Sunday, December 27, 2015

Mojoy projects. Commissioned work.

Today is the day that I upload more pics to the computer from my phone.  I have mucho Christmas to share.  But, in the meanwhile, I'll post a little project I did in the fall.  When I got back from the JMT event in Orlando, I had more people asking me to make items for them for their offices and such, with some of the John Maxwell quotes on them. 
This particular commission was for Jack, whose daughter was soon to be married.  He wanted to give her something special on her big day.
The lyrics of this song are special to these two, and she was having a bright, colorful wedding.  (Sounds like a girl after my own heart!!)
I know this one shipped west, but can't really remember where.  So, hey Jack, if you are reading, I hope she loved it.
As is the usual case, here are a little random pics inserted here for reflection.  After Gabs was freed from her splint, she started having very odd discoloring of her left hand.  See?
It is much less significant these days.  One would think I would have had her in OT!  And YES, we STILL need to find the time to get her in OT!  See the strength in her right hand here?  Note how nice and strong her fingers open wide.
And here's lefty.  I am still seeing some remnants of scarring on the tendons of her hand.  Ok. Ok. I've gone and convinced myself.  We'll start therapy this week!!
I, personally, LOVE knowing about and trusting the law of attraction!!  This is something that only came into my awareness about 2-3 years ago.  And now, I see it playing a big role in my success and happiness, regularly.  Teaching other people about this law in 2016 is part of my purpose!  My Word of the Year is tied to this.   Be on the lookout for my word!  AND... I intend to have a two part seminar on how to find your word, if you are interested!!  Please comment below or on my Facebook inbox if you would like to be a part of this experience.  It will be my first teleconference, and you will be given a phone number to cal in and listen, and then to ask questions.  Whose game?!
Back in the fall when I had zinnias blooming.  Wanna hear something NUTS?  My girls are STILL wearing shorts, and I STILL have zinnias blooming!  YES.  For realz!

Back to the original story...
I had a guy up north ask me to make him a collection of quotes, painted in blues and greens to put in his office.
All of these are John Maxwell q

Do you have a favorite? !
I LOVE this one.  So many people in leadership positions THINK they are leaders.  BUT... if they look around, no one is following them!  And then, there's that person in the office who can suggest a place to eat for lunch, tell you how they plan to vote on an upcoming issue, or even suggest you do Secret Pals in the company, and EVERYONE gladly jumps onboard!  THAT is the leader.  Title or not.  They have influence with the group.  Ever thought of it?!  And yes, it CAN be learned!
I've had the great privilege of teaching leaders in companies in the last year about effective leadership and how to encourage stronger teams.  It was a good 2015!!
If this is something that you think your company might benefit from, email me at
I can't wait to see what all 2016 has in store.
Christmas pics coming soon.  I promise!!  (And my mama's story!  )



kimybeee said...

Your artwork is always so beautiful!

Hope gg's hand is better than new!

Looking forward to future blog posts!

Emily G said...

Question-You know I have wanted to dive into John Maxwell for some time now, but that same old question...which book to start with?!?!? I love the concept of BEING INTENTIONAL to be most effective. Would that one be a good book to start with or would you suggest another?

Also, I would LOVE to be a part of the teleconference to help find my PERFECT "word" for 2016-I struggle with this EVERY year! Let me know the details or text 318-355-2644. Thanks Mel!

nss said...

I would also love to be part of the teleconference. Please let me know the details.
Thanks, Nancy