Saturday, December 12, 2015

Randomness. In a post. Art ideas. MMPT addition. I AM journal. Christmas ideas.

Sometimes I think these are my favorite kind of posts.  You see, I just sit down when I have time and load pics from my photos to the blog.  I load them in groups of 15 or so and then start a new one.  I put a title on it, so I can remember the general idea of the grouping.  When I have additional time to go back in and add words, I find a title that jazzes me and start typing.  Today, I was excited to see what I'd loaded in regards to ""randomness"!  

Let's take a journey together, shall we? 
So, this is an instagram screenshot of someone's design that I loved.  I have mentioned many times that I am a student of Gallup strengths and run my entire business by this model.  With that said, one of my top five strengths is Ideation.  That means that one thing can make me think of many more things!  That's where my "there's a bird" comes from. It is also why I think I enjoy a good random post as much as the next person! 
So. Again.  This  design, I thought was simple and cute and would be easy to turn into a fall canvas project for some classes at MoJOy. 
And I just really liked the entire meaning/ lesson behind this one.
And well... I suppose this one speaks for itself.
I never really order prints from persnickety prints.  Does anyone else out there?  I like to use Social Print Studio.  Riley told me about them, and I LOVE the quality of the prints I get from them.  I can order smaller prints too, so they work perfectly for my mini journals!
Loved this person's handwriting and wanted to see what pens someone else prefers when teaching lettering.  I think we need another lettering class soon, anyone else?!
This is the same person.  Look at all that swag that the participants get.  Hmmm... that's what I need.... a sponsor!!
I am always paying attention to something that I think would make a good art class for either my adults or kids.  I LOVE this wet on wet water color technique and then using a sharpie over that.  I think this might be in our next retreat.  Which, by the way, I am leaning toward being in either late March or April.  Have a preference?
I took a picture of these necklaces that were in the studio cause I thought they'd make cute Christmas gifts.
I never actually posted them, but now that I am seeing them, I DO think I need to post them to FB and get these puppies to loving homes!
See?  Cute, right?
Oh... I love both of these...I like the color blocks in analogous colors (if you've been to my art classes, you KNOW that term), and I also love the idea of doing a wire sculpture.  Hmmm... mental note.  Art retreat!
And THIS!!  Love the water color splotches.  I think they even look like they might've been made by popped bubbles.  Hmmm... Now THAT's a thought.  And then use a Sharpie over the background fun to create goals, etc.  Yep.  I like it.  Jennifer... or Lisa... y'all remind me of this when I am ready to get the itinerary together for MoJOy spring retreat 2016!
Cute logo.  Don't ya think?  And apparently I am in a multi-color swash background phase.
And lo and behold... I wrote this as an I AM statement back in that journal experience I was having from June-ish to late August.  Recall me talking about that in a previous post?!  Well... check this out.  I have been aligned with the John Maxwell team to create products for the big event in March of next year.  Yep.. You'll see some MoJoy script paired with some John Maxwell quotes, and you can say you were  the first to know!  First time I've let the cat out of the bag right here!  And I will have it available for purchase on my website as well.  Whoop!!
Do you STILL think that we are not capable of manifesting the futures we desire?T  If not... maybe you need some one-on-one coaching!  Lots of high achievers got that way by asking a coach to work with them.  If you are interested, you can contact me via my personal email,

This article shows that successful companies need coaches too!
Ok.  back to art.  Remember, I am just going with the flow here.  Like one of those rappers who enter those free rap contests.  I just follow the lead of my pictures.  And I LOVE it!!

This would be an awesome kids' class.  But, if I am just being honest, I'd love to do it as an adult class too.  Anyone else out there agree?
And doodling!  yesssssss!!!
Whaaaaaaat?  Doodling in thin sharpie, with watercolor on top!?!  yesssireee!!
And a driftwood key holder.  I've added this to my beach retreat ideas!!  Maybe THIS will be the year we do that!!  I can only take five!  But we could add a little beach combing to our list of things to do!
I once bought, oh, like, 1000 buttons from a salvage center in the south called Hudson's.  It was one of my many impromptu purchases, but one that Todd and my family thought really took the cake.  They were covered in soot, as they'd been rescued from a business which had burned.  I had to clean every one of them.  And mom, if you are reading.... NOW you see.... only 20 years later, I have a need for them!!  THIS!!  This would be fun.  Either in an anchor, or a heart with wings, or a cross, or whatevs.
Glad these splint days are over.
Ok... yet another I AM journal entry.  I am praying that this is true for some of you who have attended.  And I am claiming it for those of you who are yet to come to your first one! I know there will be two this year.  Possibly three.
Lastly, we are FINALLY adding onto the MMPT adult practice in West Monroe.  It is FABULOUS!
I deserved this.  Anyone else have difficulty passing a Dairy Queen without getting a dipped cone?
A full parking lot is always a good sign.  I am grateful for these parents who those to bring their children to MMPT pediatrics in West Monroe.  I know they have a choice, and I am thankful that they chose us.  We pray for them, and always commit to giving them our very best!
There we have it... complete and total randomness.  Loved every minute of it.

Have a great weekend.



Nena said...

I want one of the necklaces! I want to come to the spring art retreat - hopefully Will's baseball schedule will allow it ��

kimybeee said...

I love random!

nss said...

Spring Retreat YAH!!! You have no idea what your retreats do for me. Just what I need in my life. Thank you and I can't wait to come again and hang with friends(ones I have met previously and ones I haven't met yet).

Becky said...

Let me first say WOW... God is so GOOD! I'm not sure where I was for the last month of posts, but I JUST NOW learned about Gabbi's hand! I am not on FB, so this is my only source of info from you. She sure is a blessed little girl to have you for a mama! You did a phenomenal job of healing her hand! So did Gabs! What a trooper! Happy Holidays to all!