Sunday, July 19, 2009

Happy 40th Birthday, Paula Poo

So, by now you all are quite familiar with my friend, Paula. Aka Pau Pau to my kids. And maybe you know that Paula and I have been friends since we were cheerleaders together in the 6th grade!
And since she just turned 40 last week, that means, like, 29 years of friendship!! WHOA! So, it was only fitting that we should celebrate this monumental birthday in big fashion!

I called 5 of our good buddies and we headed out of town to celebrate in all girls' style!

We gathered FRIENDS...
A LIMO....
and BEVERAGE....
and hit the ol' interstate!!
Please note the big blaring button Paula wore for the entire evening.
and can you read everyone else's? They say, "I'm not the old one. She is!"

This is Staci, Cindy, and Tashia earrrrrrrly in the evening!
It didn't take long for the laughing to begin. Oh, and far left is Linda Lou, Paula's sister in law, and Johnnye's sister.
It was really fun, because it was a total surprise to Paula. Speaking of Johnnye, he did his nice, husbandly duty and arranged for the kiddos to be taken care of, so all I had to do was show up and MAKE her take a bath. She grinned the whole time she got ready... in total suspense!
As the trip got underway, and the miles were accumulating on the interstate, the laughs got even bigger, and I swear I think I saw a grape come out of Tashia's nose! (from the fruity drinks!)
If we could have felt our faces, I think we would say our cheeks hurt!
It was so fun to have a bunch of irresponsible adults cruising around in a limo, with no real agenda, except to have FUN!
Don 't you even THINK that a group of six women can make it 90 minutes down the road without a pit stop! Not sure what little Twin Power activity we got going on here! We did stop briefly for a stroll on the Boardwalk in Shreveport.
I don't know what the fascination was with the glasses, but everybody bought a new pair!
And if I could zoom in, you would see that the neckerchief that Linda Lou is wearing is actually a napkin that Staci passed out that said, "Don't judge me by my relatives." WHAT IS SHE trying to say?!
As for Staci, she located a dude making simple little balloon animals. He was working for tips. She brought out the big bills and asked him to make our birthday girl a fabulous, one of a kind, balloon hat!!
I would have to say that she accomplished that mission! Wouldn't you?!
Ok, so then came time for dinner!
You KNOW you are a crazy bunch when you are not the least bit interested at all in any partying in the room, rather, you find yourself and your group making buddies with the security guard! Yep; We are a crazy group of chicks!
This is just a cute picture of three of my favorite buddies. I love having close friends. Some women don't. I am blessed!
I also have a sister who I am close with (most of the time!) Jusssssst kidding. I mean, I HAVE to say that....we ARE sisters after all!
You know we have to have cute cups. It is like a tradition.
I interrupt this blog post for a very weird and somewhat creepy concert by our famous author friend, Cindy.... Bare with me!
I THINK she was drumming! ??

and so there you have it! Strange, I'll admit. But that is what makes her fit right in with our group.

Interject Mel's solo!
And what in the world has been the deal with sunglasses tonight? If we weren't buying them, we were wearing them in the restaurant with tags hanging from them!?!?!?

And then, the time came to hit the road back home. We were about an hour and a half from home....
I say that to explain this.... First, I think I got carsick! I am NOT a backseat rider! Second, I was freezing. Staci was complaining about being hot, so she decided to just take her shirt off. I was on the other end of the spectrum, so I just put hers on top of mine! And last, perhaps, I was pretty fired up about a night out without an 11 month old who still gets up periodically in the middle of the night, and decided the fun would have to go on without me! Understand, I am not one of those pretty sleepers! Not a pretty cryer either... but that is for another day!
Happy 40th, Paula. I'm next!!


Amy said...

You need to bring that party down here to St.Pete!! I'm glad you had a girls night of fun, you deserve it!!

Melissa said...

I'm planning a big bash for my next bday also. This was inspirational. :)

Kelly said...

You guys are hilarious! I'm not a pretty sleeper either Mo. ;)

snekcip said...

I know Q & A was a week or so ago, but I have one BURNING QUESTION....How did Staci explain to Don what happen to her blouse! INQUIRING MINDS WANNA KNOW!! LOL!!!!

MLP said...


Happy Birthday Paula! Close friends are the BEST!!!

tricia said...

Happy Birthday Paula

connie said...

i wish i had friends like you all are and we could all go out and do what yall did how much yall had.. i love your blog and pics iam so glad u all had a girls night out and had lots of fun. i would love to ride in a limo that looks like so much fun. well i cant wait for your next blog and oh when are u going to do another jewelry kit??? i cant wait to do it i am so bored sitting at home with no car so im waiting on you to do a kit... i will buy one or maybe 2 or 3 according to the price of them.. i need something to do

Kacy said...

Thanks Mel, I spit chewed up french fries all over my monitor at work when I say Staci and Paula in THE HAT! TOO FUNNY!

breanna said...

SO FUN...may even top the suprise austin powers party 10 years ago!

Belinda said...

I want some of what yall had in those cups!!! LOL!! Looks like you had a great is good to have those kind of good friends!! When is ur b-day MO?

Mommy911 said...

What great friends...and might I add that Paula BARELY looks like she could be 30, let alone 40!!!!

Beth E. said...

I love it! Thanks for all the pics of the party. It almost was like being there...except for the fruity drinks! ;-)

I, too, want to know if Staci got her blouse back, or if she just went home topless? And...where were THOSE pics? LOL

Note to Staci: We miss you over at your blog....please update us!

Carrie said...

Now that looks like it was a fun night! And are you sure you "fell asleep?" That looks a bit more like passing out if you ask me! Too funny :)

Tammy said...

Happy Birthday Paula! Thanks for taking us along Mo, had a great time! Hugs from Fort Worth!