Sunday, March 29, 2015

Just us three girls.

Todd was out of town last week, leaving us girls alone!  He met up with his uncles in Atlanta, and they had a little golf vacay.  Sooooo... our chef was out of town, which meant pizza for his girls. 
And, as usual, we kept in touch with Dad via pics sent through text messages.
We decided to really spice it up.

We were all struggling to figure out how to cross our eyes.  It became downright comical.
Ellie can only cross her eyes if she looks up.
I can apparently only cross my left eye!?
And it looks like maybe Gabbi has that same disorder.
This became the winner.  I actually posted this one on Instagram and Facebook.  Nobody can call me vain.
I could say, well look at this... we got to all spend the night in the same bed while Dad was gone.  But... nothing new.  We spend the night in the same bed EVERY night, regardless if he is here or not! haha.  And they are getting big!!  I'm still encouraging them to their own bed, but so far... they're not buying it.
Is this cute or what?!  Sometimes they really look like they love each other.
Of course, I am just kidding.  They DO love each other!
But, this right here can make my heart swell!
They are growing up.  As you know I take a morning #grovesgirls pic.  And that new Timehop app that shows me throw back pics from up to 5 years ago.
I cannot get over how much they have grown.

I know that is such a normal thing for all mamas to say, but really... it is something to behold!
ANd ta daaaaahhh... the good looking #Grovesguys!  
Uncle Tim, Todd the Bod, Jeff (practically a Groves!), and Uncle Toby.  The fabulous foursome in Atlanta, GA!
He's home now.  And the Groves girls are happy to have him back.



Shannon said...

Gabbi is looking a lot more grown with that haircut.

Unknown said...

That bed... So full of love! I'm afraid that will be my bed when I gave children.

Holly said...

I'll bet Todd didn't have any more fun than the three of you had! I do love to see a family make that effort to be together when they are spread out across the country! I know you must be so happy to have Todd's mom right in town! I was always blessed to have my parents living less than a few miles away. Of course now that I'm a grandparent I think it's important to live close so I can impart all my wisdom! ;P JK - I cannot get enough of the grands! And they're growing up way too fast also! I don't know if I'll be able to enjoy Great Grands someday, but I hope so!

Take care,
Holly & JakeDog