Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Beading Party.

The beading party I told you I would tell you all about was a success.  
At Shake 4 jake 2008 (note.  NOT 2009!!), I offered a beading party for a group of 10 where the person who bought it and all of the friends they chose to bring, would each get to design 3 pair of earrings made of pearls, corals, turquoise, etc.  This was the night the Stratton girls decided to redeem their purchase.

The package also included Veronicia's culinary art!  I will prove that in a minute!  
For now, here are the beads I brought.  I have about a gazillion!  So, it is hard for me to choose which ones to bring for a wide variety of girlies. Some were teens, some adults!  So, WHAT, pray tell, is the stone of choice?!  
I went home during my lunch break and broke out all my cute little wooden and copper bowls for display.  
But, when I got to Staci's, I realized I needed MANY more containers!  So, I got her to whip out her wine glasses.  I liked the way they looked, because I could see the beads through the glass making it easier for the girls to choose what they were really attracted to.  
We had serpentine, turquoise, 
coral, pearls, and funky polka dot beads. 

I just love the way a bunch of turquoise looks in a wooden bowl!  And of course, I especially love that little bald headed kid in the background.  
And now let's talk food!  Would you look at this spread?!  
My girls were fired up that Veronicia made so much food last night, as we had fruit and dip again this morning for breakfast!  
Barbecue Shrimp.  (that reminds me of Bubba on Forrest Gump!!)  "Bar-be-cue shrimp, fried shrimp, boiled shrimp, shrimp etoufee, ..."
And a fresh tomato and mozzarella cheese salad.  With Italian dressing all over it... Ummmm.
Here is the caterer!  She did an awesome job!  I didn't show the porkloin, the numerous dips, and the pita chips for dipping.  I am talking a LOT of food!  
After the chicks ate, they came to the dining room for a little tutorial. 
Staci and I brought out a bunch of our personal earrings so the girls could have some to use as examples.  They started out a little apprehensive and slow...
but in no time at all... they were designing up a storm, and had some very specific ideas of what they liked and didn't like! 
Michelle, in the white shirt, said the whole time.  "I hate this.  I can't do this.  I am not creative.  I 'll just do this one pair!"  
This is her mom, who actually purchased the party at the Shake last year!  Check out her earrings.  They are awesome.  The silver on the top are actually crosses.  They are just turned a weird direction for this picture.  
And back to Michelle. Once I kinda urged her along, she became a late nighter!  She not only finished all of her own earrings, but also designed one of her friend's, who showed up earlier, but couldn't finish all of hers.  Wow.  Michelle, you big ol' jewelry designer you! 
Callie was fast and furious.  SHe was one of those who knew EXACTLY what she liked, and it took her NO time to whip hers out!  
and Emily was kinda the same way!  "I want a pearl drop and I want it neutral, so I want to use silver bead on top."  and boom... it was done!  Or better yet, as Ellie Sue says, "boom boom pow!"  
And I must show how it all culminated!  This morning when I decided to go unload my car from last night's festivities... I opened the door, and SHAZaaaaM. .. out they fell.  I just couldn't even look at it! 
I think I had something like 200 of each type of headpin/eyepin, and earwire!  And that does not even touch the humdreds of beads strewn all over my driveway.  So what did I do?! 
I paid Sarah, (you know, the 7 year old Sarah from next door), 20 bucks to pick them all up.  I just felt it was best for my mental health!  

I think the party was a success.  We had several who said they wanted to host a bead party of their own in the near future for their birthdays and such.  Sounds like fun to me!  



speak said...

What fun!!! I have a recently turned 13 year old who would love to have you come over for a belated birthday party. But your travel expenses to Kansas just might do me in!!!! Although I will admit I think it would be worth it!!! Sheryl

tricia said...

I smell a business cropping up from this! Good Luck. Even better:good luck fitting it in to your schedule!Have a great Sunday.

Anna said...

I would definietly be interested in a bead party for my daughter's 9th birthday. We live in Monroe. However, the girls do not have their ears pierced yet, sowould you be interested in a braclet/necklace party???
thanks for an awesome birthday idea!!

Renee said...

What a neat idea. Dropping all the beads and "stuff" on the ground right before is so something that would happen to me. I'm a crafting disaster.

Amy K said...

Looks like so much fun...except for the driveway mishap...sorry that had to happen! Great creations and inspiration. And, since you've got us drooling over that feast, are you at liberty to share Veronicia's tomato & mozarella salad recipe with us followers?

Jennifer said...

What fun!!

Mindy said...

Looks fabulously fun! I went to my first bead show yesterday in Grapevine. I bought way too much but it LOVED it! There's another one in July in Ft. Worth and I can't wait! BTW...your hair is lookin' so cute in these pics. Almost makes me want to get mine cut for summer!

Paige said...

That looks like an incredible evening! Do you travel, like to Cal-i-for-ni-a? You are so very talented! I would probably string my fingers together.

Anonymous said...

See, I told you how cute your hair looks like that! And, now that I'm salivating over that turquoise and coral........I really think I need and HAVE to have some. No, fo' real tho', I think I need a big chunky coral necklace for G games, so what do I do about this? I'll trade you! This art business is taking off waaay fast. You ready? Dive in, head first and hang on! It's all happening for a reason....follow your dream!

Tracy said...

Wow, that looks incredible! And my daughter says can she come over 1) She loves beading and no 2) She will pick up the beads for 15 bucks!

Beth E. said...

I should jump on the bandwagon and learn how to do this...really, I should. Maybe one of these days...I'm one of those apprehensive people, kinda like Michelle was, before she got her beading groove on! Everyone did a great job making their earrings.

I think that 20 bucks you paid Sarah was well spent. Shew, I'd hate to pick all of that up, too!

Thanks for sharing the pics. It's ALMOST like being right there with you...except for not being able to eat any of that delicious-looking food. :-)

Susan Hooper said...

Looks like sooo much fun! Do you think you can come do a party in California???? =)Maybe an all day scrap and bead party!!!!! It's not like you have anything else to do, right?? Don't know how you do it all AND post on your blog, but thanks!! Have a restful Sunday!

Beverly said...

All I have to say is I wish I live next door!

MLP said...

Seeing all your beads on the ground made me so sad. FABULOUS idea to pay the 7 year old!!!

I am SO Michelle at the party. I'm sure if I ever gave it a try, I'd be SO into it.

My niece just started working at an adorable store in our town called GOT TO BEAD or maybe it's GOTTA BEAD. Not sure, but Haddie and I are going one day soon to let Haddie make a bracelet and me no tellin what.

What a fun party! Oh those foods, too.............D-LISH!!!

Denise said...

Mo.... I would have loved to have been at that special beading party. All the beads you offered looked awesome, and all that food by Veronicia looked scrumptious. Oh! and I can't forget to comment on those beautiful orange leather chairs that I also have in my dining room!!! (Gotta love Pottery Barn!).
My heart SANK when I saw the photos of your spilled goodies all over the driveway!! Your paying somebody to pick them all up was a VERY SMART IDEA!
Many hugs, Denise

stephleighjenkins said...

Love the bead party idea!!! Also, LOVE that Sarah picked up all of your mess for $20.00!!

connie said...

i wish i lived close to you i would love to come to one of your beading partys but i live in ga when are u going to do another kit? i would to get one or two of them to do. i want to learn from you you are very good at it. looks like yall had a great time that night.. wish i could have been there..

Holley Sisters said...

So fun!!! I love that kind of thing! I turn 14 in August- do you do parties? =) lol.

Boom boom pow!

Kathryn said...

Okay, you need to make a road trip. To Illinois. It isn't like you are busy. Who cares about your wonderful career, those babies, the new house (have you chosen switchplate covers?), and your Hubs and family? Those beads need you to come here and help figure out how to use them in what is fast becoming my obsession: mini-ish books. I know the beading belongs there, but just don't have the necessary skill sets to achieve this goal. So, come on already! I will trade you this for my organizing your studio in your new house. Really. This way, mine can look a mess (although everything has a designated space that I am too busy right now to fill), while yours is perfect! Thrown in will be hours of playing with those girlies. Our Grandgirlies are now six and rising eight. I miss little people.

Denise said...


Just wanted to say that I am lovin' your hair! It looks longer and curlier! Just love it! Your girls are so precious & I love that you share your family with us!

Have a great week!

Kelly said...

Wow...looks like you guys had fun! What a great idea!! Again...I wish I lived closer!