Saturday, May 30, 2009

Happy 14th, Me Asson.

Ellie has really made some strides on this trip! She came saying, "Masson." Started saying, "Massa-non" a couple of days ago, and then woke up even closer with "Me-asson." In case you didn't know it, her real name is Mary Allison! And she is beachin with us for three weeks. We are lucky to have her.

I know that at 14, birthdays are really important. And I also know that she would really like to be home for her birthday, so we tried to make it a big deal. and yes, Breanna, (per facebook!), she IS with someone who loves to celebrate! So, we took good care of her!

On the way home from eating out last night, we stopped by the grocery store with a lame reason, knowing that what we really needed was a birthday cake! I liked this one because it had a beachy theme, and there are not many people who get to have their BD at the beach! I got my hands on some pink icing and dude.... I BOTCHED this crazy cake! I discovered that I am NOT a cake decorator! In no way! Scroll up two and see if you can even read what I wrote. It was sad.

This week, we have really needed our Masson, Massanon, Measson! Tomorrow, Todd's parents leave, which basically means it is back to Mom and Masson tag teaming these little rugrats! Isn't it always a dream to see your babies love their sitter this much?! Ellie says, "Lub you, Measson."
She was even able to coerce Ellie Bellie to jump into the pool.
Now our vaca has really picked up! We are beachin, poolin, and altogether more explorin the whole Beach Club.
I must remind everyone that she IS 14! That means still W-E-I-R-D!
She called this one the Martha Washington! W-E-I-R-D!

When she was coming up from the water, she was doing the whole slow motion Bo Derek jog.

Pam and Jay... we LOVE your kid. We are grateful to you for letting her come with us for such a long time. I wanted to do this blog to show you that we took care of your baby today, and really tried to celebrate with her in whatever way she wanted. We even went about 15 minutes past our destination to get her some Dippin Dots! It was her day. (as we were reminded ALL day long!)
I even got up and made her four new pieces of jewelry! That was our gift to her.

Oh, but the poor kid does take some grief from us! I could NOT resist this picture! There is a cheerleading camp going on here, as there was last week, and likely will be for the next two! It seems to be the new thing. Go to cheer camp at a beach resort. Wish it wasnt'... but it is!

Anyhoo, our Massanon is not a cheerleader! She is more the tennis team, editor, civic minded little leader type! So, when she was coming down the boardwalk with these little chickies behind her, I had to snap it. Todd said she looked the equipment manager! We asked her if she was sure she had ALL the girls pompons in her her bag! She was less than amused! We were very amused! Ha.
To round out our day, we took her to the Hangout for dinner. In typical teen style, her Blackberry is never far away! Ol' brace face is 14 but acts much older when it comes to taking care of my girls! Both of my girls adore her. I remember when she first started with me and would call me if the girls pooped! Now, she just scrapes that poop out from under her nails and keeps right on truckin. (jussssst kiddin!)
Oh, the reason we went to the Hangout was because I knew what they did for Birthday girls! They have to get up and dance on the tables! Would you look at her? Just STANDING there, twirling her hair! What's up with that? Come on, Masson. Let er rip!
And prior to leaving, I got the OK from mom for the ol' token virgin strawberry daiquiri that is very coming of age in when at the beach! Mom said ok.
Masson, we love you and are glad to have you in our lives. And at the ripe ol' age of 14, I figure we will have you around for many years to come. Happy Day, Little Girl!

Todd, Melanie, Ellie and Gabbi Girl


Kristin said...

Happy Birthday Mary Allison!!!

snekcip said...


Kathryn said...

What fun! I hope this next year is just wonderful!

Renee said...

Happy 14th Birthday Mary Allison! May you have many more in years to come.

Mary said...

Happy Birthday Mary Allison. Hope you enjoyed your day at the beach. I always wanted to have my birthday at the beach. Those 2 girls are very lucky to have you in their lives.

tricia said...

Happy Birthday Mary Allison

Melissa said...


stephleighjenkins said...

Thought of you and your girls' today. We went to an end of year cheer camp thingy in Hammond Louisiana today and there were two teams from West Monroe. They were unbelievably good. I was thinking that will be Ellie, Gabbi and Maddy in a couple years!!

Happy Birthday Mary Allison!!!!

MLP said...

Mary Allison or you might only answer to Me Asson now!?!?! Happy Birthday! You are just beautiful! I love your style, your sunglasses and all of your adorable bathing suits & dresses! What a gorgeous little sitter you are!!! It's obvious Mel and Todd AND THE GIRLS just love you. You are all in a win win situation. Happy Birthday!!! Wish I could take you on our next vacay!

Kris said...

Happy Birthday Mary Allison! I learned to sign in just in time. I have followed for a long time, but never signed in. Have a great time at the beach.

Kris said...

Mo, I finally learned to sign in, but have been following for a while. I think I have the male versions of your little girls. I have 4 boys and the last two are less than a year and half in age. Adam is calming down a little (kindergarten), but what fun he is, although some days I do not how I will survive him. I really enjoy following your family - it is so fun to see how happy you guys are. We were at the gulf shores last April and had a blast. Enjoy!

Bella's mommy said...

Happy Birthday, Masson!!!

Rhonda said...

Happy Birthday, Mary Allison! What a lucky girl you are to be celebrating with Mel and the girls!! And how LUCKY and BLESSED the Groves are to have YOU!! I love your cute sunglasses and swimsuits - I don't think you have on the same one twice in any of these pics!!

Mel - check out my blog - I posted a picture of me in my crazy pants!!! I went to Canton today (HOT, but still good!) and cutie patootie blond has the same crazy print in skirts and has the pants again!

breanna said...

fun fun!! I knew you couldn't resist a celebration:) so were those the river oaks cheerleaders? Orums sister is at cheer camp down there at the beach. Who has even heard of such craZiness!? What happened to staying in old Nasty nlu/tech dorms and practicing in parking lots?! Camp isn't supposed to be a vacation!