Thursday, January 21, 2016

Being aware.

Well, it is 4:20 am.  I just awoke to a horrible dream.  Someone died.  Isn't that the worst kind of dream of all.  I awoke because of the emotion I was feeling when I was told in my dream.  I collapsed to my knees. 
It is very unusual for me to actually recall a dream.  I have to be extremely intentional if I am going to remember one.  This one.  Well, this one just happened!

 I am aware that this is normally a very upbeat blog.  And I am naturally a very upbeat person.  Still am, in fact.
 For some reason, I just felt compelled to come to my blog, which I have neglected for some time now to just write it down.  And I found these pictures in my photo log.  I took these while riding down the interstate.  I know. I know.  Not safe.  But, I had to capture this.  Some may see this is nothing more than a naturally occurring sun coming through the clouds, blah blah blah.

But when I see streaks through the sky, just like when I see the 11's.  I know that there is someone on the other side sending me a message.  It is usually a message of encouragement that I am on the right path.  Sometimes I just sense it as a "hello" and "I am still here" message.

We, after all, are spiritual beings, gifted with an intellect, and simply living in a physical body.  Our highest being is through spirit  So, when the physical falls away, we return to spirit.  If spirit is infinitely more present, aware, gifted, able, etc... surely, it can send me a message from time to time.

In the words of C.S.Eliot.
You don't have a soul.
You are a soul.
You have a body.

Interesting for us to remember that.
 I hope you get a message today.  Move slowly enough and pay close enough attention so that you don't miss it.  Our intuition is an intellectual faculty, so it can be honed.  I have been working on mine.  You should too.  Don't hesitate on a hunch.  ACT!  Be aware of who is in your presence and what all had to occur to have you both in the same place in this huge universe at the same time.
Be grateful.  Even after that awful dream... I am infinitely grateful for all that has been and all that is yet to be.



Zhohn said...

Spirit can definitely send messages and let you know that they are with you!
Sorry about your bad dream, maybe someone needed to read this blog that you felt the need to write so early in the morning.

Mama J said...

That someone just might have been me. I actually slept in my recliner last night because I just couldn't settle down in the bed to sleep. I did not do too well in the recliner either. You know I lost my only brother New Year's Eve Eve...and it was not expected. I have lost both parents and other loved ones but this really hit me hard and I am still dealing with it. I thought of him a lot during the night and then I read your blog. It was very comforting. I do KNOW some of this feeling will pass but sometimes we just need some reassurance that it will. Even the strongest of us...because I AM a strong person...but my brother just might have been my Achilles Heel. Thanks Mel for posting and my prayers and blessings will travel before and with you on your trip. You are important to me.

Holly said...

My sister committed suicide a couple of years ago and I have had some very upsetting dreams about her. I haven't figured them out yet, but I know she would never hurt me so she must be trying to help me understand something. I'm like you, I rarely remember my dreams so the ones that are so vivid must be important. I started meditating and it has really helped me to quiet my mind so that I can see things a little more clearly. I recently bought the Muse ( It records your brain activity so that you can tell when you are actually able to rest your brain. It's a great training tool for meditation. Sometimes for me there is so much rolling around in my head I can't sleep or truly focus on what I'm trying to do. Since I starting practicing with the Muse, I can now go 20 minutes with 97% calm time. It also has taught me to calm my mind when it's time to sleep. I know a lot of people think of meditation as some Eastern spiritual mumbo jumbo, but if you read the scientific data where they do MRI's and cat scans on people who meditate, it's pretty amazing. Many major hospitals utilize it. Praying for you to have safe travels and an amazing experience. You are important to many of us! You change lives girl!❤️

Mbeaty19 said...

I have many very vivid dreams and sometimes the emotion they bring out in me can last hours after I've awaken. While some times I'm happy to carry a dream with me throughout the day there are those that are crushing (similar to the one you had). At the same time I know that those dreams carry messages with them.

I find it quite fitting that you came to your blog and found the 'Jake-inspired' photos. I believe you were meant to blog your experience and the comments makes me think it was meant to touch many.

Looking into being more intuitive and exploring my 'true' self.

The Mommy said...

I very rarely remember my dreams, but do feel that I receive messages from time to time. Often they are a gentle reminder, to me, to take the time to be grateful, and enjoy the moments rather than rushing through.

Thank you for sharing.

Becky said...

I miss your blogs. Have you moved to another site, or just don't have time? Hope things are well.


Unknown said...

Will there be another MoJoy blog post? We miss you! I know life is busy and your seems so more than most.