Sunday, May 31, 2015

Celebrating Mother's Day 2015

Well, how perfect.  I mean, Todd the Bod really went all out with his wrapping of my Mother's Day gift in this tin foil and looped several times with some of my craft ribbon!
At least he was smart enough to know that A. you NEVER cut my ribbon, and B.  Just loop it loosely, cause you KNOW I am going to hang it back in my art room on its rightful place on my ribbon rack!
And by the way, it was an iPhone 6+.  I could use a little feedback on this one, if any of you have one.  I DID NOT ask for this, and was totally surprised.  Todd has the 6 and loves it.  I am constantly running out of space, as well as battery, so Todd thought I'd be really excited about the bigger one.  BUT... the bigger one might not fit in the strap of my bra like my iPhone 5 does when I am in public and don't have a pocket!  I rarely carry a purse.

Ellie Sue made her own Mother's Day gift for me.  This was the packaging.
I love this detail in the bottom right  corner.  "This house believes".
She made this at school.  She had a frame inside with her thumbprints on it, making little fireflies in a jar.  C.U.T.E.
This is my best Mother's Day gift.  My girls going to church with me.

I mean, are they looking grown up or what?!
And since I don't think I have ever shared this, this is the inside of our sanctuary.  It is one of the more progressive churches around.  I have been attending for about a year or so now.  My girls like "big church" more then they actually like kids' service.  It doesn't have a traditional Sunday School, which I am not sure that I like, but I LOVE the message that is delivered each week.
After church, we hooked up with JinJIn and Staci to finish off with the celebratory lunch.
We went to Longhorn Steakhouse.  That was GOOOD!!!  That restaurant has been here for several years, and for some reason, I just never eat there.  I've been missing out!
I am a blessed mama!!  I couldn't have handpicked more perfect kiddos for my life.  And what a gift to be chosen to lead them, model to them, and love them.  

Over and out.


Holly said...

What a thoughtful gift from Todd! It's good to be with someone who knows and loves your heart! It's the small things that make up the big things! Everyone wants to be seen and heard - understood!

kimybeee said...

I have the 6+ and I carry it in my bra just fine. I rarely carry a purse either. I got mine so I could see it better and I love it. Of course I can also carry my .357 in my bra and people can't tell either, big boob positives lol. But I don't carry my gun there, but I do my phone lol

Zhohn said...

The girls are getting so big! Ellie's drawing is the best. :)
I find the 6+ too big, I love my 6.

Mama J said...

I have the 6+ also and LOVE it. The pictures are wonderful which I am sure you have already realized. Carry mine in my bra at times as well. Love the extra memory and the battery life. I think you will enjoy.

Becky said...

welcome back to your blog! you have been so missed. love the 2 mile going to walk to school - that is what we did back in the day

Linnae said...

Love the picture with all three girls -- and they are getting so big!! Btw ... carrying your phone next to your boob is very dangerous as a proven fact for causing cancer. Just sayin'!