Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Impromptu beach trip.

SO here we are... on another little fly by the seat of our pants, let's hit the road, trip.  This time, Staci and Madi joined us.  
 The girls and I hit the road on Good Friday.  We tried our best to get Todd the Bod to go, but he felt like he had too much to handle at the office.  He was on a golf trip in Atlanta last week, and has another one coming up, so he didn't feel this trip would be prudent.  (who ever really liked that word anyway?!)
I'm sort of skipping ahead in the "blog story", but I had these pics last in my phone, so they won.
My Gabbi Girl is so capable of just playing alone.  I think it is a blessing.  But sometimes, it makes me sort of sad.  I think it's because I am such a social gal, and very drawn to "connection", that I assume it is a sad thing.  I know, I know... it isn't.... just different strokes for different folks!  She has a healthy imagination, and likely processes in her little brain very differently than I do.  Ellie is more like me, in the social/ connection/ PEOPLE area!

She and her bestie cousin could absolutely spend every waking minute together!!
We went to our old stomping ground, Tacky Jack's, for dinner.
And when I asked for a picture, this is what I got.
Oh.  And this.  I am so blowing this up.
And then we decided to see who could cross their eyes the best.  Well... the right eye anyway.
I usually only cross one too. But today, NAILED IT!
This is our friend, Angie.  Not sure WHAT she has going on right here!
Gabs is doing pretty well.
Madi just learned to do this on this trip.  See?  Travel and adventure has its advantages!
Ellie can only cross hers if she looks up.
I invite you and your family to do this experiment!!  It's interesting.  Staci apparently needs to posture her mouth to really get her eyes crossed.
The collection!

Oh... and a friend posted this today, and I thought it was awesome!  It'll be on my Facebook page at some point!!
My view right now!!

She sort of loved her Easter bunny!
More on this trip later!!



Unknown said...

Jealous! Definitely need a beach trip before the beach is too crazy.
Have fun!

kimybeee said...

So much fun!

Holly said...

Oh my gosh! I laughed out loud! You girls are a party by yourselves! How wonderful!