Saturday, May 16, 2009

Yogurt bites ROCK!

Man, we have had a BUSY weekend!  I have lots of action to share, but worn slap out!   Madison had his graduation shindig and Staci Massey... pronounced, Sta-sey Ma-sey... because it was funny that that was her name when she was little and had a lisp!  Ha.  Mom put little prongy things behind her bottom front teeth to break that habit,  She said, "Tha-they Ma-they"!  There'a a bird!  Anyway, Thathey is having a birthday in a few and we celebrated early.  Got lots of good pics from that!  

Until then, let's just take a little look at Miss Prissy finger feeding herself some yogurt bites.  THese pics are from three different instances in the past week!  She DIVES into these suckers and just tries to cram them in her mouth.  Because she is not the least bit precise, this is what she gets...

Usually some errant little yogurt bite stuck somewhere on her face! (or finger or chest!)
In the pic above, she could tell something was stuck on her face, but couldn't find that little sucker! 
These pics are from tonight.  She is now crawling forward on her belly to get those bites.  That is the ONLY motivator I have found so far!  Check out the upper lip... again! 
She is so cute!
And Friday, this is Miss Gabbi Girl in her high chair, again, doing her best to get those yogurt bites in her mouth...
ALMOST, GG.  ALmost!
What do you want to see next?  Madison's graduation or Staci's birthday.  YOU be the judge!  Mocephus.


Belinda said...

AWWW tooooo Cute!! Of course all your posts are!! Love GG with the yogurt bites.

She is so pretty, as is Ellie!

Debbie said...

Bless her little heart. Smiling all that time. I'd be frustrated!! LOL.

Either, Or, for me on what pics to see next. I am sure which ever you pick, will be fun to look at!!

God bless~
Debbie Jean

Reba said...

Cute pics...we love those yogurt bites. (I actually sneak some of the strawberry ones in on occasion :)

As for what is next...surprise me. I never know what to expect here. :)

Anonymous said...

Tha they, tha they! Can't wait!
Oh, and as for the kiddos at the beach with your deserve a break AND time will fly when you get know it always does! If you have to take them, I am sure no one will mind! Have you seen the floors yet? Ok, so let me know when you need me......and when you want to sew baby sew!
Gigi and those bites make my chuckle tonight! What ever will make her reach and move-I'm all about it! B would eat those packs of things like freakin' candy. They are good!! She is gettin so much hair. She's gonna have your high straight pony and Ellie Sue will have the fluffy springy curly em' Mel, just love em'!

Renee said...

She's precious. And actually, the pics toward the end, I see a resmeblance to her sister. (The ones with her mouth open, trying to get the bites off her face) reminds me of Ellie.

Stacy or Madison's grad? Doesn't matter, I'm sure both will be entertaining.

Nana said...

When are you leaving? We are coming up for next weekend, and I was hoping to get to see the girls for a minute....But, I bet we are going to miss you...But, we will be back up in can catch you then!
We want to see BOTH posts...of course,
Have fun!

Melissa said...

You know, those yogurt bites also contain active cultures, so if the girls have to be on antibiotics, you can use those to combat the upset tummy! :)

Andrea said...

We love us some yogurt bites at our house too!!! In fact, I have to limit my 11-year-old so that there are some for the baby! :o)