Sunday, May 24, 2009

MMPT Beach Trip 2009

It couldn't have come soon enough!! As every year, we have about a month countdown around the MMPT office, and on the week of... we have a hard time concentrating on work!
And finally, the day was here... We hit the road. Caravan style. Heather painted our windows. There was actually a tropical storm brewing and 80% chance of rain on day one. I told the girls "never fear", because for as long as I have been coming down here, there is almost ALWAYS rain forcasted and it almost never actually comes through! So.... THIS is a picture of our tropical storm day! And this too. emily, Beth, and Renee.In fact, there was so little rain that this would be Melanie on Day one! Thank the LORD for Aloe!

It is kinda a tradition for us to make a pyramid. This isn't the whole crew, but it is who was available for this picture.

We always have fun. It is like a bunch of teenagers. We definitely act silly.
There were swimming races...Yay for you, Beth!!And swimming pool tricks!
Oh yes, I still can! in fine form!We had the obligatory "bury the guinea pig" in the sand.
This is three of my roomies. Ashley hit the outlet mall.

And as is usually the case, I cannot sit still, and so I started working on a little mini book of the trip. I intend to complete it before they go home. I am hitting Walgreen's tomorrow with my memory card from my camera, , and the book is about ready to have them put in .

Here are all the girls together on the first night before dinner. It is the smallest group we have ever brought, and it has been a ball. All ten of us can ride in one vehicle together. Yea, don't ask! So there it is, for those of you who were asking! The first of MANY beach pics. My mom is bringing my girly-poos down to me tomorrow. YAY for JinJin! Todd and masson are coming on Tuesday. (He is in a golf tournament for the holiday weekend) Todd's parents, DeeDee and Granddad are coming on Wednesday. We are having an extended vacation down here. (Kinda like Staci's last year...except ours is real!) I will be keeping those pics a-comin'!

Belinda. Such nice words! thanks. And Amy S. , wow. Thanks for being such a support. I am glad you decided to sign on. And glad you are hopeful. You should be! This very weekend, 5 years ago, we found a big knot in Jake's abdomen, and well, you know the rest. He was diagnosed on Memorial Day weekend in 2004. I will never forget it. I will also be eternally grateful for his life. We will meet him again! We are sad we lost him, and I certainly don't want to diminish the loss, but attitude is a powerful thing. And we have a happy life again! MoJOY! Thank you, Jesus, for HOPE!



Kathryn said...

Ooh! What fun! Thank you for letting us in on the fun. Have a wonderful time!

Emily said...

Looks like you guys are having a blast! No, we will never forget those "anniversaries" (diagnosis,etc) but I am proud of you for moving on and living life to the fullest-Jake wouldn't have had it any other way! Glad you took a few days for yourself with the girly poos too-but I bet you can't WAIT to see them! Shelbi's tape is working great by the way!

Beth E. said...

Jealous, jealous, jealous....good thing I'm getting ready to go to church now. I'm gonna have to repent for this jealousy I'm feeling over you all being at the beach! LOL

Congratulations to BETH for winning the swimming contest. I have found that women who are named BETH are winners all through their, they're so darned CUTE!!! ;o)

Have fun!

Christie said...

How fun!!! I wish I was close to a beach this weekend. I am sitting home doing nothing, wahhhh!!!

tricia said...

have a great time;the pics are awesome. looks like there is no shortage on fun

Tammy said...

The pictures are great! I want to work for you!! Nice to see you taking some time to yourself without the girlie girls! I know you are thinking about Jake, be crazy and have fun, just like he did, he wouldn't want you sitting around moping. Hugs from Fort Worth! Looking forward to more beach pictures!!

Mary Allison said...

Im so jealous and so ready to see yall! Looks like your having a BLAST already! No jewelry making yet i guess! See you Tuesday!


Pierce's Mama said...

Just wanted to let you know that Gigi's Scrapbooking has lots of cute beachy stuff out!! I was just in there Friday picking up some "T-Ball" paper to work on for my son's team this year. And I saw their cute stuff. Be sure to check out the Flip Flop die cut paper!!

Tricia Morris
Foley, AL

Rebecca B. said...

Hi Mo: I am also a new commenter today. I have been following your wonderful blog and Jake's journey for a long time. I just wanted to let you know what an inspiration you and your family is to me. I lost a treasured friend last week to breast cancer (her name was also Mo, short for Maureen) and I have been so very sad. But reading your entry today gave me such hope. God is so good. Your post was just what I needed to read today. We all will meet again soon.

Thank you for letting us all share in your wonderful life and helping us all see what true blessings are.

Sandy said...

I want to be on MMPT team. You girls ROCK looks like ya'll are having a blast. Sandy

Anonymous said...

I was ok, infact laughing at all the fun you girls are having, UNTIL I read the end!! But isn't it reflective of life....the end should be filled with the love and glory we will all feel being able to "meet again"! I love your outlook and I know you make that special little boy proud! Keep it coming, Mo! I can't wait to see more of the trip. Especially when the "real girls" get there :)))))