Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Outsmarting the little kid.

Mary Allison, Gabbi Girl, and I went shopping a couple of days ago.  Ellie was hanging with dad at the condo.  
Well, I think you may need a little background info.  First, you KNOW how much Ellie loves accessories!   And you KNOW how that kid is a monkey and can FIND A WAY to climb her little self atop any countertop despite all my attempts to block it! 

So with that said.  Ellie cannot keep her little self out of my travel bags of make-up, jewelry, etc.  It is like a moth to a flame!  She cannot resist the temptation! 
So, while we were out shopping, we saw this little bag and thought, Ellie HAS to have this! 
Then we bought all kinds of costume jewelry to fill it.  
Ellie was pretty fired up!  
I am telling you, this kid would sit and play with jewelry for hours.  (No, I am exaggerating.  But for Ellie a long string of stillness for MINUTES feels like hours!!)  
Look at this expression.  She can hardly believe her eyes!! 
Here is a close up of her little bag.  
And she KNOWS it is HERS.  If anyone else picks it up, she says, "MY bag!"  Yes, we have entered the era of the "MY"!  My shoes.  My nasty.  My shoes.  My. My. My.  Cue the eyeroll!
She really loved these fancy cuff bracelets, because mom and Masson are a fan of the cuff, and she thinks she is big stuff! 
As for this orange beauty.  At the time of this posting, it has officially bitten the dust!  We are salvaging the cool orange cording though, for a multi strand anklet.  Reduce, reuse, and recycle!  That's our motto.
And I am pretty sure that Ellie got this little pink and white polka dot bangle in her bag because Measson thought it was cute.  I'd bet I will see it on my little sitter sometime in the next week.  
No, Ellie.  DO NOT bite the rhinestone, ummm, I mean diamond, off your new necklace!
later taters.  Oh, and I will get the brand of my green shoes for you.  They are the!!


Liloia Family said...

I love that bag!!! So cute and perfect for Ellie's "stuff". She is such a "girly girl" that's great. Thanks for all the stories, I just love them, they make me smile!!

Anonymous said...

You are the Boom boom pow!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and go look at my choices for houses and cast your vote, yo!

Beth E. said...

You have to be exhausted at the end of each day from trying to keep up with that little stinker! LOL Ellie's such a BUSY little girl. I love her style!

Melissa said...

Alegria by PG Lite!! They are the greatest shoes ever. I love your green ones...I have orange. and black. and brown shearling. and bronze sandalish ones...I'm just a bit of a fan...

tricia said...

Ellie looks so intent on her new BLING!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Was told to hop on over to your blog and see if you'd be willing to help.

Would you take a minute to read this?

Guess your craftiness is liked by many!!


^BJs^ mamaw forever said...

Wow, it looks like Ellie hit the mother load, she is so intense in checking out all the new jewels! Love the lil bag! Perfect for her! It looks like you all are having a great time! Con't to enjoy! It looks like we may have a dry day here in Ky.

Unknown said...

I have been SO busy with my son's high school graduation and the celebration party that comes with that....I had to play catch up!! Look's as if you are having a FANTASTIC time at the beach!! What a great girl Measson are so very fortunate to have each other! As Lindsay are the!!

On a side note....I know you are on vacation and all, but could you send up a prayer. Little Princess Lindsay had a heart transplant this morning and it went superbly! Could you just send up a prayer for continued good healing and complete recovery!?!

Thanks Mo!

Sandy said...

Tell Ellie I just love all her girly girl stuff. I am glad you guys are having a great time. I will see you at the Shake for Jake

Sandy said...
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breanna said...

we will have to keep your new motto in mind the next time we start purging!:)

Holley Sisters said...

Oooh, Ellie Sue, I am jealous of that bag! You know, I LOVE black and white polka dots! I have a few pieces myself. I think Ellie and I would get along so well!