Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wardrobe changes.

Seriously, how many more beach pics can I share?! Oh, about 10,000 more! But for tonight, I thought I would show how many times we change clothes during a day!

These pics were taken yesterday. This is Ellie bright and early in the morning. She usually gets to have a bottle first thing in the morning and takes one to bed with her at night. Oh, and I don't really battle with her at nap times either if she wants one!

So this is outfit number one! Ellie, like I have told you, gets up choosing her shoes! This am, she went straight for her new black Crocs!

It was only a matter of time before Masson had her in a bow! You never know who may drop by. An air conditioner repairman, a housekeeper, a neighbor to buy some sugar?!! You just never know! Lindsay, I went to find those Crocs, and black and a really weird tealish blue were the only colors in E's size. I want them in light and hot pink! But, now I have to buy things to go with black shoes!
Oh, and while we are checking out wardrobe of the day.... CHECK OUT MY NEW SHOES!
LOVE these! They are like walking on air. BEtter than my Birks! Truly!

Gabbi was in these hand me down PJ's of Ellie's . They have princesses on them. And before I get hate mail, that was one of many water guns that are all over the condo. Ellie helped us get rid of all the stoppers to all the guns. That is a good thing, since they are a choking hazard!

Within minutes, Ellie Sue showed up in a new pair of shoes. We hid the boots! I couldn't take that anymore! And we got Gabbi Girl ready to go to town. Masson, Gabbi, and I did a little shopping. Ellie Sue and dad did the baby pool! I also have pics of Ellie wearing this little halter dress from last year. It was what she wore on the way to the beach and when we stopped at a rest area, she took some of her first steps in that dress. Funny what memories certain clothes can make you conjure up!
Lucky girl got to go to Ruby Tuesday with mom and Mason. Oh, and to the person who is emailing me about Lapband... I don't know if I can email out. I have been getting a lot of failed messages to my attempts. Did you get a response? If not, email me again. I will try again. I was thinking about that BIRD because at Ruby Tuesdays, I ate some croutons with ranch dressing and shredded cheese. Weird, I know! Gabbi got her gut full of carrots and bananas!
Then, when we got home, we took a few photos as we played on the floor. I LOVE this perspective!
We hollered down off the balcony to dad who was back up from the baby pool within minutes! I think he was watching for us! This is the chosen bathing suit for the day. It is like dressing Barbies every morning. Even for Masson! She comes in and asks me, "Do you want them to dress in the same suit?". "Do you want their cutest ones on or just so so today?" etc. etc. etc.
Ok, so maybe a tea bottle after baby pool too! Don't be hatin'!

This is the cute terry cover up she wore down with dad. You don't think we'd let HIM pick it out, do you!?

And now since we are all suntan SPF funkified, sink bath calls! This is the dress she put on for naptime and run around the room. This is one of those awesome Wal Mart numbers for about $5.00! That so rocks!

Oh, and another trick! I don't really know what you call this one. She puts her head on the floor and lifts her hands. NIIiiiice! There are those times that she looks so sweet. Sooooo deceiving! Jusssst kidding! No really I am. NOwadays, she tells me, "Love you, mama." There is nothing better than that!
Once up from a nappipoo, we needed to bathe and change Gabbi Girl.
Both of the girls have these shorts, but Ellie Sue has the halter in this teal and Gabbi has it in purple! Would you believe Ellie wore it earlier in the week and one wash, and it is already waaaay tooo small!
So, now it is Gabbi's too! I guess Gabbi's will be going to an infant somewhere!
My baby girl is now playing with babies herself! With all the cheerleaders on the grounds right now, Jin and Miss Mickey bout a baby cheerleader for Ellie Sue. Funny taht Gabbi is the one playing with it!
And there is this phase, when Ellie went to a more au naturale look with new bow and ruffle butt panties. HOwever, those stickers all over the place just really made the get up!
Ok, so Masosn and I decided it was a good night for tutu pics on the beach. Lindsay, just hold your breath! Really, sit down!
So another "costume" change was in order!
You KNOW I have, like 300 pics of them in tutus on the beach. Hey, it's digital. You can do that these days! So I am only giving you a tiny little sampling, since this post is about the gazillion times we change them in a day and not the tutu photo shoot!
Look at My Big Girl! She is doing better with standing and holding onto the bars.
And then, finally, we got back in the room and slapped on PJ's. Actually we kept on the tanks and added PJ bottoms. But... would you believe I didn't get a shot of either girl's outfit? I really should take more pictures! Ha.
Good night, everyone. About to go for a little walk along the boardwalk! Melanie


Mary Allison said...

OK....I am so loving being able to comment...These babies are so beautiful....Sisters are "cool"
huh Ellie...I absolutely Love all your shoe choices...You have very good taste!!!

rketcherside said...

Mo what brand are YOUR green shoes????

Tara said...

Your girls are so cute! I wish I had 1/2 of the outfits they have! Ha! Love the green shoes. What brand??? Do tell, Do tell... !

Sandy said...

You just keep your pictures and post coming. I live to read your blog!!! I love Ellies shoes and GG's handme down clothes, they were precious on Ellie and now they are precious on GG, See ya at the JOR party

Rebecca B. said...

Mo -- I'm a petite thing, only 4'9 and wear a shoe size of size 4 in women's and a size 2 in girls (yes I do buy a lot of girls shoes, especially sandals and flip flops). It won't be long before Ellie will be in and out of a size 2 so can I have dibs on the shoes she out grows? LOL!!

I just love seeing your pictures and I love, love, love the fashion shows.

Anonymous said...

Oh my tutu! Love these girls. They are perfect little frilly frances models and it looks like Ellie Sue might just be in need of a bigger size tutu soon (fuller). I'll get right on that :) Love the crocs! I NEED new crocs for B as her feet have already grown since we were down there and she can hardly wear hers anymore. The outfit changes are so stinkin stylish and I love Masson's thinking about matching or non-matching depending on the mood for the day. Masson, you're putting all other babysitters to shame! Love your new shoes Mel!!

Vicki said...

Hello Mel,
I have never been to the Atlantic Ocean, I'm landlocked here in the frozen tundra, Minnesota. Just loving all the beach pictures of your precious little ones. I think children are only babies once so, let them have their bottles, but my grandson suffered through "nursing bottle mouth" and needs lots of pediatric dentistry work now. His Mom wishes she would have only put water in his bottle at naptime and bedtime. Just putting a bug in your ear. Take good care!

MLP said...


Vicki said...
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Beth E. said...

Wow...I felt like I was at a fashion show! :o) I love all of the outfits...I'd HATE to do all of that laundry, though!LOL

Cute, cute, cute pics!

tricia said...

"walk along the boardwalk"..........I'm so jealous!

Initially Yours Monogramming said...

Hey Mo~

ok, need some details on the green shoes....we are headed to Destin at the end of June and I may have to make a pit stop for some of those shoes.....LOVE THEM~!!

so glad ya'll are having a great trip.....

Oh, I forgot to tell you....after I left a comment last time on the blog, I got like 5 monogramming orders from it...I stay SO busy, I may be sorry I commented....ha!! just kiddin'

Amy said...

I love all the costume changes. You must do a lot of laundry and even more shopping!! When I had my girl after two boys I put her in a dress everyday for the first year I think. She loves her shoes but hates bows in her hair. Her favorite pj's are the blanket sleepers even in the summer, she's wearing a Dora one right now and were in south Florida!!
I'm looking foward to more pics!!

Shannon said...

Love your green shoes...what is the brand?

Girls are adorable as always. I guess my son's 2-3 clothing changes a day isn't so bad, smile.

stephleighjenkins said...

Loving all the new shoes!!!! The tutu pics are absolutely adorable!

Melissa said...

So, what kind of shoes do YOU have on? I like them!!

If you have a minute, please visit this blog of a local couple adn give them some encouragement. They are going through a really rough time.

Dannon said...

I'm loving that you posted pics of Ellie with her bottle! Your Ellie is the same age as my son and we too still let him have a bottle at night, naptime....ok and in the morning if he gets up while I'm trying to get ready for work! So now I don't feel as bad since you do it too!

I just read your last post re Gabbi's teething troubles.....we used Hilands teething tablets and they worked pretty good for us!

So jealous you are still on vacation, but loving you are sharing your trip with us!

MaryH said...

I love every picture and every story - thank you for taking all the time you do to share your adventures and the wardrobes of those darling girls. I have been to Charleston, SC twice - the first time was the best - went with a bunch of gal friends in 2001 - we spent many evenings sitting by the pool that overlooked the beach and I can still hear the waves - I don't see myself getting to any shore soon, so any and all pictures you share are a complete treat. Keep them coming!

amyecpa said...

Hi Melanie. LOVE the green shoes. (and the tutus) Anyway, I'm the one who asked about the lapband. How are things going?

snekcip said...

Girl those green shots are CA-UTE!!! LOVING THEM SERIOUSLY!!! I like bright and vibrant colors on anything!!!!

Ellie's brown bow was seriously TAKING A BOW. It was hanging on though!!


Holley Sisters said...

Ellie, I LOVE Your pink Ellie shoes!! I WanT a pair!! And I love your tutus!
To Mom: my mom and I saw your green shoes in a boutique in Fairhope, AL, on our way back from the Beach Club, and we thought of ya!