Thursday, March 5, 2015

Gabs is most definitely the dog whisperer!

I'm currently working on a scrapbook of all the escapades of the Groves Family January and February.  We've had lots of fun, and I want to capture that in a mini book.  One of the pics in that book is from this evening.  
And on that particular page, I mentioned how Gabbi Girl has such a kind and generous spirit.  She truly is our Dog Whisperer.
I think animals can somehow sense a gentle spirit like hers.  And from this look of this picture, these dogs very much appreciate her sweet spirit.  She fell asleep on the couch, and the dogs just sort of started collecting around her. 

They were piled up on her chest, on her hips, and one was protecting her from above.
We were at Paula and Johnnye's house, so this is a few of their ZOO!  These are Coacoa, Rosie, and Molly.  Belle was still outside.  Otherwise, I wonder if she, too, would've been all snugged up with my Gabbi Girl.
Oh.  And bonus pic... this is the morning of Gabbi Girls' first soccer game.  She LOVES soccer.  Not all that good at it yet.  She just hasn't really got the rules yet.  Once she does, I think she'll be pretty good.  I need to help her learn to be a bit more aggressive.  She'll kick that ball all the way down the field, then back off as if to say, "Oh, excuse me.  Your turn.  Here ya go."
And how exactly do you tell your sweet spirited child that she might not need to be quite so generous when on the soccer field!?  She'll find her way!
(Our last night in Breckenridge!  BOO!)



Unknown said...

Sweet girl! Can't wait to see soccer pics.

Amy K said...

She is such a sweetheart! Safe travels home. I hope your knee is feeling better.

Sam said...

My daughter is the same way! She can kick the ball from one end to the other, but will not be aggressive if someone comes up to her. If you figure it out let me know how.

Mbeaty19 said...

I love Gabbi's sweet spirit that comes out around animals. Any time I see pictures of her with an animal I can just see that gentle spirit in her eyes. These pictures are great proof of that. While a lot of people have ways of bonding with animals there truly are a special few that the bond is much deeper. It's obvious that Gabbi is on of those lucky few.
I love the fact that Gabbi likes to participate in various sports. I certainly see her as the motivator of the team. While she can play the game her real role is to cheer on others, help bring out their strengths, and be a strong team player. You've got a real amazing, spirited girl there that's going to continue to do great things in life.

Holly said...

That is just the sweetest thing I've ever seen! Animals truly read people, and they love Sweet Gabs!