my sister is running on team jake this year! it's her first 1/2 marathon too! her name is jackie stevens and her goal is to raise $1,000! be looking for her!

i may do a whole post on their training one day soon!

Holley Sisters said...

So CUTE! I wish I had close cousins!! love the beads


Claudia said...

Oh Mo, those pictures of Ellie and Maddi are just too cute! Ellie looks like she is really "strutting her stuff"! How nice it is for Maddi to have your girls, since she doesn't have any sisters of her own. I just love your blog! Thanks for allowing me to enjoy your sweet family along with you! And thanks for posting so often, I check your blog every day (sometimes more than once). It is always fun to see what you have to write about next.

Holley Sisters said...

WOW! That's alot of beads! How do you keep up with it all?! And you are somethin' else, Ellie Sue!


Marie said...

Hey Mo,
I follow your blog but have also never signed. I think your girls are beautiful and you are a wonderful mother. Hello from Omaha!

Roberta said...

It's been awhile since I have posted. I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog and seeing all the pictures. Hope Stacey is doing ok and maybe she will update her blog?? God Bless!

Shannon said...

Thank you-thank you-thank you for blogging about The Hangout! We were in Perdido Key about a week after you guys went back home. Headed up the road a ways to The Hangout and had one of he best times ever on vacation! LOVED IT! Thanks so much for helping my family make memories!

Nana said...

Hey...I signed a couple of nights ago...but I guess you didn't recognize me..I just said "The girls are so darn cute.." and nothing personal..We were gone last week...but I thought about y'all the Saturday before...I went to the big sale for I'm Yours clothes for little girls in Waco...it's unreal. I will send you the link..All those clothes from there in Canton that cost a fortune were on BIG SALE..Let's just say Karlie will be some kind of dressed up for holidays...SO CUTE..I have never been, but they will know me next year! Coming up in a couple of weeks...would love to see the girls!

Kala said...

Hey Mo - I'm a lurker from Jake's caringbridge days. My cousin, Matt Warren, was a patient at St Jude, and that is how I found Jake's sight. I've been following ever since. I'm married and have 2 kids - a daughter 23 and a son 12 - big age difference, but lots of fun. Thanks for sharing with so many people.

snekcip said...
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jamarson1 said...

Hello, a faithful blog reader and jake page reader from Minneapolis for going on a few years. I love all your blogs and you are such a good narrator! I have a blog to but trying to be a better narrator like you! U r an amazing example to all of us!

snekcip said...

Hi my name is SNEKCIP and I'm addicted to Mo'Joy, I know I should be working, cooking, cleaning house but instead I log on to MO JOY first thing in the morning and it's the last thing I do before I shut my eyes at night. I shamefully I log on in the middle of the day just to see if there's a new update, I guess you can say I try and get my MO JOY BUZZ... I de-lurked along time ago and that was STEP 1 !! I want to be the first to say I DONT NEED HELP, I JUST LOVE ME SOME MO'JOY!!!! HA!!!

Anonymous said...

hi melanie..
i've been following your blog for a few weeks now...and am in awe of your ability to juggle it all! I've enjoyed getting to know you better through your blog. You have inspired me to organize my workroom. Love your cottage! Still hoping to get together soon!