Monday, November 2, 2015

Final Day at JMT and a finale at Disney!

Thank you all for letting me go back and tell my story!  This was a huge, huge week in my life, and I'd be remiss if I skipped any bit of it. 
I mean, seriously... look at all of these people.  And when I tell you they were ALL so excited and totally enthusiastic, I mean it!
This is just a straight up electric crowd.
And after four or five days of full on 1000%, it was time to treat my peeps to a special outing.  We boarded a bus and went to Epcot!
Epcot is one of my favorite places in the Disney Parks system. This was first for both Brian and Jessi, so we had to really make the most of it.
We went country to country, sampling food...
trying on headwater...
And of course, sampling the food and drink!

By the end of the day, the dogs were BARKING!
Brian became certified as a John Maxwell coach on this trip, and since then, he and I have been partnering in mastermind groups for local business leaders, as well as using all of the information we gained at this event and that we continue to gather to help our own team at MMPT grow.  We are coaching local businesses, and in fact are going to speak to a group of PT students at University of Central Arkansas in Conway, AR, on Wednesday of this week.

He is the yin to my yang!!  He is organized, follows through, and has the best recall and attention to detail that I've ever seen.  I am big picture, creative, and full of what if's!  Together, we're a dynamic duo!
And then there's Jessi.  She is the perfect travel companion for me, as she can roll with the many changes that are Melanie!
"Hey, Jessi.  Wanna go to Orlando with me, sit in front of a crowd of nearly 2000 and help me capture key quotes from John Maxwell while I paint?"
Jessi:  "Sure, sounds fun!"
That's Jessi.
Oh wait.  And can you make our reservations at the hotel, get the flights arranged, get our rental car/ transportation sorted out, and let me know all the supplies we need to get for the entire trip?
Jessi: "Sure.  I got it."
Now THAT's Jessi!!
I simply couldn't have made it without these two on this trip.  My peeps made the entire trip much richer, and it was a blast discussing all the "aha's" we learned throughout the day.

These were my stablemates.
I am not totally sure yet what my ultimate calling is, but I can tell you this... it has to do with art/ creativity/ growth/ learning and sharing/ and "brightening the lives of others".  And the more I grow, the more clarity I get.
A few more quotes I painted while my mentor, Paul, spoke.
For instance this one.... it's all here.  We just have to live into the future that awaits us.  Nothing you are desiring is unattainable.
This is my all time fave!!  I. LOVE. THIS.!
This simply means that some are at a lower level of awareness, and until they move into a higher cognitive awareness, they cannot reach their full potential! That's one of the things a coach can help a client achieve.
And this one is dealing with truth vs facts.  For instance, we all believed in Santa Claus.  We thought that to be truth.  But was it?  Or was it a fact we were told?  The things you believe about your life right now... is that TRUTH?  Or is it just a story, full of facts, that you have told yourself or have been told by someone?
And my current favorite subject to  If we believe that the Holy Spirit is living in us, then we know we have the Grand Overall Designer and creator of all things inside us... that is power.  Power to be and do whatever we can imagine.  Good stuff.
When I get past all my gazillion pics I want to post and tell stories about, I'd love to have some deeper blog posts about any or all of the above subjects.  Did any one of the things I mentioned really strike a cord with you?  Any certain one that you'd like me to expound on?  If so, leave a comment!  See ya tomorrow!



kimybeee said...

You know my favorite posts are about friends and family. Would love to have an update on all the family members in the clan. And hope to eye the holidays featured!!

Zhohn said...

Whew, im tired after this one! Glad Brian and Jessi can keep up with you! :)
I've enjoyed the paintings with a little explanation of each.

Kathryn said...

"What you want is already here" is pretty much how I taught. I think it is important for all of us to BELIEVE this, and work to bring what we want to the top. That takes educating ourselves.

So, what I would like is for you to talk about making that time. Finding that time. I think that is the most important part of all your teachings. Finding the time in this world we live in is tough!

Amy K said...

You are back to being a blogging-machine! Love it!
These all spoke to me in different ways, but "The truth is not in the appearance of things" is something we discuss in our family, quite often. I would love to hear you expand on this one, in particular.

Mbeaty19 said...

I think it's great you have people that compliment you and bring their strengths into your life's path. I know how important it is to have people like that in life. God rewards people with their 'other' halves because no person can be complete. We each have our strengths that guide our lives. Others are placed into our path to bring their strengths to our lives and guide our growth.
I know what your mean about not being sure what my ultimate calling is. I've done a lot of growing and changing but still know I have a ways to go before I complete Gods chosen journey for me. Meanwhile loving the twist and turns as I meet the many players that make the journey worth it.

Emily G said...

I love the one about God always conspiring for our good.....why is it so easy to forget that fact day to day? I swear I need that stamped on my hand as a constant reminder that even the hard stuff is meant for our good.

Unknown said...

I'm so happy you are back to blogging!! I get inspired just reading your blog and I see absolutely huge things in your future... LOVE your blog and kudos to you for daring to live life at its fullest!! You are to me what Paul Martinelli is to you😀😀

Holly said...

Watching your personal growth is amazing! JinJin's healing was so powerful! I would like to learn more. I'm semi retired, and not really looking for career help, but personal growth for a second act of life and faith! My gut feeling is that this is not only about career?