Saturday, July 18, 2009

Partners in crime

Well, it has finally happened!  
My two girls are officially "playing" together!  
What used to be limited to a little fun together in the crib....
has suddenly expanded.  And can you see the guilt on Ellie SUe's face?  
SHe knows exactly what she is doing!   
Today's "project" was to empty out all Daddy's spices out the spice drawer.  And....
NOW GABBI is in on the ACTION! 
She can crawl and pull up, so she thinks she is big stuff!  
and she absolutely LOVES being able to access all that "Good Stuff" her sister has been telling her about! 
Can you just see the sheer pleasure in their faces? 
And Ellie is the teacher.  Gabbi is the student! 

Ellie just loves having a partner in crime.  
Pray for me!!  


Nana said...

They are just so darn cute!!!

Kacy said...

Not only are they too cute, Ellie is ALWAYS well accesorized!! A woman of my own spirit....I LOVE IT. AND, I'm praying for you. If you recall, back when you were trying to make the decision about having TWO little ones SO close in age, I TOLD YOU SO!! I told you this day would come, and I told you about that big ole smile it put in your heart!! Love you ALL!

Denise said...

Mo... my 3 kids were only 3 1/2 years apart so they did A LOT of playing together in the kitchen!! I used to buy oranges by the crate once a week (for fresh OJ everyday) and I'd stuff them all into a couple of drawers alongside every single piece of Tupperware I owned... they would spend HOURS playing with all them oranges and making stacks and mountains out of the plastic containers. I have many photos of them having a blast. Such simple things can bring hours of fun.
Ellie and Gabbi look sooooooo cute playing together!! Just be careful those spices don't get spilled!! That would be an awful mess!
Big hugs, Denise

Unknown said...

Those two get cuter every day!!! Those pictures are so sweet!! Sisterly Love, I LOVE IT!!! When Gabbi smiles, her whole face lights up, it's just beautiful!!! Enjoy these moments!!

Beth E. said...

Oh, boy...the fun is just beginning with those two! Enjoy,'re gonna love it! Well, MOST of the time. LOL

Emily said...

Isn't it crazy how we buy them toys galore and all they want to do is play with our stuff! O yeah thank you for Stormie's picture, it is beautiful.

c.holley said...

Two SWEET sisters!!! Me and my sister were the same way when we were little. we are a little less than 2 years apart. Ah, the memories! If Gabbi knew what she was getting into! Have fun!


Carrie said...

Woah Nellie! You are going to have your HANDS FULL! This is just the beginning of many years of shinannagins and mischief. Isn't it fun to sit back and watch, though? One day I let Audrey get into a bathroon drawer and play and before I knew it...there were unwrapped tampons everywhere and to top it off, she was making shooting shounds with them. YIKES!
All I can say is enjoy every minute..the time goes by much too quickly!

MLP said...

I love it! Sisters are the best!!!

Lovin' that Gabbi is wearing a necklace, too!!!

tricia said...

you go girls!!!!!!!!!!!!

Renee said...

Life is fixin to get very interesting in your house. LOL Just'll get even better. Those girls are 2 cute even when they are "partners in crime." :)

Melissa said...

Love Gabbi's necklace and of course all of Ellie's accessories!

connie said...

oh they are so precious getting into the drawers is something i know they enjoy that i can tell with their expressions on their faces lol elli sue is really teaching her sis to get into them drawers huh? lol looks like they are having a good time doing it. i remember playing in the drawers when i was young so much fun never know what you will find in them lol keep on taking the pics of them ok

Holley Sisters said...

Awwwww! That's what big sisters are for!