Saturday, July 18, 2009


Let's just start with mine, shall we?
These are my Ugg house shoes, and I love them.  But more importantly these days, is that I have to wear shoes at all times due to my stupid plantar fasciitis that won't go AWAY! I am limping most of the time! 

But enough about me.  This is about Ellie Sue's obsession with shoes.  
These look a bit pole dancerish.  So, thank you to whoever bought her these little gems for her birthday.  They have heels and acrylic on the top.  
She LOVES them!  
And did I mention the severe mosquito issue we are having around here?  We are now putting "bandans" on her bobos to keep her little grubby hands from picking on them! 
OK, back to the shoes...
I can't get her to look at the camera lately, or basically mind me or pay attention to to me at all... UNLESS, I am referrring to her jewelry or shoes!  
In which case, she stops on a dime and whips around with a smile, and POSES!! 
"Ellie, show me your shoes."  ANd that is what I get! 
or this! 
Sweet little Gabbi Girl just sits back and learns.  Oh, man!  I need a new role model!  
and thank you, Mindy and Little Holley for noticing Gabbi's necklace!  We aren't leaving her out!!
And just so Lindsay can know she is loved and appreciated...
If Ellie is not wearing her dress up shoes,  she wants her Crocs!!
I also think it is rather humorous that she prefers to stand and slip into her shoes nowadays... like she sees her lazy mom and dad do it!  
She is about to get a big surprise!  Lillalou (aka Linda Lou) bought her some new RAINBOOTS for her birthday! Oh boy!  


connie said...

i love these pics of the girls playing together so precious and i love the shoes too and your shoes are so nice i love to slip on shoes too... i love the pics of elli and her shoes so cute..


tricia said...

Poor girl with all those bites!!! Try Skin So Soft from Avon. Also Ace Hardware has a repellent I believe from "OFF" that is in a coiled bracelet/anklet form(Ellie would LOVE IT). It's saturated with repellentand works well. Something I think Ellie would keep on seeing as she loves accessories!

MLP said...

These are two little girls after my own heart!!!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Love all your pictures...

Anonymous said...

Loving all three of you girls! Todd too, but it looks like the girls are ruling the roost! I'm feeling like I need to invest in some shoes I can slip on these days.......with all this running and moving, I could croak instead of croc! :) The green shoes......oh Ellie, you rock it sister Sue!

Sarah said...

LOVE the shoes, Ellie! Mel, is there any kind of PT that can help your plantar problem? My mom suffers from the same thing - it's been over 6 months and she's Miserable!


Ally said...

Love shoes to! She is a true girl. She loves purses, shoes, and jewerly what else do you need!!
Heading to Gulf Shores in the am, any suggestions of places to go eat??

Young Creations said...

The girls are adorable. A woman's gotta have her shoes. I have the plantar issue and I hate it. It has been a year. I limp around, but still do what I need to.

Kelly said...

So adorable. Jenna went through the shoe phase too. Actually...she's still going through it. Come to think of am I. LOL

snekcip said...

Mo, my husband has a pair of those dreaded HOUSESHOES!! He loves them so much, he has even attempted to wear them when we go out to eat or something (GASP!!)When we travel that is the first thing that goes in the suitcase! I truly DETEST those shoes (LOL)! It was funny when I first logged on to your blog, I let out an audible gasp, when I scrolled down! It's like those things are following me!!

Speaking of shoes, this is a SHOE household. I have truly passed my "SHOE GENE" on to my two oldest girls and now onto Bree! The oldest two have a serious addiction to SHOES...well so do I!! Bree, however truly dislikes any strappy sandals that goes between the toes!! That's all that seems to be in the girls shoe section this summer too! I have tried to put them on her and she screams MOMMA HURT!! Oh well, maybe in the future!!

PS Ellie...remember....a girl can never have too many shoes!!!

Holley Sisters said...

That is so sweet! You are a queen, Ellie!

Mackenzie =)

Beth E. said...

Okay...I'm way behind on my comments! Those shoes are cute, but Ellie's poses are cuter! Let's pray that it's a looooong time before she wants to wear stilettos!

Ellie and Gabbi just get cuter with each passing day....just want to squeeze 'em! :-)