Friday, July 17, 2009

DumDum Suckers ROCK!

Ever since Ellie's  birthday bash, we have had LOTS of candy around this house!  
For some strange reason, Ellie calls the Laffy Taffy and the Starburst, "Small candy".  (?)  She goes to the candy drawer, reached way up high and over the top, and says, "Mama, Ellanie (that is what she is calling herself as of late) needs some small candy."  
But when she wakes up FIRST THING in the morning saying, "Ellanie needs a sucker.", Houston we have a problem. 

And she is not the only one in on the gig.  THIS ONE....
is totally mesmerized by the whole sucker on a stick thing.  
And before I get any hate mail or turned over to a watchdog group, let me just say, close supervision is being made with these suckers.  Especially for Gaggi Gull.  We pull it out every so often to see if it is still nice and STUCK to the stick.  

Even Daddy-O got in on the lollipop action.
She can be fussy or hungry or sleepy or... you know ... all those maladies, and when she sees a sucker IT IS OVER!  She LOVES those things! 
and this one... well, this one thinks she should have them back to back.  to back! 
I love it when Sarah comes over, because although she just turned 8, my kids think she hung the moon, and there is a little breathing room for ol' mom! 

I just think this is the cutest little thing.  Gabbi Girl managing her own pop!!  


a picture a day means the memories will stay said...

I have to laugh at the watch dog comment. If every one who complained to you had people examining everything they would be getting complaints too. Dumdums are the best!!! My kids LOVE them too. By the way how incredibly cute does Gabbie look eatin them?? toooo cute!!!

Debbie said...

When my kids were little, I kept them in my purse. They worked wonders to keep a child quiet in church!!!! The girls are precious!!!!

God Bless~
Debbie Jean

tricia said...

Candy first thing in the morning? Why not? Ellie you go for it because when the candy drawer is empty Momma probably won't fill it! LOL

Jennifer said...

That's funny! Rootbeer flavor is my favorite for a dumdum sucker.

Shannon said...

Love the bubble gum flavor and the cotton candy...yummy

connie said...

elli is like me i love my candy i love suckers too i love the pics of her and gabbie sucking on them suckers so cute.oh mo when are u going to do some kits for jewlery?? i would love to get some iam so bored sitting at home i need some to keep me busy. i did go buy some beads now got to figure out what to do with them..any ideas?? keep on blogging mo i love reading each one i come here everyday to read whats been on going with you and your precious family.. i hope to meet you all one day soon..

hugs and love ya

Melissa said...

Cute, cute, cute. My kids love dum dums. I bought some sugar free ones for the little one so that she doesn't get all sticky. She can't seem to tell the difference.

Sandy P said...

DumDums have gotten us through a lot evenings eating out. They also get us through swimming lessons if they are promised at the end. It's amazing what kids will do for one.

Holley Sisters said...

That's funny! I love it how Ellie has her own way of saying things! REALLY CUTE! =)


Unknown said...

By the time I had my 3rd child, he was eating them at 6 MONTHS OF AGE!!! It kept him quiet, and we Mom's do what we have to do!!! The pictures are adorable (as always)!!!

c.holley said...

They are so sweet! Ellanie is so big and smart!!


Beth E. said...

My son, Bo, used to make up his own words, too. I get a kick out of the names Ellie comes up with...LOL

I had the strangest dream last night...dreamed I came to visit you. I was part of a class that you were teaching to make earrings. While I was there you made some earrings for did! Haha! Maybe this means I'm destined to visit you sometime! :-)

Mom2Abby&ChloeGrace said...

I think you should stop feeling the need to defend yourself!! You are a great mom and very attentive. Who could argue that when you have 1000 of pics of those girls. Someone has to be looking through the lens to get the shots!!! Love the pics!! Thanks for sharing as always.

imaginil said...

love the pictures of those precious girls. keep up the good blogs, so enjoy reading about you and your family. Need Staci to do the same.!! lol