Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Just another day in the life. School, MMPT, Mojoy

Always good to be home and be with my girly girls!!  Note Ellie's necklace.  She has a way of checking out my new stuff and immediately claiming what she feels needs to be hers.  Speaking of needing to be hers, Gabbi goes through phases where she feels she needs glasses.  I still haven't taken that baby to the eye doctor.  Maybe I should.  I mean, is this a normal phase?  Usually wearing fake glasses makes my eyes hurt.  She can even wear magnifying glasses (Todd's.  I'm not old yet!), and won't make a peep about them hurting her eyes. 

I'm sorta loving having the girls ride the bus.  It makes us all get up and going a little bit earlier.  The bus comes to get the girl at 7:12.  And I mean ON THE MONEY!!! I have no idea how Miss April can do that every single day!
Can you tell I missed my babies?!
But nothing like getting right back to work to slap some reality in my face.
When I got back, we'd had all these handmade journals completed for us and delivered to the studio.
She made sure to make a few with mine and Suzy's "word" so we could enjoy one too!
We were planning a booth (our first one of many, we hope) only a couple of days after I got back in town from Tucson.
We even recruited DeeDee (Todd's mom) to help us make our cute little unique business cards for the event.
The event was called Heartfelt, so that was on the front.  We had our Mojoy Studio info on the back.
I got a little obsessed with people's trash!  I couldn't stand passing a trashcan with a box in it, as I felt like it was gold!

Look at this sweet little visitor to therapy!  I begged.  Todd said NO!
This is another of my fun pics from therapy that day.  Miss Caroline decided to climb a tree.  It didn't end up so well.  A broken arm and leg later, and well, welcome to PT!

If you're gonna have to do PT, might as well have fun at it!!  This is the whole crew competing in a Wii tournament.  This particular game is good for strengthening, speed, and coordination.
And this is Seph, the Sephster.   I've worked with this dude since he was barely over a year old.  And now, well, actually TODAY!!, he turned 13.  Or 14.  Oh man.  What is it?!  I can't keep up!
Anyway, it was only fair that if I took a pic of him, he could take a few of me.
Oh well... that's the life of being a pediatric therapist!!

More on the Heartfelt event tomorrow.

(And THANK YOU, thank you, thank you, for all the comments!  Feeling the love!)


Holly said...

Love Ellie's necklace! She lives big and bold! Not sure about the glasses thing, but I do love how you let your girls be their own selves and develop their own style. I'm reading Mark Epstein's book "Going to Pieces Without Falling Apart". He talks about the importance of letting children learn to value and be comfortable in their own skin. Good advice for all of us! I know you're glad to be home with your babies!

Holly & JakeDog

Amy K said...

I really enjoy coming here to read the back story of the photos you post on Instagram and/or Facebook. I'm looking forward to seeing the story on Gabbi's hair.
Very cool journals.

Unknown said...

I would find a developmental ophthalmologist!! My regular eye dr missed some issues that my daughter was having, said everything was fine but we too noticed improvement with my reading glasses. We went to the new opth. and she found muscle weakness at the back of the eye so we did 6 months of vision therapy and it was the best decision we ever made! If you were in Ohio, I would give you her info :o)