Sunday, March 22, 2015

Random bits of the life of Mel on a Thursday and Friday.

I've actually uploaded lots of pics lately, I am just finding it hard to work in time to blog.  Sorry.  I am just doing what I can with my time and the gazillion things I have to do as of late.  

This is a totally random post.  You have been warned.  
This is the beginning of a canvas for a high school senior to ask his date to prom.  Yep... my days are varied and exciting and interesting for sure. 
We had a morning Leadership meeting at MMPT, and I had Justin, who is one of my leaders in the Monroe clinic, model one of the cute little fabric St. Paddy's Day bracelets which we sent to all the docs and nurses who are so good to our clinics.
Somebody left our fridge open, but never fear... Meghan to the rescue!!  She jumped right to the business of throwing away all the funky food.  I love my team.  They just do what needs to be done!! Great teamwork!
Kourtney is a physical therapy assistant who I work closely with.  She was helping Miss Nancy who was celebrating her birthday at therapy!
And I decided to go lie down beside Randall, who was also in the middle of having therapy.  I just piled right up on the mat beside him.  That's kind of the way we roll.   Or at least, I do.
Meanwhile, across the street.... Suzy was teaching her art class to the group called The Tribe.  They are good little artists!
We sent this selfie to Mary Alison.
And I saw this on my Timehop and felt a little guilty for not taking the girls with us to Breckenridge this year.  Naaaaaah... just kidding.  I felt FINE with it!  Todd, on the other hand...
And this was on my time hop too... look at her bottom thing... Ok, maybe I feel a "littttttlle" guilty.
I also came across these pics, where Ellie had to have an object for every letter of the alphabet as they were learning new letters in kindergarten.  She took a stack of pictures for "U" day.
I asked my staff to make UGLY faces.  Pretty clever, eh?!
And here's a blast from the past!!  5 years ago!!  My baby girl was only 2.
I thought about buying this for Todd.  ha.  Just sayin.
ANd suzy and I went to Goodwill to see what good things we could find.  Gabbi picked up this jewel.  Yep.  She carried it around, acted like she was reading it and asked if that could be her "prize".  Sure. Why not?!
LOOK AT THIS>... my 7 year old looks like a 13 or 14 year old in these pics.  To me, at least.
Is it just me?  Am I imagining things?  I can see her as a preteen/ teen in these pics!!  And it is kind of disturbing.  She might have to be locked up in the house for a few years.
This sweet boy is one of the little angels I have the privilege of working with at the clinic.  I mean, what a job I have!!!
Meanwhile, across the street... again... Suzy was teaching the kids to practice their figure drawing.  A few of them took turns modeling.
It's now officially staying light later, but being dark in the morning.  So, the time change has forced us to take our morning #grovesgirls pics inside.  I much prefer the outside photo shoot!
Been learning more about energy, the Law of Attraction, and being very intentional about what I want and how I move toward that desire! Lots more on that at the upcoming retreat!!
Speaking of things I want... Mary Allison was in town and called her stepparents to take her to breakfast!!  We were thrilled to see her.  Seems like we never get to spend time with her anymore.  She's all busy and important down in Baton Rouge, running the student body and such!
I honestly don't know how, why or when this was taken.  But it was on my phone, so I felt it should be included in tonight's photo montage.
Ooooooh... this is one of my MOST FAVE quotes as of late.  I have it on my sign at MMPT too!!  Wouldn't it be great if we all went around living like this?! Good things would be bound to happen!!
And lastly, an evening at the Fords turned into a card game with the daddies and the practically grown young men/ sons.  Weird seeing them all be and act so old now.  Time moves right along, doesn't it?!
Totally random post!!

I'll try to be a little more subject specific next time.



Holly said...

I don't know where to begin! I need a totally RANDOM comment! ;D I LOVE it! Ok, here I go! I think it's fascinating how much goes into inviting a girl to prom or homecoming etc! Makes these guys get really creative and put thought and effort into it! GOOD training for marriage. Haha! I just messed up my shoulder/elbow and may be headed to PT myself. Oh how I wish it could be to MMPT! Afterwards for a treat I could just run across the street to the studio! My husband would never leave our son behind for a parents only get-away. But I think it's very important. Good for you! I definitely need that T-shirt for him! I can't believe how old Miss Ellie Sue is! She is so cute and spunky! She is definitely going to keep you and Todd on your toes! You may not have any get-a-ways during the real teen years! I saw another T-shirt that said "Guns don't kill people, dads with beautiful daughters do!" Have a blessed week!

Holly & JakeDog

melanie, aka Mo said...

Thanks for all your input, Holly!

Unknown said...

I enjoy the random posts. Ellie blow drying her hair! That girl is hilarious. Ha I think I may need the shirt you screenshot for Todd. Lol.
MMPT looks awesome, too bad I don't live near and need PT!

Shannon said...

4 things.
1. The 'promposal'. What was on the canvas? My son concocted an elaborate promposal this weekend. It involved the PO-lice.
2. Turnip greens. I love that it's her fave food. My grown-a$$ husband won't even eat them.
3. Glad you don't feel any guilt for spending some #grovesmamadaddy time together. It just has to happen!
4. Maybe E looks like such a teenager because of those #bootyshorts. Just sayin, mama!
But for real - I could eat her and sop her up with a biscuit!

E.M. said...

Saw this on FB this morning & immediately thought of you. Nope, you don't know me, but I've been reading since Jake's CB days!