Saturday, May 16, 2009

Happy Graduation, Madison.

Let's start with Madison's graduation. He is the first Raborn grandkid to graduate. He is leading the pack. He is also the newest employee of MMPT. He is doing a little stint with us this summer as a PT tech/aide. His plan is to attend ULM this fall and major eventually in PT. This is Proud Papa, Uncle Eddie. I am assuming he was in charge of all the fish frying! It was great! EVEN I could eat some!
JinJin came to celebrate, and I always welcome help in the area of baby feeding.
I call Gabbi "Little Bird", especially when she is eating. I think she looks at you like a baby bird and opens her mouth ready for the next bite.
Next we have Aunt Bonnie, and her friend/ teacher friend, Joan. Joan's son is Logan, who I later met and is Madison's best friend.
This is the baby Raborn in the Eddie/Marina clan. This is Tucker. If you recall, he, Maggie,and Jake were all only a month apart.
We even got the big boys to come with us.
And Marina, kindly, realized I am never in the group pictures,and said, "Go over there with Jordan, and I will take YOUR picture." Jordan is the middle Raborn in the Eddie/ Marina clan. She is also in high school, but, ummm... what?? 2 more years?!
Here, we have Madison, his cousin to the Bonnie side, Masie, and his maternal grandmother. As is usually the case with our weird group, we just all THINK we are kin. I get to things like this and reality hits. I am like, WHo is that? WHo is that? They are kin to the other side! Remember these are STACI's in-laws, but we just party on like one big happy group!
For some reason, Masie and Gabbi always take super cute pictures together. Awwww, and Gabbi's eyes look kinda straight!

PawPaw Raborn had him some Gabbi time too. I love this little dress. It was made by a woman on Etsy. I would love to give her props, but I don't have a clue who it was. I have an all white one too, that we will be taking with us to the beach next week. Woooo Hoooo.. It is summer!
Meanwhile, in the backyard!
Ellie has found the slide.AND the rings!
AND the swings! Can you believe the kid can get in a swing? Remember, she is not two yet! People always think she is older than she is because of all the crazy things she can do. However, when most people actually meet her, they can't believe how SMALL she is, if they are blog followers. Apparently the Puter does add 10 pounds, and about 6 inches?! Ellie's actually a shkrimp! Yes, I meant Shkrimp!
OH, these are pretty priceless! This is Maddi protesting about Ellie wanting to come down the slide. Maddi apparently ONLY wanted to climb UP the slide. (vs. the ladder!) As Ellie would head down anyway, Maddi would voice her disdain!
Look at those eyes. THe girl can shoot a LOOK!
Ellie absolutely LOVED the swings. I hope there are some at the beach, and if so, DeeDee and Granddad, pack your tennis shoes! SHe would stay on those things all day if I let her!
Maggie did pushin' duty! They got a bit "vigorous" at one point, and I had to shut er down. Ellie didn't mind, but mom's blood pressure was slowly rising watching it!
Here is the whole crew. Looks fun, huh? Oh, and see if you can find Maddi. See? I told you!
Sweet, sweet Gabbi Girl, watched in the wings.
NO lie. She is just always this pleasant. Oh, except maybe when she is being put down.
Gabbi Girl acts like her back is sore! If you are holding her, DO NOT think about putting her down! My baby child is a weeeeeee bit spoiled!
and unlike most babies who just whimper. This one can actually curl the lip, turn on the cry and make REAL tears! She is heartbroken if you put her down. Silly ol' kid.
It was a long day. Check out little Madid's do. That girl has some crazy hair! Staci keeps getting it cut into the closest thing to a bob she can to try and get it under control. THen, again... look at that "texture" in Staci's ! Apple don't fall far from the tree!

Staci, i think I can tell you are losing weight in this picture. Your dimples are getting deeper. Lookin' good!

And finally, presents! I gave Madison a Flip camera cause all high school grads need a pocket sized video camera! Actually, he is going on a mission trip to the Ukraine this summer, and I thought it would be a cool thing to have along!

PawPaw gave Madison a watch that Eddie had bought for him on his senior trip. We figured that watch to be about 27 years old. Eddie is 55. (Just kidding! )
It appears to be a hit!

Happy graduation, Madison. We love you and are proud of the young man you have become. Best wishes for a very fulfilled life. Let MMPT's mission statement lead you...

Joyfully use your gifts to brighten the lives of others.

Aunt Mo


Jackietex said...

My daughter, Ariel, graduated Friday--she's also the oldest grandkid. We are so proud! She's going to Baylor and wants to eventually become a PT. She was in an accident several years ago and had her lat muscle transferred to her leg so she spent a lot of her freshman year in physical therapy--and graduated ON TIME! I love these family times where everyone gets together.

tricia said...

such joy to look at all the pics and what chuckles while reading the captions!

Beth E. said...

Great pics...congratulations to Madison! Our youngest son, Bo, graduates on June 5 from high school...*sniff, sniff* I can't believe my baby boy will be leaving the nest!

A Flip camera??? Totally cool gift! Do they come with a tripod?

Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

Love Gabbi's dress, love Maddi's dress (we just got it) and love shkrimp! Funny story, my dad never could say shrimp and we have laughed for years and called him shkrimp. Hilarious! Ellie looks like a so cute flying in the air. The picture of you is so pretty! Love your hair curly!

Kathryn said...

Thank you for sharing such a happy time!

That Maddie needs some lessons. Send her to me. I am trying to learn how to make an Egyptian Packet (a bound book) from a book, and so far today I have chucked that sucker across the room twice! I will get it, I am determined to do this, but is feels so good to watch that thing fly across the room! Course, I would never do that with a library book, nor in front of people.

Emily said...

SO,so proud of Madison....wonderful kid and Shelbi's favorite PT tech! We love us some Raborns.....and Masseys!

Denise said...

WOW!! Madison is quite the hunk! The college girls are going to go wild when they get a look-see at those biceps! Congratulations.
I love all those family photos. And your girls are looking great. Isn't summer grand... sandals and sundresses. Enjoy!
Hugs, Denise xoxo