Friday, May 22, 2009

Learning to share!

We have a new little tradition around our house... First, having two babies in the home means someone always needs to be put in the ol' high chair so Mama can have her hands somewhat free to make "fi feam".
This is "fi feam". Ellie has watched her mama eat ice cream at night and now thinks it is necessary just about every evening.
She insists on the whole sugar cone too. Of course, so does her mama. But this is what is precious.Look at Ellie's little tongue as she tries to coach Gabbi Girl through it! Gabbi seems to be following her sissy's instruction.Little Bird LOVES it! She is all about big people food right now!
Gabbi's turn...Ellie's turn...Ellie is an absolutely awesome big sister! She adores her baby sister and always shares what she has with her (except her Nasty!! ) I love having girls! I love that they are sisters!
Expect beachy pics. We made it!

Love to all. Mo Mo


breanna said...

and ice cream always tastes better at the beach!:)


Kathryn said...

Sharing already! What a wonderful thread. That ice cream looks so good!

tricia said...

thank you for the pictures and have a great trip

RADstitches said...

What I love is that in that pic she is helping her lick it too! LOL So CUTE!

Hey, I am SO glad that I talk to strangers! LOL

Tammy said...

Show me some sand, water, anything other than pavement and traffic! Hugs from Fort Worth!

snekcip said...

Too cute!! Ellie's lip in the last picture, looks like they have had COLLAGEN INJECTIONS!!! ELLIE JOLIE!!!

Have fun at the beach!!!!

Beth E. said...

I looooove ice cream. Chocolate is my favorite!

Looking forward to the beach pics!

Jennifer said...

Too dang cute!

Looking forward to see Gulf Shores pics.

Dawn A. said...

Awe sweet baby girls!!

Linzay said...

So cute Ellie teaching little Gabbi to eat ice cream. You seem to capture all the precious moments with your camera.

You are truly blessed!

Linzay (Randy and Lindsey's aunt)

Rhonda said...


Ok, so I realize Ellie is adopted and all, BUT she really does look like her Daddy!!!

Auntie Mip said...

Hey Mo...sisters are AWESOME! My sister and I are 15 months apart and incredibly close. She just left my house after a "slumber party"! I had her over for dinner (we went to the Melting Pot), a spa bath in my fabuous bathtub, pedicures and then movies on the couch. It was her B-Day gift from me. We are "all growed" up now but I tell you what, it was so easy to fall back into the late night giggles like when we shared a bedroom in the 70's. I wish that for your girls and more!

Have fun at the beach. I am heading to our family beach cabin to meet up with both my sisters, my bro and all the kids right now. We are a LOT like the Massey-Raborn clan :)