Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Canvases underway! and CPR training!

I guess I am feeling kinda random!  I uploaded all the pics from my iPhone tonight, which I seem to do about once a year!  
As I was doing this, I came across these very exciting and visually stimulating photos of Group 1, of which I was a part, having CPR re-certification!  This is always an exciting time of the year!  NOT. 
Can you see the excitement on Amy's face?!  

and here is our instructor.  "Baby, Baby, you ok?!"  Anybody taken it lately?  That is what you are supposed to say.  Seriously?!  
This is Ashley and Karl.  They are our golds.  We did a personality study one day at lunch, and well, I am NOT a gold!  Golds are organized and prefer schedules and timelines, and are always punctual. and appreciate order and neatness... well NOT MEL!  I am an orange, and we will get back to that in a minute!  The goldness in Karl had him TAKING NOTES in CPR training.  Dude, I gave him hell about that one!  Ha.
More excitement on the faces of the ones in this corner!  
Sheer jubilation.  Can you see it?  I think that is why I got out my cellphone.  I was cracking up!  Oranges are not only not taking notes.  We are taking PICTURES!! 
"Baby, Baby, you ok?"
"Someone call 911!"  (that is the next line!)
Ok, for the purpose of keeping everyone on their toes without any preconceived ideas of what my blog MIGHT be about... let's jump right on over to another topic.  Oranges do that!  Oranges also lose all the orders they had received online and misplace the list of orders, with names and colors and sizes!! That would be why many of your received yet another email from me tonight. And if you ordered one and havent' heard from me, contact me again!  I am sorry.  I am orange.  Big, burning bright orange!  

Kathryn, this is the beginning of a canvas for one of your granddaughters.  I am doing small little hearts with wings so I can do their names big across the bottom!  I even remembered your color scheme.  Thanks for sending the curtain picture.  That helped!  
This little pink and green one is unclaimed.  I get off on a tangent when I am in the middle of painting one, and I look at my palette and there is a color I haven't used in a while, and I open a new canvas and off I am to the races!  THAT was a run on sentence!  (See if Nana can stay quiet on this one!!)  I just have that whole "there's a bird" kind of brain!  
So, anyway if you like the one above or this one, you can claim it and have me paint your name, your special word, you kid's name, your address, or whatever floats your boat across those big dots.  The white above is where I used a swirly stamp to take off some paint.  It looks cooler in person.  Anyhoo... both of these are $35.  
Hey Cooper's mom... This is the start of his.  I have a little sticky note on there claiming it for him.  But, I can't find the right train.  Help me out on this one. Do you have a train that is cute but fairly simple to paint?  I need it!  Should be getting on this one this weekend!  And it is going to say, "I think I can"!  Cooper has a caringbridge site, so this is fitting!  
I found this little baby hiding under the table. The wings are GLITTERY!!!  I love it!  But mostly, I love it because the green and red are complimentary colors, so they make each other POP!!  It is just about 16x20 and costs $60.  Want it?!  It may be a tad smaller than that actually.  I dont' know!  I am orange!  Remember? 
I also started this star because I wanted to use a metallic paint.  I have no real idea for it at this point.  Do you ?  Want him to come live with you? YEa, I think it is a he!   and it is one of the small ones... 8x10. 
Ok, this is going to be for Mary Grace!  I want to add some darker browns here and there, and Saturday, I will also add her name and paint her wings.  I may add a little green in the whiteness of the wings, to match her new bedding !  I love it when people send me pics of the room or bedding!  very helpful!  Want glittery wings?  
OK, this one is WAY COOL!  It is made of a ceiling tile so it can be used as a corkboard!  Cool, huh?  I have enough for about 10 or so boards. I will charge $45 for these.  They are kinda midsize... a little smaller than the 16x20 but not by much!  LOVE how the textured stuff stands up on this background.  Let me know if you are interested! 
And Mr. Bailey M.  You have a baseball coming your way!   I tried to use green, blue and orange as directed!  What do you think, Holly?  I think it will go nicely with his bedding!  ANd can you see that in the background, Candy?  That is your tennis ball canvas.  It is crazy bright ! I think your daughter will love it!  Glad you went with room colors vs. school colors!  The yellow looks cool on it!  
This is a purple one with stripes textured on it.  They will soon be gold!  And I bet you can figure out who I am channeling with this one... ol' Mike the Tiger!  Geaux LSU!  Kristy, you like this one?  It would make a great gift!  It is rectangular and between the small and large.  Can't wait to see the finished product! 
Hey, Dank.  Whatcha think?  I LOVE the richness of the background color!  Do you?  Are you still in for all 20?  Let me know and I will get em done this weekend!  At least the backgrounds!  We have several months still, though, right?! 
This little mama was when I got a wild hair up my butt at the hardware store and saw those little architectural elements.  I KNEW they had to be wings!  Like em?   Want to HAVE em?  Call dibs! 
And this is to remember Bryce!  He earned his angel wings and a college student is remembering him in her dorm with this one.  Like it?  I still have a lot to do on the wings, but the colors on the background are rich.  Are they too dark?  Let me know ASAP!  Hope to finish it Friday!  It will say, "My hero wears wings." 
Dude.  I could not stop dragging a brush across this little baby!  I would add pink.  Then, black.  Then turquoise.  Then more black.  I finally just had to stop.  But I think the outcome is cool!  It is not claimed yet either.  It is a little one.  About 7x9ish.  
Sandy,  I am betting you are wanting lime green and red dots!  I have an extra if someone else wants one too!  They are a wee bit smaller than the big, big one I sent home to Alabama!  So, I am asking $85 for them!  I also have someone who has requested these in purple and gold dots.  That is going to be cute!  So before I add paint, let me know if you like it and have a special request! 
And finally, Dawn.  I have quite a bit more colors to add to this one, but here you have it so far!  Likey? 
Let me take a little minute to first say, If you are choking, I know what to do to help you get it up!  and if you go unconscious, I can then start CPR!  and second...I really, really, really appreciate all of you who are helping me get my fledgling little company off the ground so I can live my dream of making art daily!  You are too cool!  Thanks again.  Mo


Debbye said...

Mo I absolutely love the canvas with the "architectural wings" on it and want to call dibs if its still available! Can it make it all the way to San Diego? It will go perfect in my new apartment and will provide the perfect inspiration as I get ready to start law school in August! Our philanthropy chair for Tri Delta is also supposed to be checking out your site to potentially order some for our annual silent auction that benefits St. Jude!

Bj said...

Mo, I'm lovin' all the little canvas arts, they are adorable. When mine arrives, I'm taking it to work with me (City Hall) and seeing how many "orders" I can round up. You are such an inspiration to me and I read your blog EVERY DAY (even tho I don't always have time to comment), so keep up the good work.........Brenda

Dawn said...

Oh Mo, your paintings are awesome. I want one, but not sure just yet what I want. I'll get back with ya on that.

I HAVE to comment on you being orange though. Especially since you said you were "burning bright orange"...that sounds like Texas Longhorns to me. I'm just sayin'.

I do love your artwork are one talented Momma!

Love ya - Dawn

lauren said...


I would love to order a canvas.. How do I go about ordering one. You have such a great talent.

lauren said...


Love your canvas work. Would love to know how to order one. You have such a great talent.

I have been a Jake follower for awhile now.

Emily said...

I know this doesn't surprise you, but guess what color I am? GOLD! And guess what my last color is? ORANGE! Clearly this is why Shelbi Mae loves you so-because you are the complete opposite of her uptight, scheduled Mama! :) Love the blank canvas with the star-I think it should say "When you wish upon a star..."

Kathryn said...

DIBS on the little unclaimed black, pink, and turquoise! For my study/craft/landfill room.

CPR recerts are just so blah. Had to do it all the time when teaching, and when you get to maybe your ninth one, well. If I hadn't picked up on how to daydream while looking interested from my students.... Not much ever changes with the technique. "Bsby, baby, you okay?" Are they serious? Right. Baby is going to politely answer, "No, Ma'am. I do believe I am unable to breathe due to an obstruction. Please remove said obstruction. Or, maybe I am just not breathing."

Amy in MN said...

Mo, I wanted to let you know I love the canvas you have included in your recent blog that is the "Believe" toward the end. Love the colors!!!...Oh so fitting for my home...How do I go about finding out your price and process for getting one? Thank you for sharing them and you are amazing...Love your blog, read it daily!!

Firemom said...

Mo - Love Bay's canvas, I think it will be perfect. I e-mailed you about the one for the nursery, need your creative help on that one.


Audrea said...

Your canvases are beautiful! How do I go about ordering one? ...Audrea Stephens from Monticello, Arkansas

Beverly said...

Mo, I tried to send you an email from aol but it would not accept. I sent you same email from work and have not received notice that it did not go. Please let me know if you got the picture of the fabric for my canvas when you get a chance. It was sent from Beverly Atkins @ crtsinc com. I can resend if you need the info again. I love your canvases!

bridget25514 said...

Mo, I think you should use "I Know I Can" on Cooper's Canvas. You said he has a caringbridge page? I think that is fitting, don't you?

Anonymous said...

well i've never been accussed of being a "gold"! I would say i'm more of a "pale yellow" aspiring to be an "orange" :o) lol
Love the canvases!
my fav star quote: "you are the star..the dreamer...the creator of your destiny" -adele basheer
Looks like you don't need any help selling your canvases..but if you need somewhere to display know who to call!

Debbie Dankelson said...

LOVE them!!

Bj said...

HEY MO!!! you see what I see when you look at the canvas with the brown cross on it?? I'm not sure if you'd see it look directly at it, but when you look at it in your blog....THERE IS A FACE LOOKING BACK AT ME! Could little Jake be making his presence known and reaffirming that we need to ....B E L I E V E !!! me and let me know what you
huggers, Brenda

Steph said...


I've done that same personality quiz, or whatever you want to call it, and I'm a gold. In fact I'm such a gold that I didn't even know we were doing the quiz at a retreat and I was prepared. We had to make a presentation about our color and I had markers and colored pens and everything with me just because I MIGHT need them. Pure gold (in this case only).


Melissa said...

I want the black and turquoise!!

Sarah said...

I'd call dibs on the small turquiose, pink, and black guy for my Mom if you still have it. For a train on Coop's think Thomas...very simple blue train. I dig up a picture and email you. If you haven't started the other one for me for my living room, I love the polka dots with maroon and white and maybe some blue. And, if you are interested, we are doing a ginormous fundraiser for Cooper through COTA in a couple of months. It's a Texas Hold Em' tourny with dinner and a silent and live auction. One of your awesome canvasses would be a huge HIT! I bet I could get some business from H-town going for you! Oh, and it is going to be quite a party, so if you are in the mood for a road trip...


MLP said...

It's if it wasn't before...YOU ARE THE BOMB.COM!!!

Lisa said...

Mo - I love all of your canvases . . .but I have a question about something totally different. A while back, I think I remember reading that you went to a scrapbooking convention. Is that right? There is one in September in Nashville at the Opryland Hotel and I'm thinking of going but looking at the website made me a little crazy. There are so many classes offered and it looks like the vendor part is totally over the top - a million products. Is the weekend a total sensory overload? Or is it truly fun? Tell me a little about your experience if you don't mind (and if I even remember correctly!!)

c.holley said...

Beautiful! I can't wait to see how Ellie and Gabbi's rooms in the new house are going to look with your art!


Beth E. said...

I'm definitely a GOLD. I drive everyone else in my family crazy because of it! LOL

The canvases are beautiful. You are so talented in all that you do!