Sunday, March 8, 2015

Day two of Heartfelt conference.

Day two.  We decided we needed some reinforcements.  We asked Chelsea to come and help.  She is the new massage therapist at my therapy clinic, but she loves to come over and help at the studio whenever she has an opening.   It was fun having her on board for day two.
The conference itself was big.  I think there were 3000 people or so either in attendance or listening via lifestream.
There were about 12 or so speakers at the conference.
I snuck in and listened to a few of them, and they were really, really great.
Meanwhile, back in the vendors area...
Chelsea was whipping us up a whole new batch of "business cards".  Our first ones flew out of the booth!
ya gotta admit though... they're pretty darn cute.
My frands, the Robersons, were there!  I think this was a prop for all of the out of state visitors.  Joneal, founder of the ministry, I believe is kin to Korie's mom.  (I might be incorrect with that statement)  But for sure, she attends church with the Robersons, and has for about 30 years or more.  When Todd and I have been on golf trips in the past, we have been joined by Jase and Willie (behind me), as well as Joneal and her husband.   The guys would golf.  The girls would shop.  We all hooked back up at night for dinner.  I like those kinds of trips.
TOTAL digression... I got this text while there from Staci, as she was cleaning out an old store room!
Annnnddd... I think I'm signing up for this race.  Can you read it!?
Oh, one last thing... we passed out a couple hundred of these too!
So, if you think you might want to get in on this action, better sign up now.  I'll be blitzing the emails of the peeps who signed up at this Heartfelt event in the next week or so.  Secure your seat.  Or better yet, BED, if you are planning on staying at the Groves abode!!

See ya tomorrow.  I am on a blogging ROLL!



Amy K said...

It sure looks like the booth/conference were a success. FUN picture of you and Staci!
I'm so pumped to be coming back down for the retreat! I can't wait to see the details and projects set for the weekend.

Holly said...

What a cute picture of you and Staci! You look great! Your new health program is showing! Good for you!