Friday, May 22, 2009


Did I mention my kid LOVES accessories? OF ALL KINDS! She even found my rubber bands and found ways to use them in the most creative way.
She can wear them on her arms, her head, and now... HER FEET!
This kid is a NUT. But a Creative NUT!


Rhonda said...

You know what they say - the apple doesn't fall far from the tree! A creative nut, just like her mom!!!

Amy said...

I sure wish I was one of your girls...they have an awesome life!! I hope everyone is having a great weekend at the beach.

Beth E. said...

She's such a hoot...she wants to grow up to be just like her mom! She's definitely got a flair for accessorizing. Maybe she'll grow up to design jewelry!

How's the beach? Pictures, please! :o)

Belinda said...

Everytime I sign in and read your post, I think AWW this is the cutest one yet, then the next time, AWW this the cutest. You have such a talent for sharing your feeling about your family. Your babies are so precious. I am so glad they came into your life. have fun at the beach and be safe!

Sandy said...

Ellie is such a hoot. Hope you all are having a blast on the beach. Cant wait for you to call me so Sabre' and I can come over an watch those babies of yours. Ellie is getting all her creative genes from her lil Mommy you are awesome. MO ROCKS.

snekcip said...

Like Mother.....Like Daughter!!! ENOUGH SAID!! (LOL)

AmyS.frompittsburgh,pa said...

Hi Mo,
My name is Amy. I have followed your blog since you started it, but was not able to leave a comment. I followed Jake's journey too. I love your family. I decided to get a sign on to be able to comment because I just have to tell you how much it means to me that you share your girls. The are sooo beautiful. I can have a really bad day, and then come home to read your blog, my heart is soo full. I hope that makes sense. Your blogs give me HOPE! I hope to some day meet a man and have my own family, and every time I read your blog, I have hope that will happen for me.
Sorry this is long. Thank you soo much for sharing your family. You have made a difference in my life.

Ellie and Gabbi are so cute. I LOVE how Ellie accesorizes. They are such a blessing to me even though I have never met any of you!

Debbie said...

I am thinking she reminds me of someone. Could that be her Mom? LOL. She is such a doll baby. Hope the beach is warm, sunny and fun!!

God bless~
Debbie Jean

Kathryn said...

I am loving that child's creativity! Enjoy your get-away. I am just a little bit jealous.

Anonymous said...

ummmm.... waiting on some cute beach pictures please!!!