Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Sam's 50th birthday party!

DUDE!  When I look back at all the pics I have posted in preparation for blog posts, I cannot believe how BEHIND I am.  This post was when we all gathered to celebrate our friend, Sam's, 50th birthday!!  And that was in February!  WHOA!  I've got some blogging to do!

So, I had to be at an event earlier in the day, so I thought, no biggie, I'll just head right to the party and freshen up at my friend, Cindy's house.  Surely she'll have some basics.  She got a baggie of her make up out for me to use.  And THIS is the blush brush she actually uses.  Let me tell you... this thing felt like it was made of horse hair!!  Hard, and permanently in this shape!! 
These were my options for blush.  CINDY!  Come on now.
So, then I think I'll just put on a little lip gloss.  THIS is what I had for that!  And I have it totally wound up to the top.  CINDY!!
I mean, I am feeling for the girl!!  I KNOW what I am going to be getting her for her birthday!!
Meanwhile, downstairs...
Did I mention we are a really classy bunch?!  haha

Sam is the first of our immediate crew to turn 50.  So, we had to really go all out.
Cindy had signs all over the place.
Sam was shocked.  He thought he was coming over for them to go out to eat with Cindy and her husband.  We'd all hid our cars down the street.
Needless to say, he was SHOCKED when we all walked out singing Happy Birthday to You, and then proceeded to stay in the whole night with a great meal prepared by our hostess.
My favorite decoration was this cute birthday hat garland with Sam's pic on it.
The party perked up when this king cake vodka made its appearance!

It was good to have all of our old friends back together again, celebrating one special one.

There were four cakes!!  Something for everyone.

It is pretty hard to believe that we have all been friends for more than 20 years.  And that we are all now celebrating the 50 year mark one by one.
Lucky for them, SOMEONE in the crowd has a Selfy phone case.  See that remote in my right hand?!  Yep!!  I am cutting edge!  haha
OH.  And here it is right up close.  This was my trial run!!
And here I am trying it out with some buds, Scott, Sam, JohnMark, and some hottie.

Sam, we appreciate having you as our friend.  We love you for your attitude and perseverance.  You are sometimes a comedic genius, especially when the topic is your brother-in-law, Johnnye.
(Good Lord my boobs are big.)
And we love having you as a friend, because Cindy bakes all of her special recipe cakes when you have a birthday!!
Until the next old fart turns 50....



Unknown said...

The decorations are absolutely adorable! The garland and all the sayings are my favorite. She really outdid herself! How wonderful to have such a great group of friends.

Mama J said...

It is apparent that you and your friends know how to show your love for your buds...fun party. However, remind me never to invite you to my house to scavenger my makeup drawer. Wahahaha....I DO think I am one up on Cindy tho. : )

Amy K said...

Oh my, I love that toilet cake, so of course, I had to Pin it!
Ha, when I saw that picture of you on Facebook, I'm wondering, "what the heck is she holding up to her face?". Ahhh, a blush brush...would've never guessed.
Such a close-knit, wonderful group of friends.

Shannon said...

Those last couple of pics surely musta been after the King Cake Vahka was flowing. Hysterical!

Holly said...

The make-up cracked me up! I think I need a make-up intervention (cause I love it as much as EllieSue!). But anyone who makes those amazing cakes is A #1 in my book! Haha! You are blessed with an amazing group of friends! I bought my grandson a selfie stick as sort of a gag gift, but we have all enjoyed it so much! You can get the big group pictures and when you travel you can get a lot more scenery in the back ground!

Love ya girl,
Holly & JakeDog