Saturday, March 14, 2015

Valentine's pics... for like a whole week!

So, this is a Valentine's Day post, and it is May 14!  Behind much?!  Haha

This week, I told the girls we should try to wear our new red shoes every day, since it is the week of love!!  They seemed game. 
And when I say "new", I really mean, we found them on clearance after Christmas and thought they were cute and haven't had a single reason to wear them since!  And so...THIS is the week!
How bout this?  I found my grandpa's old driver's license/ permit.  It is from 1979 and cost $3.50.
I also put my hands on my Mamaw Jones's Baptismal Certificate.  How precious is THAT?!  It was issued in 1983.  I would guess she was over 60 years old at that time.  Better late than never.  Good to know she's in Heaven.  She had a massive stroke in her last days, and she was aphasic, which meant she couldn't communicate verbally.  Actually, the area of her brain which was affected seemed to block all communication.  I have her old Bible, and there are little scribbles all in the margins, which were apparently "notes" she was taking, but nothing is legible at all.  I actually think that makes it MORE precious.  She knew God didn't need "words" and "script" as we know it.  He only needed to know her heart!!
And as I've said a million times, I just upload the pics and let them fall where they maY!  So, Mamaw and Papaw Jones's treasures just happened to fall amongst my V Day blog pics.  And with that... back to the scheduled blog subject.
Suzy is ROCKING the studio!!  We are having 2-3 parties there every week.  And we are scheduling unique art experiences there when we can get it reserved for such.  She had a night where husbands could come in and make jewelry for their wives.  This is the one I made as a sample.
She is also keeping the place organized, and we always have fun little displays of our goodies for sale, as well as a holiday table to keep us current, usually profiling the kids' artwork from classes.
Are the new aprons in our studio cute or WHAT!!??
We just put it out there and let people come peruse at their leisure.  It is a nice activity for the siblings, parents or children of our patients across the street to come partake in while their loved one is getting therapy.  We hope to start having make and take projects set up for them periodically too.  We know the waiting room can get sort of boring.  I mean, some kids/ adults are in OT, PT, and Speech, last almost three hours.  So... we are working on something to keep those who support them busy and happy.
I have been cranking out some new jewelry!!  If you are in the area, you need to swing by and check it out in the studio.  I am also stocking up for some shopping for my retreaters.  I am usually just bone dry.  I intend to have some things ready for purchase should they be so inclined.  And it's all "artsy" if I do say so myself.  That is all IF my MMPT employees don't buy it all!  ha.  With a shop right across the street from work, full of one of a kind items, shopping for Valentines, birthdays, Easter, etc is really, really easy!
I had every intention of making these clay hearts again this year.  Three years ago.  WOW!  Seems like yesterday!  We had these ready for our employees and patients to make for V Day sweethearts.
And they turned out SO cute!!
One of our precious kiddos from the clinic brought Miss Beveryl a special V Day bouquet.  Think she was OVER the moon?!  They have a really tight bond!!  He doesn't necessarily bond easily with people, and her only grandson is over an hour away.... so, I'd say it is Win/ win.
WHaaaaattt?  Am I finally back on topic?!  Red shoes!
And super duper cute monogrammed shawls.
I don't think my mama has failed to get me and Staci a Valentine gift ( or Easter, or Halloween or Thanksgiving, ....) since we were born!! I am talking, she has NOT missed a Valentine's for 45 years. How bout them apples?  And the gifts are always just right!!  A basket full of tulips and some Ghiradelli chocolates.
Thanks, Mom.  I love that you keep on reminding me and Staci that no matter how old we are, we are still YOUR baby girls!!! I intend to make SURE that my own girls feel that for as long as I am able too!!  It's your legacy.

Speaking of those two little girls.... I let them help me make heart hair clips for the girls in their classes.  We cut out every heart, mod podged them and glittered those puppies.  Then, we added a hair clip on the back and voila...
The girls took these and lots of other little goodies to their Valentine's Day parties.  Oh...
one more day of red shoes..... Party day!!  See that necklace Ellie is wearing?  She took about 20 to school!  They blinked red!  She took them to her cafeteria worker, bus driver, secretaries.... or so I think.  I sent them anyway!  Since they've been riding the bus, I am having to just hope things get where they should.  Having them get up and gone by 7:15 really is a load off.   It gives me a little more time to get ready, and I don't have the mega stress of getting them to school on time.  And YAAAAAY  they like it!!
Oh, one last gem.  These are the main attraction made to sell out of the studio for V Day this year.  HOW CUTE are these?  I think I got the idea off Pinterest.  But I have a ton of these arrows, cause I buy a few packs every time I see them go on sale.  And finally, i had a chance to use them!!!
Hope your day of love was a sweet one!!



Amy K said...

Those are some wonderful treasures you've got! I cherish my grandmother's handwriting in her cookbooks.
I'm with you, I plan to make every, single holiday and birthday special for my kids, no matter how old they are!!
Ooooo, jewelry shopping goodness for the retreat?! I have to pick up a pair of those wrapped crystal earrings, and I can't wait to see what all you come up with from your recent trip!
I also have to have a t-shirt & apron! I hope you're all stocked up on those! :)

Holly said...

Love the red shoes! Your girls are always dressed so cute! I brought my son and his family Valentine gifts. Adults got a card and their favorite candies. Grandsons got the same, plus a small gift and a $50 gift certificate to their favorite places (Older one dating now so movie certificate and restaurant certificate) (Younger one Amazon). We were at older grandson's basketball game and my son is enjoying his candy and Aaron asks him What did you get in your card? Nothing - why what did you get? 50 bucks! FIFTY BUCKS???? MOM???? I need to take a lesson from JinJin - everyone still wants to be their Mama's baby! Haha! It wasn't the money, just the idea! He was number one for so long!

Love your treasures. I'm just starting to go through things of my Mother and Grandmother. They've been waiting because I just couldn't bear it, but I think I'm ready now!

I wish I lived close enough to see your studio!

Love ya!

Shannon said...

Jamberry Nails? Way cute.

melanie, aka Mo said...

Good catch!