Friday, June 5, 2009

Everybody's heeeeeerrrrre!!

Let's just go ahead and get this one out of the way! Yes, JinJin... Gabbi got sunburned today! I really don't know how it happened. She was sleeping under the umbrella on the beach. Masson took her to the baby pool after that, and I told her it was probably time for another coat. I actually borrowed some sunscreen to avoid having to waste time walking all the way back to the beach. Just ask Shannon. I borrowed it from her! She is a blog reader! I'll be highlighting her family in a post this weekend!

Ok, so I have adequately defended myself. All I can say is that I have used Baby Tylenol in case she hurts and have lathered her with aloe. And... I will go look for BullFrog!

SO, this is a big chunk of the crew who showed up tonight. Ellie was pretty fired up to see her cousin, Madison! ANd Maddi is keeping them stocked in tutus. See the two on the bed? And see my weird babysitter, Masson's, face in theis picture? She was being funny.
This is the teenage crew. Or a few of them. That is Katelyn, our second babysitter of the trip in the white tee. Zack came along to help with all the non-driving teen boys who do NOT want to hang out their moms!
We had a fancy dinner of pizza, bought for us by Johnnye. We were supposed to go see Earth, Wind, and Fire and Chicago in concert! But, with all of them travelling all day today, they were tired, so we just chilled on the balcony.
This is the balcony. I wonder if there is a weight limit?! ANother reason we chilled on the balcony...
The TIGERS were playing! Masson got my girls all dressed alike for the guests' arrival. Of course, these were on the sale rack at Wal Mart too. I think $2.50 for the shirts. I mean it! The bows, on the other hand, were like $6.50. RIDICULOUS!Hey Gabbi Girl. YOu are so cute.
ANd her mama has some CRAZY hair! This is what you call no make up, no hairbrush, and quite frankly, no bath after a day at the beach!
My handsome first born nephew was here. As were a handful of cheerleaders from our hometown, so he was a happy boy! Todd and Staci needed to share a little bonding time! As did Emma and Ellie! Emma didn't bring a friend this trip, so she will be "helping" a lot with the little girls. Ellie thinks she is Emma's best friend, because, remember she thinks she is the same age! SO, she will be all about it! And besides, Emma had french fries! So.... she is an immediate hit with my little vacuum. The teasing has already begun. This is Maddi running from Ellie with BOTH sippy cups, and even looked like she was looking to HIDE one of them just to ensure Ellie wouldn't be able to get one! Gonna be an interesting week!
And Emma, I know that is you! Just threw these in there, because I thought they were cute.
THis one too!
Don says he thinks Maddi is the female version of Jake Owen! For several reasons. One of which is how much that kid LOVES her Aunt MO. Don always says, "I think he must have sent her a message to take care of you!" She jumped down out of her mom's arms and ran right to me when she saw me. She lay on my shoulder and just chilled... loving on me and being content to just sit with me. Jake used to be the same way. I love it. I have always loved being an aunt!

And after a very full day, we took these girlies home for a sink bath, some cheese and turkey and then nighty night!

Gabbi actually got sweet potatoes and bananas. She isn't eating much lately, because she LOVES to self feed herself and baby food seems to bore her! She would feed herself those star puffs all day long! Todd actually said, "Mel, we need to watch this one. She may develop an eating problem. She eats a lot!" Dude. We have a LONG time to worry about that! and for now, I am NOT worried!
Doesn't that smile just make you want to smile?This is KK, aka Katelyn, from home, giving bath number two!
And here's wishing you all a happy weekend. If you are reading this weekend, comment! We usually don't have many visitors on the weekend. If you show up, I will show you a VIDEO from today ! I finally found my FLip camera! Yay me.



Unknown said...

Hey Mo,
Just wanted to let you know I come by everyday incl weekends so post away! Your girls are just too precious.

breanna said...

ARE YOU CRAZY!?!?! I LOOOVE earth wind and fire!!!! I mean lsu is great and all, but you should have told your laZy friends to go get ready!! They have all week to rest up! I'm sure this will be another great week of fun! You need to orchestrate a birthday dinner for ms linda at the hangout...and take your camera, of course! Let her show those girls how it's done!

Oh, and I love your laZy friends too:)

Mama J said...

Mama J is here EVERY day reading and living life through your girlie girls! Love them! You are just the bomb and you WEAR ME OUT! Do you EVER just kill over from exhaustion? You are an awesome Mom and your family and friends are so blessed to have a "MO" in their life. What a blessing! Enjoy your vacation and be safe...just keep posting!

Liloia Family said...

Maddi, Ellie and Gabbi are so cute!!!! I can't believe Maddi ran with the sippy cups (how funny is that?). Wow, what a great week it will be for all of you!!! HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!

Kat said...

I am so jealous of your vacation! Sand, surf, sun ... awesome! But seriously, what I'm more jealous of is your big ol' group of friends and family all gathered round!! It must be joyous chaos there! Enjoy every minute, and keep posting pictures of those cutie pies!
~Kat from Richardson, Texas

Mary said...

Mo, I'm here everyday....weekdays and weekends. I wanna know do you ALL stay in one Condo? You have a big group there!

Oh, and can you let Staci know that mothers day was like a MONTH ago. Honestly, she needs to keep up with the blogging. The house tour went kaput....I never did see her kitchen!!!!! But I guess it did take her like what 4 months to get home from the beach last time!!

Have fun....and while I was laughing at Maddi running with the sippy cups somehow I imagine that Ellie can hold her own!

Nana said...

What a great time you are having!!Thanks for all the wonderful pictures and posts..We can share the trip with you all. The girls are just so cute!!!
I had wondered what had happened to "KK." I thought she was babysitting. Tell her hello from Mrs.J.
Have YOU need to be told that! Keep the pictures coming..

Kathryn said...

I am here everyday! But, really. You need to get away from an imposter. That is not your sister and family. They are still at the Waterfront Grill!

Roberta said...

I just love all the family & group pictures. Glad everyone made it to the beach ok and now the fun really begins! Keep on posting as I do read on weekends and really everyday but I don't necessarily comment each time.

Renee said...

I"m glad those Tigers pulled it off, b/c I was very worried for the first few innings. Geaux LSU!!!

Keep having fun and keep those pics coming. I hope Gabbi's sunburn heals quickly. Maddi and Ellie will keep ya'll on your toes. Gabbi's smile is contagious. How can you not smile back? It's too precious.

Rhonda said...

Hi there! I haven't been good with commenting on your beach pictures, but I LOVE all of them! The pictures are absolutely beautiful and what a WONDERFUL way to getaway for awhile! Your girls are absolutely ADORABLE!! You asked in an earlier post - YES, I totally think Ellie looks like Todd and Gabbi looks like you!!! I have enjoyed following your vacation and check every day, first thing, for an update! Even weekends!! So glad you are all having fun together!! I'm wearing my crazy pants to a graduation party tomorrow - I think of you every time I put them on!!!

MaryH said...

Mo, I am reading on the weekend - at my desk - in my office - sooooo, I am really appreciating and loving having your great family photos and vacation stories to cheer me up and on to getting my work done and out of here - hey, it is sunny in St. Lou for a change - gotta go grab some of that and PRETEND there is a beach close by - the levee by the Mississippi just ain't cutting it - so thanks so much for sharing. Have fun with the the crew!

tricia said...

you know I ALWAYS post. So you think I'm chopped liver. Show that video for me! LOL

Casey said...

It looks like y'all are having a great time! I don't think we're going to make it down to Orange Beach this year, so I'm having my vacation through you.

I just got my Flip video camera the other day. I haven't done much with it yet, but it's so dang little and cute.

Have a great weekend!

Carrie said...

What you talkin' bout? I check EVERY day. There are no "weekends off" round here!!!! Bring on the videos :)
Funny you said you were posting videos. I put a couple up on my blog last night of Grant singing. It kind of reminded me of Jake-e-poo singing "Live Like You Were Dying". Not sure if you ever check it out but if you have a couple minutes, I think it is worth the laugh!
Looks like you are all set to have a FUN weekend. I am jealous. We're only supposed to hit a high of 55 with rain today. Can I get a great big YUCK!?! Hope you enjoy the rest of your time at the beach.
Oh, and make sure you don't leave Staci stranded down there again this year!

stephleighjenkins said...

I check each and every day (weekends and all). Got to get me a Mo fix. Sometimes I just don't comment -- maybe I should start doing that everyday.

P.S. The owners of Remember Nguyen live near us and their kids go to our Catholic school here in Covington, Louisiana. I'll try to pass the word for a little discount. E-mail me and I'll give you a few other tidbits.

Anonymous said...

I check everyday. Even on the weekends! Wish I was there!

Mbeaty19 said...

I always love reading your post. Especially when they include not just your family but Staci's family also. Yes you certainly have your hands full with Maddi and Ellie. Looks like it will never be a dull day in your lives again thanks to them and their antics.
Poor Gabbi with her sunburn. It truly amazes me that even with sunscreen they can still get a burn. It happened with my son when he was 8 months.
As for Maddi being a mini-Jake I have thought so since she was born. The fact that she loves on her Aunt MO just like Jake is precious. You and her are so lucky to share that bond. Sometimes being an Aunt is just as great as being a mom I think.
Keep the post coming as I am constantly checking in for ideas, entertainment, and my little girl fix.

MLP said...

I love how Maddi is like Jake. That is so sweet! I love being an aunt, too!!!

Cute pics and the whole trip looks like a BLAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stacey said...

Hey Mo. Checking in a Saturday. I am so jealous of your warm weather and the beach.
We are cold and rainy in Fargo today. Too bad you missed E W & F last night. We has three dog night here at Ribfest and they were great! Have a great weekend!

Kelly said...

Adorable pictures as always Mo! I'm jealous....I wanna hang with you guys at the beach! LOL


The Mommy said...

I just loooove the posts and all the pics. I feel a bit like I am living that awesome vacation vicariously through you. We don't have big plans for this summer, so it is nice to see other peoples wonderful vacations. I am also envious of the way your whole crew gathers together the way they do. That has got to be the best! Enjoy that beach, the kiddos, and the crew...enough for all of us!

Have a Blessed day!

Unknown said...

Hey MO! I have been reading every single day just not commenting!!! SORRY! It looks like you are having such a good time! We are going to Fort Morgan @ the end of July and we stay at Martinque-so we are neighbors(kinda :)) Anyhooooooo I am signing in so you know we are out here and reading!!! I love your new green shoes...where did you say you got them? I need some of those!!!

Unknown said...

I'm so excited that you are "PUBLIC" again! I don't even know how long you've been back! I just checked in just to see and yeah! I've been a follower since I met Jake at the Ronald McDonald House years ago! So glad to see the pics!

Kristina said...

Hey Mo I am here and it is Saturday!!!!!!!!!!

Lisa said...

Hey! Glad you are updating on the weekend. I visit everyday. Have fun on the beach!

Karen said...

Mo, love reading your blog, I just want to go join you all at the beach. Your family seems to be so much fun. Of course your girls are sooooo Cute. Love their outfits.

Love, Karen

Belinda said...

Hey Mo..Just checking in on the weekend. I too read EVERDAY but dont always comment. but please know that I enjoy your posts!

Dont fret over the sunburn..Things like that just happen, and we ALL know your a good mommy! Besides it really dont seem to be bothering her.she is still smiling.
have fun and be safe.

Reba said...

I swear I can cover every inch of my children up and something on them will burn (for my daughter recently it was her ears). Same for me. It just happens.

I love all of the pictures. It looks like you are having such a good time. I am so envious and counting down for our beach trip.


Anonymous said...

I'm here, I'm here. I hope yall have a wonderful beach weekend.....I expect to see lots of fun pictures from beach party '09. Make sure to get the tshirt!!!!:)

Musings of a Homeschooling Mom said...

It looks like y'all are having a blast! Where was Paula in all of those pictures? Are Linda Lou and her bunch joining y'all?

Bj said...

Imma lovin' your blog....I read it everyday...don't always have time to comment (shhhhhh...cause I read it at work)lol.....but I love it...keep doing what you are doing...huggers gal from bj in Minden.

Holley Sisters said...

I am living proof that Gabbi Girl got that second coat of sun block. And I am SO JEALOUS of Masson's, KK, and Horny's job!!! I remember the days of sink baths!