Friday, May 29, 2009

Photo shoot with Masson and mom.

Got my girlies all ready for DeeDee and Granddad to show up. They were matchy matchy in brown. Then, Masson came out in her brown Angelina Jolie dress, and I said, "oh no you din't" and went back in and put on MY brown too! Todd, said, "Go without me" and kept on getting the grill ready!
I didnt' really think that full out sand shots would be a good idea since we would then be all sandy for grandparents! So, we just walked out to the boardwalk and posed a little with a sandy background! Managing two little ones is a wee bit tricky. I have lots of you who have told me that your kids are similar ages, so I know you can "feel my pain". I wouldn't trade it though! They are the center of my world!
We put the girls smack dab in the middle of the grass thinking if I could convince Ellie she was helping us by "holding" Gabbi, she would sit still. ummmm NO! only momentarily!
So off to the swings we went ! This is Masson in her flowing Angelina Jolie brown dress....and the cooperative little devil who felt she must swing alone! It was only when I convinced her that STANDING in the swing would be so much fun that she agreed to a little group shot. Of course, Gabbi cooperated for a mom and me shot! And like a photographer for National Geographic... I caught the shot!
Gabbi NOT smiling. WHAT?!

Super cute, nonetheless!
And couldnt' you just eat these two up!?
Especially the THIGHS on that little one!
I have a picture of Ellie standing between my legs like this from last year, so I was glad to get one like it of GG.

And finally, Masson and Ellie Susanne.
Tomorrow is Sooommmmeeeoone's 14th birthday. We will have to have a TRIBUTE post for someone!



Anonymous said...

You girls definately look like beach babes all tanned and somewhat red...JEALOUS
Yes I can totally feel your pain, sometimes juggling two is like being thrown into the fire isn't it. No we wouldn't change or trade a moment of it but its rather tiring and busy. LOVE the browns and how ya'all match. Umm next year I will be the sitter k, or the cook, or the maid, or the referee, or the bartender, umm what else

Beth E. said...

The brown outfits are adorable...all FOUR of you take such great pics. I especially love beach photos.

Yes, I could totally "eat those two up"....sooooo sweet!

I can't believe you got a photo of Gabbi NOT smiling...that's a first!

Dawn A. said...

Oh my, how did you transport all those clothes? I'd love to know how many outfits you brought for those girls. So so sweet, enjoy them they grow up so fast. The smiles on these baby girls always put a smile on my face. Loving your vacation journaling.

tricia said...

Looks like you are all having so much fun. More More More

Rebecca B. said...

I LOVE the brown. You know that brown is the new black. The clothes you have for those girls are just adorable. Little girls are so much fun.

Nana said...

I love the brown outfits....Enjoying the beach blogging. Just when I think they can't get any cuter, you post another picture. They both should be in advertisements.

Liloia Family said...

Love, love, love those brown outfits, so cute!!! Looks like you are having a wonderful time!!

Angie R. said...

Your girls are so beautiful! Love the photos! Makes me ready for my beach trip in July!!

Renee said...

Loving all that brown and yes those chunky thighs.....precious. Keep having fun and keep sharing with us.

connie said...

i love all the beach pics making me wish i could go to the beach this summer but oh well iam loving all the pics that you are blogging on here of your family vacation i love the brown outfits and matching too how cute and sweet . have fun and dont get too burned ok keep on journaling ok i wish i had a condo at the beach i wold be there right now enjoying the ocean and the sunsets and sun rises oh how awesome that is to see. cant wait to see more pics of your sweet girls and you and todd and his parents and your sweet baby sitter..