Sunday, June 28, 2009

My big girl.

Hey, did I mention that my baby girl turned 10 months old this past week?  No?  Well, I most certainly SHOULD have!  On the 26th, to be exact! 
See here?!  She is doing all this new big girl stuff!  Riding in a big girl car!  Holding onto the steering wheel like a big girl! 
And speaking of "big girls", these two had a nice little trip around the house too. 
Maddi and Ellie were fighting over drive time!  I think Maddi thought she had won, when Ellie had a GREAT Idea!  Just jump on back!  Maddi didn't look all that thrilled!  
Awww... my baby is getting so big!  and even though most say to relish this time (and I certainly try to), I gotta say, I am ready to be FREE of formula and nipples, and diapers.  I mean, really, I have been doing the for a SOLID two years!  Never stopped. Never cleaned the kitchen counter off.  Haven't used the top of my bedside table or top drawer in two years.  Diapers only, there!  
Nah. Just kidding!  I WOULD like my surfaces back, but love my babies!  and secretly LOVE that my 10 month old ONLY wants her mama to hold her.  And my 23 month old wants has a new infatuation with having her "back rubbed" at night.  And NOTHING beats my walking in the door at the end of the day to a squealing Gabbi and a "Heeeeyyyy, mama" from Ellie.  These are sweet, sweet times!  



Melissa said...

OMG look at how blonde Ellie is getting!!!
They are so adorable! And, just for the record, I'm totally with you on that only wanting mommy thing. I secretly love that my little girl is like that too.

Renee said...

Before you know it those diapers, nipples and bottles will be gone. It happens faster than you think. But so will those Hey mamas and squeals of joy! They'll get replaced with hormonal eyes rolling in their head. LOL Actually the Hey mama never goes away. I hear that one all the time. But it's always a "Hey mama, do you know where _______ is?" It's all good though!

Ellie's hair is really lightening up. It has that summer glow.

Happy 10 month BD. Gabbi Lou!

Kat said...

Love the latest pictures. Both girls are looking so "grown up"! Where has the time gone??? You certainly have your hands full, and I know exactly what you're going through. My daughter and her boys moved in with us a year ago. She has 26-month-old twins and a 13-month-old little guy! It's wild and crazy here, as I'm sure it is at your house! The youngest just weaned himself off the bottle last week -- HOORAY! -- and we're working with all three to dump the pacifiers as well. I'll be glad to have counter and drawer space back, too! :) But I wouldn't change a thing ... how many grandparents get to see their grandkids every single day?? Enjoy each one of these days (I hated hearing that as a young mom but it's good advice!) and love on those babies every chance you get! Blessings to your family!!!

Mandie said...

Mo, I loved me some baby time but it sure is nice to have everyone on a "drive-thru plan". I order and hand back. Now if we could get everyone to 46 inches so we're ALL on all the rides in Disney, I will feel like I finally have arrived!

MLP said...

AHHHHHHHHH sweet baby girl getting so big!!! I love her smile.

Haddie loves to have her back rubbed at night, too. Isn't it the sweetest...their soft little precious backs? We are all so blesssed!

Anonymous said...

I did NOT know who Ellie was in these pictures. I kept waiting for you to tell us what neighbor's child that was with Maddi. I swear! What??!@#$ Her hair is even lighter than it was 2 weeks ago and she's getting tons of it. B's did that about that age....remember how much I told you they change between 22-28 months? Well, they do!!!! Happy 10 mths Gabbi Girl! She is always smiling and I love it!

Ally said...

Mo, Are the new shirts from Shake available for purchase yet? What about the other goodies that was in the store? I am in need of a new believe shirt, my yellow one from Memphis is about worn out.
Did you get my message about the jewerly? Or the "blog girls weekend getaway?
Love the new pictures!

Anonymous said...

Miss Ellie's looks are really changing as of late. Her hair has really lightened up...may be from all the sun (at the beach) or its turning blonde. My kids all went from blonde to brown around 2.5-3 years old. Maddi does NOT look thrilled at all.
Sweet Gabbi, she is just cuter day by day. I know what you mean about diapers, formula and all. I think I did diapers for 16 years straight and formula was never ending at one point between all the kids.....BTW love your hair in the pics at the jewelry party, its beautiful..the curls, so so jealous. You look gorgeous Mel

amykatewatson said...

I have kept up with you sweet family for years and never logged in to comment. I found you all when a little boy in my town got a caringbridge account during some difficult heart surgeries. From there I found little Emma Grace and then Jake. From his CB site I found your blog and have been an addict ever since. Whenever I go to Canton I keep my eyes peeled for some wild and crazy ladies from Louisana :0) Your girls are precious.

connie said...

oh i love al the pics of your little girls they are growing up so fast keep on taking pics of them and putting them on here and i cant believe that gabbi is 10 months old already where does time go? cherish each day with them give them hugs from me please i hope to be able to meet you and your family one day.

Beth E. said...

They are growing up soooo fast! Can't believe it! You have two beautiful girls, Mo!

Holley Sisters said...

Those girlies are SO precious!