Friday, May 29, 2009

Meet the in-laws. (and my husband is hot.)

The Seabs arrive! Todd's parents drove all the way up from Orlando to join us at the beach. We don't get to see them very often in a year. In fact, the last time we saw them was in January when we went to their house (and Disney) to visit!

So because they are here for a few days, they thought, "Oh yes she IS going to get in that sand!" after I told them that she had NOT been a fan.

To that I said, "Oh yeah!" Check out this absolute refusal to put those feet down! And so.... on granddad's shoulders it is! Let me take a few to talk about my handsome husband... You know, the one who never looks at the camera and absolutely never smiles at it!
Well, look at how good looking that little man is. Man, I hope his friends don't read my blog. They will crucify him!
I have always thought he had twinkly eyes! ANd it was weird when one time a family friend said to me, "Todd has such 'twinkly eyes'". I was like, yea, I DO know! That is just not one of those adjectives/characteristics that most people use on a regular basis. that is my Todd the Bod, though.
Ya know what I think is pretty handsome about him.. strangely... is this patch of grey hair on the sides of his face. Also... those crows feet. I sometimes am amazed that we met each other when we were 23. And now, we are greying and getting wrinkles, and raising kids together.
That is sweet, isn't it? I am glad I am growing old with this old goat!
Back to the in-laws. I didn't mention that Gabbi Girl was asleep when they rolled in, so that explains her absence as we headed to the beach.
The sun was going down, and wasn't that sunset awesome? (That is Ellie's newest word. Everything is "cool. awesome."
She is the funniest little thing. She keeps us rolling!
And ta-da! Thanks to the kid who left this shubble in the sand. I saw it and had an aha moment.
Look who is now standing in the sand!

Gosh, the beach is just the perfect place to witness God's majesty! The sunsets, the vast ocean, the miles of beach, and even the specks of sand, and realizing that God knows the NUMBER of grains of sand on that beach. Of course, then, he knows ME!
And he knows these sweet angels too! Hey, Gabbi made it out!
Massinon knew we would want her with us, so when she woke up, she brought her right out!
We tried to make a family picture. I am so happy that my sitter knows how important pictures are to me. She is always saying, "Here, give me your camera. Let me take a picture of you and your girls." Love that!
Oh, hey. THis one ain't so bad.
How funny is this. That Gabbi Girl was waving her little hands in the air while DeeDee held her.
Go Tigers!
Awwwwwww.. and finally. We have a sweet little picture of our family! Hey, Ellie. WHY aren't you smiling?!

We have fun plans for tomorrow.



breanna said...

seriously adorable! the last pictures must make in on the condo wall!

Anonymous said...

I'm talking 16x20 for the condo wall for the last picture!!!!!! I mean, it doesn't get any cuter than that! LOVE THIS POST!

Amy said...

Wow Mo, every time I visit your blog I think to myself, how can her life get any better? But sure enough it gets better by the day. I love you super babysitter, where can I get one like her? She takes pictures, travels, and matches outfits!! Oh, and the kids love her. All I have is teenage boys to babysit. They are great with the kids but they don't take pictures or dress the kids cute.

Kathryn said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

How lucky you are that the shovel caught Miss Thang's attention and got her down to the sand.

When we lived in NJ a thousand years ago, we had summers down the shore. Our DD2 was about 2 the summer she decided no sand. We had to haul that child everywhere. Finally, something caught her eye and she was down on the sand and heading for it. Big old dead horseshoe crab.... Cue cover music to deaden screams of outrage and the following tantrum when we wouldn't let her pick it up to carry home.

I am thinking of making her a mini-book to remind her of all those thrown fits we lived with while she was growing up. She's 25 now and just perfect!

Beth E. said...

Wonderful photos, Mo. What a blessing to be together with your family...and, you're at the beach! It doesn't get any better than that!

Hooray for Ellie putting her feet in the sand!

Jennifer said...

Fun times! Looks like the girls are having a blast. Hey- have y'all been to the Gulf Shores Steamer? If not, you should definitely try it one night-- It's the best!

MLP said...

Lovin' all of these beach-y posts!!!!!!!!!!! I feel like I am there...actually wish my family and I were. Ya'll are so fun!!!

Sandy said...

I love your picture of your beautiful family. That Gabbi is always smiling. I also love the cute lil brown outfits on them. Hope you guys are having a wonderful time at the BEACH.

Theresa Shirley said...

I am LOVIN that picture of Ellie (with her little hands on her dress). She looks like she is absolutely amused about something (or just did something funny.) So cute!!!! BTW---I was starting to have Mo Joy withdrawals----I have dial-up at home, and normally would check on you first thing Monday morning from work, but I had a training class at another location yesterday, so today I'm getting caught up!! :)