Monday, February 9, 2015

Tucson. First day. I hit the ground running.

Yay for all of you who commented on my blog!!  We Woo-ers really like to connect with people... and that is a two way street!!

As you now know, the trip to Tucson was a pretty sweet one!!  And when I got off the plane, got my rental car, and loaded the suitcases up, I went STRAIGHT to a show.  These shows are just absolutely massive.  For instance, this is about a quarter of ONE vendor's booth in ONE show which has about 500 plus vendors in one of about 30 or so shows in town!  
These guys were all about rocks and minerals and such.  Take a look at these amethyst crystals.
I quickly went to work buying the girls' souvenirs.  These little animals made out of soapstone were made for Gabs.  A dog, unicorn, and kitty cat.  Oh yeah... she'll be in hog heaven.
I snapped a pic for scale  These things are gorgeous.  But, this one was probably $4-500 or so.  Some of those huge ones are taller than I am and are $10,000!
I wish I DID have something to do with all of these gorgeous stones.  But, I just don't.
Some of these would make beautiful coffee table pieces.  I saw a dude buying some as coasters.  But heck... you can run out to Pier 1 for about 10 bucks, so had to pass.

Isn't it amazing to see all the different designs?  God really shows out with nature.
Tonight's blog was not quite as dramatic as last night's but, as promised, I am telling the story!!  Any picture in my phone gets to have a place on the blog!!  Hang on... more coming tomorrow!
Thanks for reading.
And have I mentioned I have been running about a mile and a half with my trainer/ coach?!  Yep.  This world ain't gonna know what to do with a lean, fit Melanie!



kimybeee said...

Good for you making your health a priority. I was up to 3 miles a day on the treadmill at the gym till I had to take two weeks off at the beginning of the year for a minor procedure. Then I quit my job and we only have one vehicle right now. I miss Rhonda the treadmill!!! I hope to get back soon. My heart needs the exercise to keep the fat and lazy thing pumping right!

nss said...

A mile and a half... wow my legs are killing me just thinking about it. Great job!

Susantwilhelm said...

Wish we were closer as I would love to "run" with you! You look fab! Can't wait for the rest of the story!

Shannon said...

Mile and a half? Dear Lord! You go, girl!

Emily G said...

Running? You go ahead girl! I've always wanted to try running.....will have to give it another go after the little one comes in the fall. Loving the Tucson pics...keep them coming!

Kathryn said...

I am so proud of you! Good example for your girlies!

Unknown said...

Awesome, go you! I need to get to running.